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*smacks palm on forehead*

So............The studios want people to buy new releases by imposing a wait. So Redbox is buying new releases and now there is a 3 new release buy limit per person?

Holly shit that's dumb.

Well there is always online.....

Stupid movie studios. Not everyone wants to buy new releases.....


The limits aren't proposed by the studieos. they're from the retail stores that Redbox is usin gas a work around. My guess is that the studios put the squeeze on retail stores to prevent them from selling to Redbox. It puts stores in a bad spot. They can sell to Redbox and have no stock (thus angering customers.) or they can anger Redbox.


Just as I predicted. Told you guys they wouldn't be able to stock sufficient copies. Now please die a quick death Redbox.


Even if the limits aren't being proposed by the movie studios, they're placing undue pressure on retail outlets, creating strife that otherwise wouldn't exist without this 30-day new release window.

Sock Puppet

Most retailers use DVD's as "loss Leaders". They lure you into the store with the promise of the latest and greatest DVD for $12.95 (but it cost them $13.95 or more) with the hopes that you will spend what you saved on the overpriced other stuff in the store.

The reason they are telling redbox they can only buy so many.. Is simply they do not want to lose so much money... And quite honestly, why should they? They are not the studios.

Walmarts not picking on Redbox I assure you. They pick on me every winter cause I goto Walmart to buy Window Wash fluid by the case (for $1.19 a bottle) to sell in my gas station for $2.79 a bottle. I cant get it that cheap from my own wholesaler. But Walmart gets smart and limits how many cases I can buy each day.

Its just business.

Patrick Sweeney

I think Walmart really is picking on Redbox. They have 'bluebox' in some stores now. Do you think they'll have a problem stocking their own boxes with new releases??


The studios are doing this to squeeze Redbox- that is clear as a bell. There is no reason that 3 major retailers would suddenly all limit sales of new releases to only 3 copies. Please, use your heads. This is how monopolistic corporate America works.

And the studios are big contributors to the political parties so there will likely be no antitrust enforcement if Redbox files a complaint with the FTC.

This has nothing to do with loss leaders. If that was the case this "cap" would have been put in place a long time ago.


Shit, I'M having trouble getting new releases, now that I pay 9 bucks for Blu-ray. It's great. I pay 9 dollars to ensure that I don't get them. Thanks Netflix.


huh. I just put new releases 10-20 spaces down my q and rarely have any wait time. Hundreds of old movies I want to see anyway, why do I need to see Bruno the week it gets released?


Truth, why are new releases better? How long is a movie "good" before it goes "bad?" 2 mos? 6 mos?


For the idiots who rent from Redbox, about 1 week.


What about the legality of limiting sales to certain people? How is that legal? It is one thing to say "Limit 3" to everybody, but to say it to certain people? I don't get that.

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