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I have the same problem....disc wont load,wont eject or freezes on the movie reel screen...this is my 3rd disc..but netflix say they will send another one..


I've used Netflix on my PS3 constantly for months and have never had a problem.


I had this problem today after update 3.41 and updating Motorstorm 2. I would put in the disc and when played it would load up and go black, eventually coming up with an error. The disc wouldnt eject and I tried to turn the system off and it gave the error beeps. Next time i loaded it the disc didnt even come up with the netflix logo to start up. Also, whenever the disc was inside the PS3 it wouldnt turn off- it would beep and continue flashing until i pressed eject. Switching between other discs it only happened with the netflix streaming.


Guys and Gals,

The problem is definitely with the Netflix Golden Ring and has nothing to do with overheating PS3s, deleting the BD folder, or the cheapness of materials used by Netflix. Netflix is using photoreactive DVDs designed specifically for limited use as part of their business model to discourage theft of dvds (known as "shrinkage" in retail circles) by rendering them useless over time. The photoreactive ring on the Streaming DVD is transparent at first, but turns slightly more opaque with every play until it finally prevents the PS3 from reading the DVD altogether. The appearance of the "Black skinned" menus should be an indication that it's time to replace your disk. You should just go online to your Netflix account and request a new one, at least until they start diskless streaming in October.

The actual patent for the Limited use DVD is here: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/7127066.html

David Mawhinney

Reading these comments has heled. Thought I was the only one with the disc problem, black screen and everything. I even called PS3 and they said it was the disc. I've gone through two disc i the time of 2 months. And now waiting for my third and fourth. They're sending two which means this problem isn't going to go away soon. The customer service has been great though.Hope they fix the problem


There is a problem with the boot disks. they tend to wear out after a while. ive gone thrue 4 so far. as you can guess i watch a lot of net flix.
I would suggest having an extra boot disk ready to replace the one you are useing.


Had the same issues with Netflix discs not loading or unable to read disc, got a tip to check the date and time on the PS3 and it was showing 2011 instead of 2010 adjusted date and time through the internet (option) and tried Netflix disc again and it came right up.

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