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Hmmm...slightly Ironic that Comcast is at the head of the bandwidth limitation movement and they are now offering...more stuff to suck up bandwidth. Hmmm...me thinks they were just preparing their customers.


Premium content (Move player, Adobe Air) will not work by default under Snow Leopard:


Comcast should put more effort into delivering the other two thirds of the bandwidth I'm paying for and not into acquiring more content I can't access.

Tom from Fancast

Hey guys,

Tom from Fancast/Comcast here. Wanted to point out two things.

We had an odd issue with the DVD pages and removed them to not delay the launch. Know that we'll put them back and the Netflix links very soon. We're all big Netflix users and are keen to get that issue fixed ASAP.

DZ, the combination of Snow Leopard and Safari running in 64-bit mode (the default) has caused issues for a lot of apps, In our case it was the Move video player. Move is working aggressively to be 64-bit compatible and we'll launch an update soon for that. In the mean time, you can either use Firefox on Snow Leopard, or switch Safari to run in 32-bit mode, which is an option in the Get Info pane of the Safari app. I run my MacBook Pro which has Snow Leopard like this and it works great.

You guys will appreciate that some of the content we just released is in HD. We're quickly adding more, but for now check out Juno, Max Payne or even the Sopranos finale...all of which stream HD.

Bill Bettendorf

Can I play Netflix movies on demand with my Macbook Pro hooked into the television?


What I want to know is how Comcast is doubling the bandwidth. It's bugging me.

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I think that Xfinity is on the right track but not all the way there yet. I work for DISH Network and the TV Everywhere product avail there is amazing. I have the ability to watch my TV from my smart-phone, pc, or, laptop. This feature has worked great I went to Mexico for vacation and was able to watch wrestling and all my other shows while I was there. Check out DISH Network for more info on the TV Everywhere solution. Good product but could be better.

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