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We bought a PS3 for the family. So now we can watch blu ray AND watch streaming Netflix. It really does do everything!

Oliver Ortega Chua

My brother and his wife gave me and my wife one for Christmas. (It was on my Amazon wish list.)


I have a PS3, but I don't have any Blue-Ray movies nor do I rent them, I think they still want too much to justify the difference in cost. When Netflix or the local rental stores have them for the same retal cost as DVD's are now, then I might consider Blue Ray.

I do use the PS3 to watch DVD's, because it upscales them.


I have two Blu-ray players already.


@del, do you really think that pennies per disc is too much more than DVDs?


I picked up an LG bluray player on a black friday special, largely because it did netflix streaming. I figured that for not much more than the roku I was thinking about buying, I might as well get a bluray player, especially since it was also a better plain DVD player than what I had. I'm not sure how much I'll actually use the bluray feature though, at least for a while. I got the new Star Trek bluray disk free with the player, but other than that, I rarely buy discs anymore, and I'm not inclined to upgrade my netflix account.

Isaac Church

DVD is dead to me (dtm). Long live Blu-ray!


Wow. Although I have no problem watching a SD movie or tv show if it's not available in a HD format, I just can not bring myself to watch something in SD format if it's available in HD. The quality of a Blu-Ray is so much higher than a DVD, even an upscaled one, that the pittance it costs to upgrade a Netflix account seems more than worth it.


No, I didn't get one for the 'holiday season.' But I did get one for Christmas. And so did 100,000 other people, if you would just admit it!


I have purchased two blue ray DVDs online and enjoyed at home.


I might as well get a bluray player, especially since it was also a better plain DVD player than what I had.


JJH2, the reasons I'm not upgrading my account despite my new player:

1. fewer than half the titles in my queue are available in blu-ray.

2. I often end up watching a DVD either on my computer or at my girlfriend's, with no bluray capability, and I don't want to be stuck having received discs I can't watch.

I imagine lots of people run into this. People may simply want to watch in different rooms. Maybe in the kitchen while cooking, in the bedroom late at night, or in the office if the kids are playing Wii on the main set in the family room, whatever. I know, we're supposed to put blu-ray players on *all* our sets. :-) But then there are the times someone wants to watch a disc in the car or on a portable player...

The point is, if you don't always watch on your primary system, It would be frustrating to get discs you can't play anywhere, or to have to plan where you're going to watch which disc. That was one nice advantage of the HD-DVD combo disks. You weren't "stuck" not being able to play them anywhere but on your HD system.

If I was sufficiently motivated, I suppose I could set up a separate profile, put blu-ray titles in one and standard titles in the other, and assign discs so as to be almost assured of always having a mix, so I'd be less likely to be stuck with nothing I can play. But it still wouldn't be foolproof and is more trouble to me than it's worth.


Blueray is going to have get a much better selection and get cheaper for me to justify making the switch. I'm staying behind the curve for now.


@ DiversiGuy
I did not get one for Christmas, but I did get it for Hanukkah. Maybe you should admit it, your holiday is not the only one. Ours may be small, but we have one we celebrate too. Or maybe 99,999 got it for christmas, I got it from Hanukka.


We already had a Sony Blueray player ourselves -- but for Xmas gave our daughter and son-in-law the LG Blueray that streams Netflix. (We have a Roku.) And we got them the Blueray version of Star Trek, too.



Its more than pennies, the local Hollywood charges $6.00 for Blue Ray compared to $4.00 DVD. Netflix charges $3.00 more a month for a very limited selection and from what others have stated very long waits.


I think Scott pretty much Nailed It about the playback options of DVD's and I agree with JJH2 about the far superior resolution of Blu-ray over DVD upscaled to a HDTV. I also agree with Isaac Church about DVD being dead but for me that only applies to purchasing movie/TV titles - when it comes to rental then the format I choose will depend on a few factors so I'm hoping they keep producing DVD versions of titles for a long time (Hint: I'm not ditching my 29" Sharp X-Flat SDTV anytime soon. It's still a sweet TV that's switchable between 4:3 and 16:9 screen format)
I already own 2 Blu-ray players, one I keep at the girlfriend's house and the PS3 for me and the boys at my place. It might be awhile before I purchase another machine.


So far, I've had no interest in upgrading to Bluray. Some of the reasons are as follows:

- My family watches DVDs on 5 different TVs in the house...I don't want to have to buy 5 Bluray players to accommodate our Netflix rentals

- Personally, my eyesight is not good enough to enjoy the "far superior resolution" that everyone claims Bluray provides...upscaled DVDs look darn good to me

- The extra cost for Bluray from Netflix would not be worth it considering the long waits and my local post office's habit of being rough on the mail

- Hollywood's love of DRM...I've read that some studios update the DRM on Bluray with nearly every new title, requiring continual firmware updates...in some cases an update bricks players, which earns the owners a "sucks to be you" from the manufacturer

I considered getting one just for streaming Netflix, but some say the interface with the Roku player is much better. I was almost ready to pick up a Roku, until I read that Netflix will be coming to the end of the current agreement with Stars soon and Hollywood will almost certainly be working to block a renewal of a similar deal. Considering how Hollywood is resisting new and innovative ways for consumers to enjoy its films, I'm waiting to see if the selection of Instant Watch titles degrades in the near future. I don't want to be stuck with a $100 Roku paperweight.


I really wonder about people who say they can't tell the difference between an upscaled DVD and a Blu-Ray disc. I'm always filled with such questions as: Are you able to legally drive with vision that poor? Are you able to tell your children apart at the dinner table? Just how many times have you been arrested for walking into a public bathroom for members of the opposite sex? I kid, I kid (mostly), but I can't help but feel there's an element of codgerism in there: like my grandfather insisting that he can find the doctor's phone number faster in the phone book than the six seconds it took me online.


Hi Carl,

1. The existence of Hanukkah doesn't mean Christmas can't be named or shouldn't be named.

2. Hanukkah is celebrated by an insignificant number of people. In fact, Hanukkah is observed by less people in the USA than EVERY OTHER FEDERAL HOLIDAY. By definition!

3. Hanukkah isn't even a significant holiday in Judaism. Not top 3. Not about giving gifts. Not about a fundamental tenet of the religion. Not based on the Torah. PRIMARILY celebrated ONLY in countries that have Christmas!

In short, Hanukkah is just counter programming.

Happy Lunar New Year! (Or, perhaps Hebrew New Year!)

Mark from CA

The roku box is awesome. we have 2 in our home and the streams are great..If everybody waited to see what "might" happen in the future nobody would ever buy anything. Sooner or later tech changes and what we have today becomes obsolete "a brick" (Laserdisc, turntables,8tracks,VHS etc)....For $90 i have used it regularly for over a year. Plus the addition of Twit,amazon,revision3 flickr you cant go wrong.

I have excellent eye sight....and you can add me to the list of not seeing a difference in many titles that i have rented on BR. I play the Bluray than play the DVD that i own using PS3, and i am sorry but 95% of the time no one can see any difference. So there is no way i would ever pay a premium for small to no difference in quality...Anyways that the way it seems to me.....Great move for netflix!

It has been said by many that very soon it will be all about streaming and Blu will be the new Laser disc. We shall see....

Perkins Cobb

As it happens, I was one of those 100,000 who caved and bought a BluRay player during the holidays. Not because it was the holidays, but because I found a non-region locked BR player on Amazon, cheaper than any of the other models that had emerged so far in the US.

There's better BR support for catalog and foreign titles in Europe, so I didn't feel it was worth the upgrade until I could import.


I've gifted a Blu-ray player to one of my friends this Christmas. She was very happy.

Colin Gebhart


1. Just because Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or any other holiday is celebrated by an "insignificant" number of people shouldn't give someone permission to disrespect the culture of people who also live in the US by ignoring them. It is easy enough for me to talk about the Holiday Season (generally meant to be holidays from Thanksgiving to New Years), and Christmas specifically when I refer to the celebration my family has on Dec 25.

3. Christmas is not the most important holiday in Christianity. That would be Easter. It is at the wrong time of year to celebrate the birth of the person it is alleged to be about. In reality America just turned it into another commercialized holiday with a fat red elf handing out gifts, that has no relation to the way gifts were presented to the Savior in historical documents. So there is no reason to not call it the Holiday season.

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My family watches DVDs on 5 different TVs in the house...I don't want to have to buy 5 Bluray players to accommodate our Netflix rentals

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