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Mike Burleson

Anything like this out there for us Big Kids (adults)?


the library

Dave C

I agree with Amanda... isn't this more commonly referred to as "the library" only the library is... umm.... free?

George Burke

HackingNetflix already wrote about a book rental service BookSwim. http://www.bookswim.com - BookSwim Book Rental

Here's the story: http://www.hackingnetflix.com/2007/07/bookswim-netfli.html


I visit the library twice a month and can tell you recently released and the newest children's books are not available. Branches receive only one copy of a new book -- so the wait could be from 2 to 5 weeks ...even if you order the book from another branch. That wait is not just for the newest books -- it is also for the timeless favorites -

Amanda Magnano

If you took that $13 every month and bought a new book, you'd have quite a wonderful library built up in no time... of books that can be read over and over and which can be passed down to the next generation.


It's actually more than just renting books that GUWB offers. The books offered are specifically chosen and then "connection" activities are shared inside the books--art, cooking, music, writing, etc. In addition, the Reading Consulting Team is available for more ideas as well as offer reading activities and tips to improve comprehension. Member newsletters with information about our Read TWO Experience and excellent book choices are just some of the benefits of joining this worthwhile company. Join us on Facebook and follow our blog (www.growupwithbooksblog.blogspot.com)!

Feel free to contact us at growupwithbooks.com if you have any questions!
Lara Ivey
Reading Consulting Team Director


there's paperbackswap.com or bookmooch.com

only cost is the shipping which runs me about $2 per book, cheaper if someone requests more from me. i've got my daughter's books this way too. no sending back or monthly fee until she tires of it.

Dani in NC

I applaud Mr. Dauksys for coming up with another opportunity after losing his job, but I can't imagine anyone paying for this. I looked at the list for older kids (9-12 yrs) and there were very few of the books that are hot with that age group. I would have better luck finding them at the library. My kids also trade books with their classmates all the time. Both options are free.


Books are free at the library? I only go there to exchange my 20 DVDs every two weeks!

I was going to sign up for GUWB, but I guess I'll just get Netflix now. Oh wait - why do I want Netflix, again?


You library types seem to assume that everyone in America has access to a large, well-funded public library system. Many folks don't.

I agree that libraries fill much of this need for many people. As was mentioned, many libraries are not current or do not have significant numbers of copies of popular books, contemporary or classic.

Beyond that, though, many people just don't have access to a good library. Thanks to the US constitution, however, we we all have access to the US Postal Service.

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