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Have to re-watch Inglourious (loved it) and have yet to see The Hangover which alot of people talked about this summer.

Jeffery McDowell

I have a question. Now that Blu rays are more common and the price on them have gone down,what is stopping NETFLIX from lowering(or even droppin) the price that it charges extra to recieve Blu ray disc's from them???


The MSRP's for BRs are still approximately $10 more than the DVDs, and BR players still haven't achieved anywhere near the consumer penetration of DVD players (and I kind of doubt they ever will). So it still costs Netflix more to provide an additional benefit to a minority of their customers. In that sense, a surcharge still makes sense. Of course, there's nothing really stopping them from, say, dropping the surcharge and just eating the cost. But I don't see that happening now or anytime in the near future. As a general rule, prices and fees are not going to go down, and after you've dropped upwards of $1500 for an HDTV and another $200 for a decent BR player, I don't think most people are going to have a problem with a few extra bucks on their Netflix bill to get BR discs. If the BR surcharge ever does disappear, I suspect it will because of a general, across the board increase in the subscription fee for the Netflix service.


Netflix has been increasingly pissing me off lately with some of the releases never shipping to me. I have a 6-at a time subscription since I watch a lot of films and this week i was anticipating getting the Hangover along with Inglorious Bastards. I had every slot in my queue open by Saturday and when Monday came around they only shipped Inglorious Bastards and the Hangover status got changed to very long wait. Now im going to have to wait weeks to see the damn thing.

Same thing happened with Orphan. I still have the movie in my queue from release and it hasnt shipped.

Either these guys get 5 copies of the movie or there is a glitch in their system that skips right over me. If they dont fix this im reducing my subscription down since there is no guarantee i can get a movie on release day despite having it at the top of my queues for months.


Well I'm only on the 2 at a time unlimited plan, and I got done the same way. Inglorious Bastards shipped, but The Hangover didn't. I'm still waiting on the new Terminator and Up.



You should Google "Netflix throttling" and it will probably explain what is going on with your service. Essentially, if you are a high volume user, you go to the end of the queue for new releases. The idea is that high volume users actually cost Netflix money, and that they would rather provide a better new-release experience for those who are more casual users, and that they make the most money off of. Ironically, while you may consider it a threat to decrease your subscription to fewer movies, Netflix would probably be happy if you did, as you would then presumably be less of a financial burden to them.


Alot of people seems to be skipped over for The Hangover. It's most likey in very high demand. I'll wait a little but might eventually order it on demand. Inglorious was a great film and can't wait to re-watch it. NF is doing its usual thing when film are in high demand but I agree with an earlier post. How many copies do they have of the Hangover. This was a very popular film and now it might be a month before many see it.


Robowiter here. I should mention that my Netflix lists (http://tiny.cc/robolists) that promote the weekly new releases have included "exclusive extras" since July 2008 -- seven extra discs per week on average (sometimes as many as 25 extra new release titles) that Netflix has posted with the week's release date on the movie page but failed to include in the official feed. (I track and post these extra titles through "inside research" based on my extensive Save list compilations.) In addition, I have compiled monthly Save to Add lists since January 2009 that include movies Netflix silently migrates from Save or Unavailable status to Add status without posting a release date on the movie page or including in the official feed (about 40 titles per month on average).


wait times is utterly ridiculous w/ netflix. i drop plan to 2 and just get new releases at blockbuster, down road from me. but that plan is $40/mo!! beats waiting 8 months tho....


I have had Inglorious Basterds at my top spot since its release and it has never been lower than "very long wait". It's been two full months now. Anyone else have trouble getting this DVD?

Inglorious Basterd

@Johnny Yes, Indeed. Closing in on a four month wait now with "Basterds" #1 in the queue as "very long wait". I called Netflix and they suggesting trying to time my returns for Mondays, as that is their highest volume return day and makes snagging a long wait item likelier.
Not that it has helped. But, you know, something to try.

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Here I am with Joey He told very good thing that is "Inglorious Bastards shipped, but The Hangover didn't. I'm still waiting on the new Terminator and Up. "

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