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If you rely on Netflix to let you know what new DVD's are coming out, you would rarely see a new release. This is old news to me, as I have always found that the most popular new releases never show up when I visit that particular section on Netflix.

The vast majority of the casual Netflix users want to see new releases the week they come out. Netflix understands that, and purposely does not include the most sought after titles.

If you want a complete list of new releases, you need to look elsewhere.


You may not get all the titles from that web page, but the official Netflix new release RSS feed doesn't seem to hide anything.

Jim K

Has anyone else noticed that the "request a dvd" feature from Netflix is now missing? I can't find it anywhere on the site and the old links don't work.


Terminator is on "Very Long Wait" in my queue! What did they only get a few DVD's?


Terminator also showed up as "Very Long Wait" in queue but it shipped within a couple of days of being added. I guess the stars were in alignment or something...


Del, keep in mind that possibly thousands of others also put Terminator on their queues. Netflix can only feasibly buy so many copies of any one title. One of the benefits of not renting many new releases is that you don't have to wrestle with the rest of the subscriber base for your discs.

Edward R Murrow

Does anyone believe that Netflix is suppressing the hot new releases by accident? Really?


By "request a DVD" you mean suggest to them to carry another DVD, right?

I couldn't figure it out either a few weeks ago.


Its not there, looking for a place to "request a title". Look deeper, if Netflix doesnt have it, its probably because its not a dvd yet!


"Look deeper, if Netflix doesnt have it, its probably because its not a dvd yet!"

a very big - NOT TRUE!

There are plenty of movies released on DVD that Netflix does not carry. I usually requested 5-6 a year but have been unable to find away to request now, unless you phone them.


Netflix doesn't show new releases under the new releases that have a wait time attached to them. This is to prevent customers from expecting to immediately receive a hot new title that they had just added.


Dude sorry to see you watched Public Enemies. I saw it on Monday and it was horrible.


I see the same thing too with Netflix. I have to know specifically what I want to get it into my queue. I love Sci-fi. Netflix knows I love Sci-fi, but I had to search for District 9 to put it into my queue. I find it really irritating that I have to go to a site like rottentomatoes to see what's new to get it into my Netflix queue. I see now that it does label most of the new releases I recently chose 'as very long wait', but really Netflix, don't try to pull my leg with you're supposed "Popular New Releasese". You're only showing them to me b/c no one else really wants them.

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