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Bob Emmerich

I saw a Blockbuster kiosk in a Dollar store yesterday about 50 yards - sharing the same strip mall parking lot - as a Blockbuster store. There wasn't any mention of the kiosk outside the store but you couldn't miss it inside, which I can't help but think would limit store traffic. There was a "blu-ray" category in the software but no titles listed when I touched it. They were also offering rent 1 get 1 free for December and January. I just restarted Netflix on Monday so I didn't pick up anything, but I will go back there before heading into the store.

Oh yeah - waiting for a movie to come in the mail while paying BB b&m in store rental price = fail. Hence the kiosk rant above.


oh CEO Keyes, in my area, you've shutdown five of the 7 nearest stores. it's not that convenient anymore.

Sock Puppet

And BB's stock price jumped a whole .01¢ at the close yesterday. A Whopping .71¢

Yeah this idea'll make em millions... (shakes head).

Nomo Blockbuster

Jim Keyes used to be CEO of 7-Eleven and is desperate to make Blockbuster more convenient, but he seems to be turning it into a convenience store. Yuck!

Blockbuster is anything but convenient and should be eliminated from society: stores, kiosks, mail service, online, just NO MORE (Nomo) Blockbuster!


Actually, there's something very convenient about Blockbuster. They're the reason that Netflix is charging $16.99 for 3-out, rather than $19.99. (And Amazon is the reason that you're not getting charged $22.99.)

When the competition dies, the rates will go back up. Netflix has been trying to raise prices for five years, and keeps getting thwarted by having competitors jump in and wage price wars. I almost feel sorry for them. But as a consumer, I'd rather have my 6 dollars.

Note: I said "When", not "If." I don't think Blockbuster is salvageable at this point, without some really drastic action.

Nomo Blockbuster

Blockbuster isn't salvageable. Period.

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