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Will Dearborn

As an option sure, but for people like me, it's hard to watch DVD after Blu-ray.


I would love that option. Some movies I'd want to see in blu-ray. But for many titles (dramas and comedies come to mind), it's not necessary. I want my action and my Sci-fi in blue-ray though.

I'd love for there to be a vacation option. I go away alot, and it screws with my queue. I believe the New release formula includes how long it takes you to send movies back. If I'm gone for 2 weeks, that affects my New release formula (I think anyway) If I could tell them I'd be away, I wouldn't have 3 movies sitting in the post office for 2 weeks.

Isaac Church

It's a good *option* but, I wouldn't use it personally.

Jacob Neff

The more options the better, but I will ALWAYS wait for the Blu-ray, even if it takes a month or two.



There actually is an option to put your account on hold! You can do it by clicking "Your Account and Help" in the upper-left hand corner of the Netflix homepage, or you can call 866-716-0414 and a customer service person can take care of it.


For Will-When the movie is in your queue, the box that states the format has an arrow in it and if you click on it, you can change it to DVD format. So if you see a wait on a title, you can make that change before your dvd ships.
For Pyrofish- there is a place Account on Hold option on the your account page. You can set a reactivation date up to 3 months out at a time if you like. Or you can manualy reactivate it on your own.

Hope that helps:)


I can't go back to DVD either, but if I wanted the DVD version I'd just choose it in my queue.


I have a hard time getting Bluray titles so I might go for that option. How would it work? Would it be somethng you could select individually by title or just for everything.

I think the current setup could use some refinement. If you have all your titles on Bluray sometimes it's hard to tell if a title is even available on DVD unless you change the setting and then you have to wait for the entire page to reload. That is some movies are available on DVD but not Bluray but you wouldn't know unless you muck with it.


Seth here chiming in for his own idea.

I would rather get a title first than have to have to worry about whether or not it's more likely available in Blu-ray or DVD.

I guess you could say I could just select all DVD on my que, but I would prefer getting them in Blu-ray if possible. Just not at the expense of waiting.


I don't have Blu-ray but I did have The Hangover as #1 in my queue. I returned 2 movies on Saturday. They were received Monday. But instead of sending me The Hangover I also got 2 movies further down in my list. Not sure if they just have a limited supply or what.


As the saying goes "Once you go Blu, you don't go back."


No one got "The Hangover" on blu-ray or dvd because it simply isn't available as a rental yet. This is warner's way of forcing more dvd sales instead of rentals.


We already have the option. Just select blu-ray or DVD beside the movie in your queue. Blu-ray new releases are running at about the same availability as DVDs. In other words, if a new release is not available on blu-ray, it's likely that neither is the DVD available.


Gran, that's not true.

If you have the backup option of getting a DVD instead of the Blu-ray, that gives you twice the possibility of getting the movie. Not the same possibility.

Consider if you have two movies in your que:

Gran the Man (short wait)
Gran the Man Returns (short wait)

The fact that both films are at the same availability does not mean if you don't get the first movie you also won't get the second movie. Two movies = twice the chance of getting your flick.

It would be just like having two films in your que.

Gran the Man (Blu-Ray)
Gran the Man (DVD)

You're getting two bites at the apple. Not one.


Nice, thanks guys. I'm leaving for the Keys till the end of the month soon. That will be helpful.


I would not use it, but I imagine there are people who would use this feature.

I supposed it could be implemented by changing the Blu-ray/DVD drop-down list to have a third option: "First available".


i think this is a great idea. it could be a option in our Account page for "In ALL cases" and it could be added next to the "Add" button, so we could choose to do it to ALL movies, or we could do it ourselves on a movie by movie basis.


As someone else said, this suggestion wouldn't apply to The Hangover. It's listed as "very long wait" for DVD and Blu-Ray on Netlix.


I agree that it's hard to go back to DVD after blu-ray. I'm usually not in a hurry to see the movie, so I would rather wait on the blu-ray.


As a non-Blu-Ray subscriber/user, I look at the situation like this:

The queue for those like me who only want the DVD has a beginning and an end. I assume (hehehe) order of said DVD-only queue comes about whenever a DVD-only subscriber adds a certain movie to his or her queue first, then next, you know, chronologically (?). So if a Blu-Ray version of a movie is not available for a Blu-Ray subscriber, but he or she would take the DVD version in lieu of a non-available Blu-Ray version, how does that effect the DVD queue for that movie as it stands with us DVD-only subscribers? Would we get bumped? That doesn't necessarily seem fair. You know what I'm sayin'? You catch what I'm throwin' out y'all? I'm just typin'. Peace, my NetFlix brothers and sisters.

Jeffery McDowell

I already asked NETFLIX about that about 3 weeks ago.. They said that they dont give the customer the option because according to their research ,people who have Blu-ray will wait to see the BIG movies on blu ray. Sounded like some crap to me.


Dacker has the right idea. Add a third option that will ship the first available format. Then allow Blu-Ray users to select a default value for that option, but having the drop down would allow you to change it on a case-by-case basis.

The question I have is what an option like that would do to various algorithms that the business uses. For instance, if a plurality of people select 'First Available' then how should Netflix gauge demand for the DVD or Blu-Ray? Do they buy less Blu-Ray? Do they buy the same even though some BD customers will get DVDs (thus sapping demand)? What will the last minute swap do to their inventorying algorithms? Will that affect the ability to accurately portray availability? Will customers complain because on release day NF ships a DVD? This introduces lots of entropy.


Id rather Wait .. Dvd is dead in my eyes


Netflix appears to be saying that they don't need to do this since both Bluray and DVD are the same availability times.

And they are saying that Bluray customers don't mind waiting a lot longer.

Anyone see the incongruity here?

I do because I wait a lot longer to get Bluray title than I ever did with DVD.

If the availability times are the same, then why not give customers the option to take first available? What is it going to change? I have a feeling that customers would actually get DVDs faster and for some reason Netflix doesn't want us to glom onto to that. Otherwise, it makes no sense to not offer it. What harm could it do? It would only save Netflix money.

Sock Puppet

OK but here's the real question. If everyone who gets BD disks and whom also want the option to get SDVD's if the BD version is not available, also pay the extra amount for BD titles...

Who/How Many are going to want refunds/credits if they get mostly SDVD's?

You know that will become an issue...


Very good point Sock Puppet. Why it needs to remain an either or option.


Gran: Do you work for Netflix? It sounds like it.


True, there will be some people who complain, but there are always people that complain. People complain all the time about instant view and it's included free in the subscription. And they complain about it! That doesn't mean they should kill instant view...

If it's an option and people don't think they're getting a good deal... they'll just just turn off the option.

Sock Puppet


So then its a lose/lose scenario?

If they offered the option "some" people would complain (would have a legitimate complaint, they pay more for BD, so should get BD)

If they don't offer the option "some" people will complain (not a legitimate complaint though, cause you could simply wait for the BD title to become available... Or change back to the DVD option and save a few bucks...)

Why would Netflix want to create more drama for themselves?


Not at all.

Netflix is a very innovative company that is always trying to improve its product. I don't think they're worried about the few customers that always complain.

It seems like a win/win to me to offer the option.

"Why would Netflix want to create more drama for themselves?"

You could say that about just about anything.

Gary McGaryson

Really? Customer's with Blu-ray are in the minority for Netflix. Don't you think they forecast for Blu-ray the same way as they do for DVD? If that's the case, there isn't a difference between receiving a BR or DVD as the title is a huge New Release. I can understand if it's a new release on BR, but a catalog title. But this option doesn't make sense for New Releases in DVD and Blu-ray. They're both going to be on a wait.



First it should be pointed out that your response is based on the idea that Bluray and DVD will always have the same availability. That's doubtful. And even Long Wait is better than Very Long Wait if that's the case sometimes.

Anyway, consider it this way. Suppose "Movie 1" is listed as "short wait." For comparative reasons, let's say short wait = 50 percent chance of getting your movie. So:

Movie 1 (50 percent chance of getting movie)

Your chance of getting the Bluray = 50 percent


Now let's add another movie also with a short wait.

Movie 1 (50 percent chance of getting movie)
Movie 2 (50 percent chance of getting movie)

Possible permutations

Movie 1: No
Movie 2: No

Movie 1: Yes
Movie 2: No

Movie 1: No
Movie 2: Yes

Movie 1: Yes
Movie 2: Yes

So you now have a 75 percent chance of getting one of the two movies. That's better than 50 percent.



Movie 1 Bluray
Movie 1 DVD

(75 percent chance of getting movie)

is better than just

Movie 1 Bluray

(50 percent chance of getting movie)


This is of course putting aside Netflix's proprietary system which figures out who gets what first and has nothing to do with such easy measurements as 50 percent or what-have-you. But this is precisely why adding the additional option can only help increase your chances of getting the movie.

Walt D in LV

They could have the option, but I'd never use it.
If a Blu-ray version is available, then that's the version I want to watch. In my opinion, Blu-ray really makes a big difference in the quality, not just video but sound, too. I don't ever want to watch a DVD again (I still have to, alas, but I don't want to).

I've even been watching old classics (again) because they've been released on Blu-ray. Crisp and clean, bright, it's amazing!

I also think the already-existing option of switching between DVD and Blu-ray on the Queue page, can solve the problem for some who don't mind the lesser quality.

Walt D in LV

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