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Let's see.... paid $1.3 billion for 121 million gallons of fuel. Really?! USPS pays $10.75/gallon?


Ha! Good catch!


I Really Break the News to everyone, But Netflix Really has nothing to do with the postoffice losing billions every year. This what everyone needs to remember: for Past 30 or so year every postal working has been getting a 5 cent to 10 cent raise every year & the postoffice was booming then all of a sudden bamm they start losing money because shipping is to high because they keep raising the rates & keep giving them selves raises. Now the post office is crying because they can't have raise because people stoped using the post office & can't have a raise because they are losing money. The only thing that will happen if they drop Saturday Delivery is they will lose even more money Because everyone will say F**** the post office & even more people will use a different method. Eventually the postoffice only delivery about between 10 to 15 time a month & the deverly workiers will be riding bikes or walking cause they won't beable afford to by gas for the trucks to delivery the mail. Eveyone should go paperless bills & us ups or fed ex for packages & let the postoffice go bankrupt. Netflix Can hire they own driver to deliver to they subscribers. Very simple a nexflix delivery center. I stop giving these postal workers a raise every six month & maybe they will stop losing money. Hurray for paperless! The postmaster should get 30 days in prison for even suggesting dropping a delivery day. The Government have been jacking the price of shipping & postage to fill their pockets for More then 50 years, it's a about they start paying the penity for screwing everyone. Our Government are liers & crooks

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The start-stop driving of the postal vehicles is PERFECT for electric vehicles. Gradually phasing in electric vehicles will be very cost-effective for them.

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