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I had a problem when I was trying to play Carlito's Way on my PS3. After about 20 minutes of playing the movie it stop and it just kept saying buffering but nothing. Then I decided to to eject the Disc and inserted back in but I just kept getting a error. the next day it work and try it again and it crashed again. I think it was that movie because is working perfectly with other movies.


This is foolproof. Insert disc, watch movie. How are people getting it wrong?


Interesting, I'll keep that in mind. I'd also like to share a tip regarding PS3 and Netflix. If you change which netflix account you are using, you must first delete the data for application from your machine. Otherwise it will error out each time.


I guess everything has always worked out perfectly for Gran, it must be nice. I've had simpler things than streaming movies through a game console using a disc go wrong in my lifetime. Hell, I trip walking up the stairs at least once a month.


It's not like the PS3 is constantly reading the disc like a normal DVD player. It loads up the initial menus and such and loads them into memory. If it were a bad disc, you wouldn't even get far enough to start a streaming movie.


I kind of like the idea of keeping my Roku for this...


I wonder if the Netflix rep may be on the right track with his overheating suggestion.

When you use your network connection for gaming, the load on the LAN-on-Motherboard (LOMB) semiconductor components is not nearly as heavy as with a streaming application like Netflix. This may explain why this happens only with Netflix.


so far no problems for me used it the other day for about 6 hours watching LOST just word to the wise watch the heat on your PS3 they can get very hot a fan hitting the back vents can help alot


Aye, my disc just started acting up as well. NP, though, since I can just order a new one. Netflix FTW!

Steve T.

I noticed reduced quality on some streams. However HD streams seem ok. I was an idiot and sold my Roku.


I've had the disc working flawlessly since the day it was released. Then, today everything went to hell. The PS3 plays other videos well and will not start the Netflix app. when the disc is inserted. It shows the Netflix logo and thats it, it thinks the disc is a video and wont play it. I was using PlayOn before Netflix released the disc, and it still works now. I will request a new disc and hope for the best.


For the haters in the group I will say that everything was working fine for me until my son turned it off by mistake. When I turned the unit back on via the controller it was telling me the disk would not read. I checked disk for dirt. I unplugged unit. I powered off and then back on and the stupid disk will not read. It plays games and other videos fine but the netflix disk will not read at all. I will let unit sit over night and then try again in the morning but something is fishy here.


My disc no longer works as well. I have read online that it may have something to do with the Older models and the new System updates.


No, no problems here.


I've been using my disc for over a month with no problems until now. The disc is in mint condition, no scratches, warps or dirt but after playing an episode it goes to a black screen and you can hear the player winding the disc up repeatedly. It plays other movie discs and games fine. It seems I have to completely turn off the system and wait a long time before I can play again. I reported it to Netflix customer service, the rep says he's never heard of this problem and they'd send me a new disc.


Ok update to my post above. I spent 20 mins with the girl who led me though the stuff over the phone. No setting were wrong. She deactivated my ps3 on there end and sent me 2 new streaming disks for free. Very nice girl. Best part is she spoke English and i wasn't farmed out over seas for tech support. Anyway I got my two disks today and I popped it in and typed in the code like it asked and it works fine. I suspect a system update screwed me ( I had updated burnout paradise to version 1.9 that day) or the disk somehow was damaged by the read laser. I know reading should not bother it but it was hot when i pulled it out. Anyway it seems that netflix will be sending a lot of new disks out and should be able to figure this out with all the problems i see being reported here. When you call to tech support for new disk tell them you read about this problem and you just want a new disk mailed out. That would have saved me 20 mins. Here is the number or you can find it under the contact us button on there website. 1-866-716-0414


Ok... I received my replacement discs today and they work perfectly fine. I did notice a difference between the new disc they sent me and the disc they originally sent me. The defective disc had a gold ring towards the center. Here's a pic -

The ring got darker over time until it became unplayable. I'm thinking that maybe the discs weren't processed correctly or the dye was bad. OR perhaps the blu-ray laser is a little too intense for the disc.


Sorry Better LINK TO IMAGE


Ditto on the "gold ring" on defective disc.
Cheap pressing for mass consumption. Expect more of this sort of thing as major company scramble for revenue.


Wow, netflix support is great. I was on the phone for UNDER 1 MINUTE.

I said that I was having an issue, that I read about it online, and that a new disk should fix it.

She (American phone support, w00t), asked if I wanted an extra disk to go with it, and we were all set. Happy new year.



Markus Andras

Writing in all caps is surely not helping...


I was using my nexflix for 2 months no problem, now it asked me to put in my nexflix code when I try to play my disk, I input code and then it tells me I've been disconcted for the net or somethings wrong with my account. Called Netflix and was told my PS3 is not storing my IP address? Now it tells me I've got 2 movies playing? Anyone else had this problem? I ordered new disk hope it works??

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My PS3 had the same problem the disk just stopped working one day. I orrdered a new disk that boots right up but hangs on the netflix logo screen. How do I reset so that I may re-enter my code?


I think the disks are too fat


Has anyone had a problem where they have audio sync issues and some movies that don't fill the whole screen (black bars around the whole movie}? This only happens with my ps3. When I play the exact same movies on my xbox 360 everything is fine. Appreciate any help. Thanks.

Joshua M

I had the same problem as Rafael described on his 12/29 post. My neighbor has a PS3 and Netflix disc and I compared the two. Mine definitely has a golden ring that is causing the problem. http://picasaweb.google.com/yobany.mayen/02042010PS3NetflixProblem#5435582432991935490


I have been using mine neighbor's disc while he is out of town, and it works fine.

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A few days ago after my most recent COD MW2 update (coincidence?) my Netflix started having some load time issues. It would load to a black screen version of Netflix and take 2-4 minutes to get my titles. Eventually it quit working altogether (not making it further than the loading screen). I found what seemed to be a solution to the problem on another site (and this one). Check the link above by Rafael to have a look at a problem disc. Notice the gold ring just outside of the center? I found this on my disc. The poster that discovered this said his new disc worked fine, mine did not and didn't have the gold ring. I took two steps to get mine running again. First I logged onto my Netflix account and "deactivated" the PS3 from my device list. Then I went into the BD Utility on the PS3 (under the Video icon) and deleted the Netflix software. After that I put in the Netflix disc and it reloaded the software and prompted me to enter the code. I entered the code on the netflix site and it promptly loaded my selections.

I noticed on another site that someone sent in their PS3 because they were having this issue and had to pay $150 to get it "fixed". After having this issue he tried accessing the recovery screen and could not get picture or sound (which is why he sent his PS3 in). You access the recovery screen by following these steps:

1) Turn the PS3 off.

2) Hold down the power button, it will beep once, continue holding power button till it does this 3 times (sometimes only twice) and it automatically shuts down.

3) Hold down the power button again, this time till it beeps twice rapidly.

4) This brings you to a recovery screen where you can do several things including re-install the most recent firmware from a USB mass storage drive.

5) Never do anything here till you've researched all other options and then found out exactly how and what to do in this menu.

You may never need to access this screen and I hope that you don't. In this gentlemen's case he didn't get any picture after following the steps to get to the recovery screen. I ran into a similar situation and was able to get picture by reconnecting the original Audio/Video cable that came with it. After doing what I needed to do, I shut off the unit, disconnected the original cable and reconnected the HDMI. Restarting the PS3 brought me to the auto HDMI feature built into the PS3 where I reconfigured the HDMI and after that set my audio back to optical out.

I'm not the "geekiest" person out there but I have patience and persistence. If anyone needs to bounce some ideas off of someone send me an email.

[email protected]


Just had the same problem ("black" version of Netflix, disc won't eject easily, and of course won't load at all) with the ring on the inside of the disc. A new Disc is hopefully in the mail from Netflix. I'm glad I'm not the only one.


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The Cid

Happened to me too, just got worse and worse until the PS3 hardlocked on the disc as if reading it over and over and over. Curiously despite failed disc activity, network packets were through the roof. So I'm guessing out and out disc failure. I wouldn't blame Netflix, I'd blame the disc outsourcer.

Netflix wants your input, so they say. I just spent 6 minutes total on the phone to log my issue and get a new disc.

If you want a shortcut, go to netflix.com/ps3 and order another disc. Get two!


I had the same problem with the original poster. My PS3 Netflix disc was acting up and I almost thought it was my PS3. The problems I was having were any of the following:

* Disc doesn't show up under Videos (but all other Blu-Ray discs were and games were functioning).

* The system hangs on a black screen, but you can quit out of the "movie" back to XMB.

* Sometimes when returning to the XMB, turning the machine off (well, setting it to sleep that is) took a long time.

* Netflix works, but background sometimes goes dark with a black and white skin.

* Error Message: Invalid Disc.

I also run Netflix off of a Wii and a 360 and my PC so it's not the biggest deal, but I have my PS3 on a different TV in the house and prefer to watch it on PS3.

Anyways, on the netflix site, I reported the problem and they sent me a replacement disc and it works very well now.



my ps3 netflix was working fine last night.

now today, the ps3 system is acting like the disc is not in there. it takes forever to eject the disc

i tried other discs and they work fine. i even tried re-formatting the ps3. no avail.

i'm ordering a new ps3 netflix disc

ryukotse yuki

Ok i think you guys have pretty much answered my question but i'll give you my problem anyways. My Netflix disc will play randomly, if the disc is in the console when i turn it on it wont show the disc at all and wont eject it. If i put the disc in once i've gotten past the ps3 load screen it shows the netflix logo but freezes on a black screen if i try to play the disc.


same problem here


I have had the same problems, blank screen, freezing up, locking down my PS3, won't eject netflix disc, won't power down and many more issues. I have tried atleast 10 netflix disc and the problem still occurs. Even tried resetting my BD utilites and deactivating and reactivating, work for a day then stopped. This has been very frustrating.


Posted an earlier comment about how I had the same problem. Winded up getting a new disc a few days after that post, and everything worked fine.

Unfortunately I have to repeat this process. Disc has a dark ring on it again and I guess I need another new one.

I just wanted to put a time-line, or an expiration date, for these discs: About 3 months, with regular usage (1-2hr/day), before you'll need a replacement.

It's of course no big deal. The discs are free and Netflix doesn't hassle you. But yeah, it looks to be quarterly service. :D

Mitch McT

It is absolutely,positively the disc. There are made cheap and wear down very fast. Plus the ps3 is not the best of blu ray players.

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