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Wow, slow week. If I didn't want to watch The Marine, why would I want to watch The Marine 2? I guess somebody does..


"Wow, slow week."

Yeah, seems like there was some little things like "celebrating the birth of Christ", "being visited by Santa Claus", "family travels and reunions" and "ringing in a New Year" for the last couple of weeks.

Why in the world would they take precedent over movie releases?! Crazy Right?!?!?!


Paranormal Activity (like Section 9) escaped my in the theaters. I want to see what all the hype was about.


Slow week for new discs, but the streaming library is really getting a shot in the arm.


Paranormal Activity has to be the most over hyped movie of the decade. Snooze-fest.


Birth of a mythical man, a mythical figure coming to homes delivering gifts! Maybe its time to put down those movies and hop a flight out of fantasy land and come to reality!
Oh how silly some humanoids can be!

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