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Mine isn't far off from yours... for Netflix that is. My top 4 at the moment (all bluray):

Public Enemies: long wait.
The Hangover: very long wait.
IB: very long wait.
District 9: long wait.

I gave up on Terminator Salvation and just bought it on bluray. Same with Star Trek after that came out. I may do the same with the Hangover. It's ridiculous. Public Enemies has been available for 2 weeks and I haven't even been close to getting it.

Paxton Holley

Interesting. I use Netflix.

I've had several instances where I have a new release Blu-Ray in my queue, first, and it says LONG WAIT. However, when they receive my previous disc, this LONG WAIT is the next one sent.

This most recently happened with The Hangover. I put the Blu-Ray first, not thinking I would get it because it said long wait and then, BAM, that was the next video Netflix sent. This has happened several times for me.


oh my... i was just complaining about my queue... Night at the Museum 2 on Long Wait... REALLY?? how old is this movie now?


sorry to double dip... But ive actually dropped my plan to 1 at a time with streaming and allocated what i normally use for monthly fees to RedBox... mostly because netflix is always on long wait status with me...


Blockbuster can overbuy because it can always use the discs in their stores or sell them. Netflix can't do that and has to buy how many it thinks it needs. Netflix has done pretty well by me except for Blu-Ray availability. Their streaming options are better than Blockbuster as well.


The possible influence of throttling on each of these accounts should have been specified. Are they used equally or is one of them seeing much more rental activity?


I usually only have Blu-ray in my queue and have never had a problem with new releases on Netflix. I get them either the day they come out or the day after, depending on when I mailed my return. Even when I have a title that is listed as a long wait, it usually ships when I make a return. The longest I've waited for a movie was when I had to wait for the next round of me cycling my movies out (about a week).


a christmas miracle happened and Netflix sent me 500 Days of Summer, D9, and Extract today. I usually can't get new blu-rays for a week or two.

BTW- I have BB too and just because something said "available Now" it doesn't mean they wouldn't select something further down your queue to ship. F them.


re: "I've had several instances where I have a new release Blu-Ray in my queue, first, and it says LONG WAIT. However, when they receive my previous disc, this LONG WAIT is the next one sent"

This happens to me a lot, too. Once I had a "short wait" at #1 and "very long wait" at #2 but the #2 movie shipped first. I guess its just the luck of the draw sometimes.


I've had 3-out plans with both for several years but gave up on the "get a hot, new release" game from either for the past few years. I have found, at least in my town, that plenty of copies of them were on the shelf at BB. With my unlimited-exchange plan, I just swap out the mailer for the box on the shelf.
I dropped the Blu-ray Access from Netflix went they upped the fee from $1 because Blockbuster doesn't charge extra for Blu-ray. And, again, I have absolutely no problems finding "hot, new release" in Blu-ray on the shelf at Blockbuster.
It's interesting to me to hear how other's are dealing with this situation: some just purchase it, some go to Redbox, some just wait. Truthfully, I'm a person that doesn't get worked up over seeing any movie the day it releases in theaters or DVD.


I've used both Blockbuster and Netflix online. Whatever Blockbuster's queue says, it by no means indicates shipping order. I've had it skip three or four available titles, and sending me the fourth or fifth item in my queue. It seems to be something of a crapshoot, the order I get mailers in. To their credit, I've always received movies BEFORE the expected arrival date.

Though, I usually don't rent new releases from either service - just older titles, to which availability is not always "Available." So take their listings with a grain of salt.


Using Netflix / 2 at a time / Bluy Ray

Even disks that say long wait, I am getting sent to me immediately. My disks ship from the New Castle, PA distribution center. I pretty much ignore the "wait" times because it does seem to mean anything. The best way to get a new release shipped is to have your disk back to them on Monday, because you'll get the first crack at the Tuesday releases that ship out on MOnday.

Chris O.

Weird. I put IB at the top of my queue on Sunday, and it was listed as short wait. Sure enough, Netflix got movies I returned today and they're shipping IB immediately.


Netflix....I find that as long as I get the movies to Netflix for Monday, I get almost all of the new releases in my queue for movies that release on Tue, but if I miss that window it can be weeks before I get the movie.

Netflix User 7

I could have something to do with the fact that I believe Netflix's availability notes are based on your local shipping center(s). Lately, I've had several "Short Wait" DVDs at the top of my queue, and Netflix has shipped me the three next available movies, and then shipped the "Short Wait" from another center.

I've never used Blockbuster Online, but given the comment that they're been faster but the DVDs have come from remote centers, their availability notes may take into account their entire stock from all of their centers.

I've not had trouble getting new releases from Netflix though. Like was mentioned above, have a movie sitting there on Monday morning and the new release is all but yours. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the ones that complain about never getting new releases are people that expect them to be shipped Tuesday, when they're all shipped out on Monday.


I either get the new releases on the day of release (if I time it correctly) or have to wait months to get it. Night at the Museum 2 has been in my que, and currently shows "Long Wait".

That doesn't always mean anything, as I suspect they process the orders for that DVD, and if there are any left over copies that day, they will ship them out to higher volume users in that order. Makes total sense to me.

Like many, I have given up on seeing new releases the day they release on DVD. I mean, I figure that I've already waited 4-6 months by not seeing it in theatres, why do I HAVE to see it on release day?

Seriously, nothing changes by me seeing it right away. If it's something I really look forward to, then I plan accordingly so I can get it in my mailbox on release day, or plan on getting it through another source. Otherwise, I wait it out and see it eventually. There are more than enough "back catalog" titles for me to see, both new and old. I've NEVER waited on Netflix because I didn't have an available movie in my que, and using this method I am often surprised when I DO get a newer release (that has been on DVD less than 4 months).

Again, not a big deal at all.


This story is very misleading. I have both Netflix and Blockbuster-Online subscriptions and I find Netflix MUCH better at having stuff available and shipping it quickly. When Blockbuster indicates "Available" what it really means is "Might-Be-Available". This is especially true of new releases on Tuesday. Every other status is shifted the same way. "Short Wait" really means "Long Wait", "Long Wait" means "Very, Very Long Wait" and "Very Long Wait" means you won't be seeing it in your lifetime.


Is this really a fair comparison? Do Blockbuster and Netflix have the same definitions for "Available", "Short Wait", etc.?


I have 1 out with streaming and my shipping center (New Brunswick,NJ) and I have District 9, (500) Days of Summer and Terminator: Salvation in my queue. (500) and D9 are short wait (which often means it'll come a day later than usual) and TS is available now.


I'm not a heavy new release renter. I only have one new release that has a wait on it. Like Stephan, New Brunswick is my shipping center and (500) Days of Summer has a short wait.

I'm a big fan of Netflix but when I talk to others I often recommend other services if I think new releases are important. Netflix overall is the best, in my opinion, but this is their biggest weakness. Blockbuster should make an ad about it and go on the attack.


I haven't been having trouble getting new releases from Netflix recently, but I usually only get 1 new release per week. Also, I have to time it just right or I will have to wait a long time to see it.


I've seen this but don't believe what Netflix is saying on the web site. In every case, I've received the movie, even if it says "Long wait" or "Short wait". Last week, it was the recent Night at the Museum and today G-Force shipped. These are in DVD format, not BD.


I recently switched from Blockbuster to Netflix. Blockbuster would at times not send me anything if I didn't have something immediately available in the top 15 or so slots, even though I had over 100 in my queue. I've a long list of complaints with Blockbuster, so I finally just dropped them.


When I had Blockbuster, titles that were supposedly Available would sit on my queue, never shipped out. So at least Netflix is honest.

Michael 61554

I have Netflix, 5 at a time, standard DVD. I always bunch my "available on xx/xx/xxxx" titles at the top of my queue in descending date order. Also, I always make sure to have DVD's arriving back at the distribution center on a Monday. I always, without fail, get my new releases on Tuesday. On the downside, I've had disc 1 of Ally McBeal season 1 on "long wait" at the top of my queue for many weeks since I failed to get it onto my queue on time.


As long as you time your returns so Netflix gets them on Monday and you have this week's new releases at the top of your queue, you should get that Tuesday's new releases. I've been doing this for as long as I've had my Netflix account - over 4 years. Never fails. New releases become long waits if you don't snag them the day they release. I just arrange my queue so the top spots are the new releases in chronological order and time my returns so they're received on Monday and I have all the new releases I want in my hands on Tuesday (the day they technically are released). No problem to get three new releases at once...ever.

In the past month I've gotten 9 titles the day they released.

Larry Dallas

Warner Brothers titles

figure it out


My experience during the last two years or so is exactly as described above - BB is much, much quicker to get a new release if you can't snag that new release from NF on the Tuesday new release date. With NF, you either get it that first day, or wait forever.

My Modus Operandi is to shoot for the new release first on NF on the Tuesday it comes out. If that doesn't work, then I go to the BB store on that DVD Tuesday, and try there. If the store doesn't care it, or is out, then I follow up with BB on-line. I have both NF and BB total-access subscription plans...


I had BB total access and was pretty irked when they raised the price (ie, downgraded the in-store exchanges) and when I realized 1) their library isn't that deep (they probably have 95% of titles whereas Netflix has 98%) and 2) some of the versions of the movies I got seemed to be edited versions. The last straw was when 3) they would receive a movie and not send out another for 2 days.

Now I'm on a 1 at-a-time Netflix plan with streaming and I get my new releases through Redbox. There are more and more Redboxes coming near me and I can reserve the title I want and pick it up on the same day. They had The Hangover and IB at most of the kiosks near me.

Redbox is great for instant gratification when I want to see a mainstream title. It's pretty infrequent, but $1/day is such a deal. Netflix is great for the harder to find movies that may take me more than a day or 2 to watch. Together they are bliss.


I have found if i split up my wanted new releases to my different profiles i get them faster, for example I have a profile set up for my 2 year old daughter to get kids movies, i put district 9 on that one and i received it if its on my main profile i never get them.


I've only had the problems with blu-ray the last two months. Now I have 7 movies in the top of my queue with long wait or very long wait and some have been out for a while. I don't mind an occasional wait for a new release but this is ridiculous. With the extra blu-ray surcharges now this is not acceptable. With all the holiday gift subscriptions i only expect this to get a lot worse.


I don't tend to use Netflix to watch new-release movies (I use it as a substitute for cable, renting mostly TV shows on DVD), so I can't comment on that.

Their anime availability seems like it's been suffering lately, though: there have been certain discs / shows that seem just plain impossible to get for months at a time. This has never happened to me until the last six months or so.

I've never used Blockbuster's service so I can't really compare.


All of those movies are available now for me, because I've hardly watched anything from Netflix for the last 3 months.

This is the same old same old from Netflix, the more you use it, the longer the wait for popular titles.


I'm lucky to get 1 set of movies per week from Blockbuster. From Netflix I usually get 2 and often get 3 sets. (holiday weeks are the main exception)

I'll only use Blockbuster for another month or so, and then only for things I can't get from Netflix.


It's been awhile since I used Blockbuster, but I think Netflix is much better at sending older titles out. I enjoy watching somewhat obscure Horror and Exploitation flicks, and Netflix has been better about sending those out then Blockbuster was.


I think it was opposite when i had my blockbuster acct and was transitioning to netflix, however it guess its not too hard to get inventory when blockbusters closing hella stores...


Oh I'm so annoyed by this. I have had DEAR JACK (DVD) a documentary for VERY LONG WAIT for a month. For blu rays, I have VERY LONG WAIT for the Hangover. I now have LONG WAIT (previously very long up until this morning) for Public Enemies, 9, A Perfect Getaway, the Librarian. I now have SHORT WAIT (down from very long wait) for Terminator Salvation, Extract, and Kyle XY Season 3 disc 1.

Angela Glenn

We seem to wait several weeks for any new release on Blue Ray. It is getting frustrating and we seem to be hitting the Red Box more often and have dropped our subscription from 3 down to 2.


I have a comparison from different regions: I used to live in Seattle - movies were immediately available in all categories. I tend to like indies, foreigns, and the like. I do like new releases, but was not bothered by 'short wait' because I always seemed to get them efficiently anyway.

Now I live in TUcson. I have movies on my queue top three that are 'available' and are continually overlooked and other lower choices are sent to me. The movies are received scratched and filthy.

One movie showed available and took 6 days to get to me because they ended up shipping it from Chicago!

I found that out when I called Customer Service. I was basically told that customers in the AZ area don't watch the type of movies I like and evidently don't take care of them and that Netflix is not responsible for the condition of the DVDs.

Not my idea of good customer service.

I have NEVER had this trouble before in the PNW. And, after today where they AGAIN ignored my top 3 available and sent lower movies on my queue...I'll be switching to RedBox and Blockbuster. Sheesh!


Netflix has been good for me.I watch and return very quickly and get whatever new releases I might ask for.At times I have gotten a bonus disc if shipping is from a distant center. I mainly have the service for foreign, and older films since current films are on tv quite fast these days...
My one complaint is no way to request certain dvds such as a series 2 of a british series.Often they tease with one season and do not add more..Thse are often highly rated series as well..
Netflix has surpassed my expectations and I also like the fact a phone call lets me speak to a human right away..Oh and the streaming to the computer is another great feature!!!..

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