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I just bought the LG BD390 and I am very pleased with it. It has received great reviews and it was a snap to configure the built in Netflix support. It's got a built-in 802.11n wireless card so it was connected to my network in seconds. Been using it for about 2 weeks now and have had no problems!


Watching Netflix on my Tivo HD is great, when it works. But it deals with bandwidth hiccups *horribly*; if things get slowed down, expect pauses every minute or so. Or for the Tivo to hang, requiring a cold boot. This on the same WiFi network where I can pick up watching the same movie on my laptop without a hitch. The software just isn't up to the TiVo "it works, always" standard.

Chris O.

I have the LG LH50. In general I'm quite happy with it. However, it drops the Internet connection strangely often. Not while in the middle of watching a movie, but rather the next day when trying to watch another one, it won't load. Not a huge deal as all it requires is unplugging the TV, waiting a few seconds, and plugging it back in, but a minor annoyance.

I also have a PS3 but don't use it much for Netflix. The TV gives me feedback and how high quality the picture I get will be, the PS3 doesn't, and I find that feature useful. The PS3 also seems to offer poorer quality in general. Might be because the TV is physically connected to the router and the PS3 uses wifi.


I have the Roku HD-XR (features wireless N connectivity) and love it!

Also have a PS3 but find that the Roku's easier to use (especially since I have to always put the Netflix Disk into the PS3 to use Watch Instantly.)


I have the LG BD300 Blu Ray Player. It was the first netflix ready device from LG, and as such doesn't have as many of the features of the BD390. It is still nice, and it is a completely functional Blu-Ray 2.0 device. I have had no problems with it at all.


I have a Roku HD, and my main wish is that the screen would take up my whole ~60 inch screen. Every movie that I have streamed looks like it would fit perfectly on a 42 inch.

That, and a lack of 5.1 surround sound makes me stream movies I've seen before, and get the disc to watch it correctly.

I do like the simplicity of the Roku interface.

The technology will get better though, I'm sure.


The LG 390 is very nice for Blu-ray as well as streaming. It supports wireless and besides netflix you can stream Youtube. Also has the HDX streaming from Vudu.


Why does he keep putting Netflix in all caps?!?! It's maddening!


I'd go with the LG BD390. It has built in wifi draft n. It supports Netflix, Vudu, and Youtube. Also you can stream divx and mkv files you have downloaded from the internet.


I bought a 1st Gen Samsung Blu-ray with Netflix-enabled

* I wish it had Wi-Fi built-in. I've been too lazy to crawl under my house to run a cable.
* I would love to have a bookmark function, so I can return to a particular spot in a movie without the painfully slow and rudimentary fast-forward.
* A 1GB flash memory buffer would be nice. It would help with the bookmarking above.


i would like some controls on the box so when i misplace the remote i can still watch a movie.

Luna Saisho

I think that with 7 Netflix Instant devices already in your home that you should have no need for a new one just because it's in with a Blu-Ray player. However, if it's for another room, I can see it being a huge help.

I have, well, technically 4 Netflix ready devices. Desktop PC, Laptop PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. I use the 360 for it mostly because it plays SD video better then the PS3. My Harmony remote works the 360 as well, so it's a wonderful experience, although it was still my main Netflix Instant device before that remote. The PS3 is my every other format player, though, as for everything but Netflix, it does a better job then the 360. It has a great upscaler for DVD.

If you're not a gamer, I'd go for a cheap Blu-Ray like the Insignia you already have. If you are a gamer, PS3 is the only way to go, and has the ability to do flash video on other sites as well with it's browser. But the least expensive way to go would be to use one of the devices you already own, as you really have the best selection of anyone I've seen right at your fingertips. ^_^ Good luck!


I'm also shopping for a Netflix capable Blu-Ray player. This info helps! Thanks all.

Nat Mishkin

I also have the BD390 and like it quite a bit. I bought it for its Netflix support and because it can play music and video files off my PC. (I don't even have an HD TV--just a 42" plasma 480p monitor--and have never even tried a BluRay disk.)

I've been catching up on "Lost" for the past few months or so (starting at Season 1). I watched the first couple of seasons by renting the disks but then switched to streaming and it's been great.

The YouTube support is cute, but not clearly that useful. If it had Pandora support, it'd be perfect. I'm hoping for that in a future firmware update. (BTW, the 2 firmware updates I've done went fine.)

A couple of small nuisances:

  • It's hung on me a couple of times. (It's so nice that the consumer electronics industry has finally brought this feature from the world of personal computers :-)

  • It can't fast forward when playing back my video files.

Also sometime when it starts a Netflix playback, I get something less than highest quality. This could be because of my ISP or any of the hops between me and Netflix, of course, but I have Verizon FiOS, so nominally my end should be pretty good. Interestingly, if I stop and restart playback, I can typically get better quality. (It seems to require starting the playback from the beginning--just resuming has never done it for me.)


Xbox 360 has worked great for me since the inception of Netflix streaming on it. PC streaming is good also (I find it works best in Firefox or SeaMonkey). I am very interested in getting a Roku HD player and/or a Blu-Ray disc player that has Netflix streaming.


I just bought the BDP-N460 and for me, it is a really nice player. I got it because if the streaming and it does that extremely well. Pandora, Amazon VOD, Netflix, and about 10 or more other channels including YouTube.


I have had a Roku box since it came out, I also have W7 Media Center, a PS3 and an Xbox.

Here is how I would rate them:

#1 Roku - Works great, has a great picture also has other free channels, it is also easy to use.

#2 PS3 - Great picture, easy to use, its free, the only downfall is having to use a disk, the disk access slows down the startup. I think it will be good when it is part of the OS.

#3 XBox - Great picture, nice interface, its downfall is the cost of XBox Live Gold, for $100.00 I would rather buy another Roku than pay the $50.00 a year for Live Gold just for Netflix.

#4 W7 Media Center - The interface is somewhat nice, the picture quality stinks.


I really like the Tivo HD. My only issue is that I have issues with trying to stream HD content wirelessly, but this seems to be an issue with my wireless router.


We got the Insignia NS-BRDVD3 for $99, it's a great start for us since we don't have a big surround setup at this time. When we move up this will go to the bedroom tv.

For the price it works great.


Steven Hoober

I have... oh, I forget the model and am not at home, but the Insignia BD player with the wireline connection and the NF stuff built in.

Tremendous PQ and sound. Much better than expected. Adequate speed of buffering. Unexpectedly good, but not PVR-level, pause and resume without FF/RW.

But... it's buggy. Locks up sometimes. If you play a disk of any sort you MUST power cycle or NF will play all content in total gibberish mode. Have had one or two other bugs with failure to show the right content (pick recent, and it's Horror, etc.) and have to power cycle to solve all of them.

Does loose connection periodically, but for no reason. Just saying "go find another connection" makes it say "oh, hey, there's the connection" but it's a needless step.

Hoping someone is working on more OTA updates to the SW for this.


I'm having the same issue that Nat is having with the LG BD390. When starting Netflix playback, it will prompt me with the "your bandwidth is slow, do you want to continue"? message. I'll click "yes", and endure the lower quality. Almost without fail, after 10 minutes, it will detect a bandwidth change and up the quality. My cable modem is hardwired into the LG.

Here's the strange part. When I get the slow bandwidth message on the LG, I'll go over to my computer (connected wirelessly) and do a bandwidth speed test. It's always very good--10+kbps. Also strange is the fact that once I get good bandwidth going on the LG, if I power it off, power it back on immediately and resume the Netflix playback, it will give me that same slow bandwidth message! Seconds earlier it was streaming just fine! I've repeated this experiment several times with the same result.

I've taken to adding dummy programming to my instant queue to "prime" the bandwidth pump, so to speak. I have this programming play in the background until the LG recognizes my true connection speed, then I'll start watching what I intended to watch.

Any one else have this issue with the LG BD390?


Was using my HP laptop with HDMI out to stream netflix to my 46" Samsung. Then I got the PS3 disc. The quality is good, and I don't have to move the laptop around to connect it. (Even though I have a stand for it, a network cable, and HDMI cable.)

It runs over my LAN at GB speed. Not connected via wireless.

Sounds great, works great. Just have to pop in a disc - no big deal, still have to do that for games too.


I have the same problem with the BD370. Normally I just reset the router and its fine. Other than that small glitch (it doesn't do it every time) I love the LGB370.


I am having the same issue with my BD300. It has been driving me mental. It just started happening this past week or so. I've tried restarting the modem and router and I still get it. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon.



Interesting you mention the timing of the issue. My BD390 only started behaving oddly in the last week or so too. Nothing in my setup has changed at all. I'd blame a software update, but the unit didn't ask me to do one.



We just got the LG BD973 (the lower-end all-in-one) after the old dvd player died. I'm seeing the same thing Guy is. I wonder if the bandwidth being used is the rest of the movie downloading and then the quality improves (and you hiccup) because you flip to playing the local file?

What happens if you start the movie, hit pause, go off and get some popcorn, a soda, whatever for 5-7 minutes, and then play - does the hiccup go away?

Mostly Undecided

I just bought a Sony N460 today, but can't tell you how the Netflix is because I CANT GET INTERNET BECAUSE THE SONY SERVERS ARE DOWN!!! I found that out after spending hours trying to figure out why it showed a perfectly good internet connection but got a "network error has occurred" message every time I tried to go to the internet channels. It has been down since I first started trying to connect at6pm EST and it is 10:40pm now and I still can't get onto Sony network...I don't like that if Sony is updating its network, something I am told happens 10 hours a month at least, then no movies! I may take this back and get a Roku player, my dad has one and it is absolutely terrific, no blips and easy to use and works regardless, no down time like with the Sony.


I have 2 netflix devices, my Xbox 360 and my PS3. I haven't used Netflix on my Xbox lately, but from what I remember, I could only view movies that I had in the Watch Instantly Queue. (which is too limited) On my PS3, connected trough wi-fi, the tv shows stream OK. This is probably because they are much smaller than movie files. But when I try to watch a movie, it stops about 5-10 times throughout the whole movie to buffer. This is too many times. I feel like it should just get an estimate of how much content it needs to buffer in order for continuous play. For example, I would rather wait 1 hour for the movie to load enough, so that I could watch it the whole way through without it having to stop somewhere in between to load. Another option I would like to see is a search option. That way I could look up a specific movie I'd like to watch through my PS3. One of my biggest gripes with the movie selections on Watch Instantly is the categorizing of the movies. I hate it when I'm looking through the new-releases and I see movies from the 90's, 80's and older. "New Releases" should not be considered as new movies available to Watch Instantly. I don't care about the older movies especially if they are movies I've never even heard of. Please add a category that lists movies by release date. Also please add a category that lists them by box office hits. Usually I only care to watch the movies that were hits in the theaters.

Bob Emmerich

Been using PS3 for just a few days now and it works great though I could really use some sort of search/filter/sort functions.
Sort - Does every 3rd Comedy need to be MST3K and every 4th Action need to star Van Damme?
Search - self explanatory.
Filter - a simplified search where you could click on a star or directors name and get more of their movies.
I only have a PC to compare it to though.


Guy, you described exactly what our LG player does, We were snowed in yesterday so my husband had a leisurely day to sit on endless phone calls with LG, netflix and Charter, I think your "dummy" solution was better than any they came up with. We've owned the device for 6 weeks and this happens most nights.


Mostly Undecided

I finally got onto my Sony BDP-N460 Bluray, and LOVE IT! Since the box and Sony Website don't list them all, here are the channels:
VIDEOCAST.COM - Played instantly, no online signup or account needed.
PODCASTS - again no signup or account needed, 30 podcast library comes up with things from MTV News to Man Show to NASA and Cranky Geeks...list goes on.
SINGING FOOL - no signup or account needed, mainstream music videos - wow.
VIDEO DETECTIVE - Movie trailers, again no signup or account needed.
The majority of these have NO ACCOUNT OR SIGNUP NEEDED, channels worked right out of box (my dad's ROKU required signups on many of its channels). Here are the rest, too many to give details, so I will name them off:
ON Networks
YOUTUBE - Account needed
NETFLIX - Account needed
AMAZON VIDEO ON DEMAND - Acccount needed
MICHEAL JACKSON - features all his videos, Sony must make their library available to customers for free.
CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS - watch Sony's new movie before it is out on disc, only thing is they charge $24 to view it!!!!!
BD DATA is for BluRay Disc online features, needs thumbdrive inserted into player to work.
SEARCH INTERNET VIDEO - will search through all the above networks/channels to find video with name you search on.

I watched some of my YouTube videos from family stuff I uploaded and they played full screen without distorting. I will never have to pay for Comcast on Demand movies again! Yea! Got fed up when Comcast actually started charging $3 to watch OLD Christmas movies!

Moving through menus is very intuitive and I love the big HOME button, even in the middle of a video, if I decide I want to go to the menu, I just hit home and the video stops and it goes to the home menu. There is also a return button to go back one level. Getting started took a little effort because Sony's servers were down and I thought it was my router keeping me off the network, but once it started working, was worth the delay!

Mostly Undecided

Also...note that PANDORAs BOX is NOT available through the Sony BluRay, but there are TWO INTERNET AUDIO CHANNELS I FORGOT TO MENTION:
SLACKER - very happy with this! FREE


Guy, I have an LG BD370 (networked, but not wifi). I use Powerline to connect the player to the internet rather than a hard wire. Powerline appears to deliver a lot more bandwidth than wifi would.

A number of times, I have gotten the "your bandwidth is slow, do you want to continue"? message when I start up a movie. Usually I can click "no" and start again, and within a few tries, I get the high quality.

Last night, it still didn't work after a number of attempts. On my computer, I checked the download bandwidth and it was 23 Mbps, much more than ample. Went back to the player, and got the same result.

So I started the show with lower bandwidth and lower quality. As happened to another commenter, after a few minutes, the player detected a bandwidth change and upped the quality.

I have rarely seen anything like this behavior from the Roku box.


I have a TiVoHD and a PS3, and use Netflix on both. I prefer the interface on the PS3, but usually use the TiVo just because it's already on and doesn't need a disc. FF and RW are a little better on the PS3.

I never have any problems with buffering on either platform. Both are hardwired ethernet, which I think can make a big difference, depending on how crowded your spectrum is.

The PS3 is a great blu-ray player. "The Standard", according to Robert Heron of HD Nation. Pair it with PS3 Media Center on your computer (Mac, Linux, or Windoze) and it really does it all.


Question about the Netflix-ready devices....

I know streaming movies on my computer won't give me closed captions, but are the captions encoded if I try to watch a Netflix movie via, say, the Blu-Ray Netflix-ready device that my uncle just bought?


Just purchased a Samsung BD-P1600. I have the Netflix streaming, but it appears that part of the picture is being cut off. This is especially apparent when watching a moving with subtitles. For example, when watching Fellini's 8 1/2, one line of the subitles was completely cut off. This made it impossible to watch the movie.

I tried conecting to a different TV with the same results. I also tried the various aspect ratio setting on the DB-P1600 but it didn't help. Watching the same movie on a PC works fine.

Has anyone noticed this phenomna with any other devices? Is this problem specific to the Samsung?

I love to hear of other peoples experience with this movie.


Add me to the list of LG owners that have seen the problem occur in the past week with the low bandwidth warning issue. As with everyone else, after streaming for about 5 minutes, the player pauses and then upgrades to higher quality. I've had this unit (LG370) for about 8 months, and it's always worked flawlessly. I haven't upgraded the firmware in about 3 months, the cable modem is always on, and I've got about ~17mbs downstream. I wonder if Netflix has done something different with their stream?


I have the following for watching streaming Netflix:

- Xbox 360
- Windows Media Center (Windows 7)
- Sony BDP-N460

The 360 is quick and good quality, but the fact that you can't search for titles to add to your queue blows my mind. Plus the 360 is loud when it's on, so sometimes its annoying during videos. Not to mention you are REQUIRED to have an Xbox Gold membership to use Netflix.

The media center is nice but it's only hooked up via VGA input and not the highest quality. The Netflix interface is a tad slow despite the fact that it's running on a dual core box with a bunch of RAM.

The BDP-N460, my favorite for streaming Netflix. It's quick, quiet and good quality. Have no problems with it yet (month in use) so we've been using it for our primary device. Within 30 seconds of turning the unit on the Netflix app is fired up and ready to stream.

Good luck.


I have the following for watching streaming Netflix:

- Xbox 360
- Windows Media Center (Windows 7)
- Sony BDP-N460

The 360 is quick and good quality, but the fact that you can't search for titles to add to your queue blows my mind. Plus the 360 is loud when it's on, so sometimes its annoying during videos. Not to mention you are REQUIRED to have an Xbox Gold membership to use Netflix.

The media center is nice but it's only hooked up via VGA input and not the highest quality. The Netflix interface is a tad slow despite the fact that it's running on a dual core box with a bunch of RAM.

The BDP-N460, my favorite for streaming Netflix. It's quick, quiet and good quality. Have no problems with it yet (month in use) so we've been using it for our primary device. Within 30 seconds of turning the unit on the Netflix app is fired up and ready to stream.

Good luck.


I have both a PS3 and a Xbox 360 to watch netflix on. The Xbox 360 is the best watch instantly device by far allowing you to rate and browse the watch instantly collection. Gone are the days of having to log onto netflix.com to discover new netflix titles.

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