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So, exactly how does this work?

As someone in the market for a WHS to stream videos to my VMC, doesn't VMC already have Netflix (I am not interested in Hulu, but there is a VMC add-on for that too)?

So, why is this being added to HP's WHS system? What does HP's software do that vanilla WHS doesn't do?

And, can I just download the HP software and run it on a custom WHS box?


This is great news for me.
I've been wanting to pick up a Mediasmart server AND I've been looking for a convenient Netflix streaming device.
Now it looks like I'll be able to accomplish both goals with one box.
Thanks for posting this


EvilDave & Todd,
This post refers to the MediaSmart software that is packaged with HP's desktop and laptop PCs, not the MediaSmart *Server* software that comes with the WHS servers. More of HP's stupid naming conventions at work.

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The benefit of having this software is that it allows you to publish your photos and videos to popular sites like Facebook, Youtube, and more.

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