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The article you link to is interesting, and more sensible that it might appear from the abstract alone.


ceo keyes could apologize for mocking me - and I might remove the curse


I'd cut out the un-needed addons, mainly their gaming trade in system, and maybe make it possibly to buy their cheap overstock movies online...just a thought.


Or get some blue boxes out there and better streaming.....Also mix in game rentals.

Blockbuster needs to blend in streaming, games and kiosk rental boxes into an affordable package.

If they wanna stay in the game.


I would not save them. I have not like Blockbuster since they bought my favorite music store chain and immediately raised prices. I've also never liked their rental business. They were always too expensive, had big late fees, and took forever to get DVD and games. I had to drive farther to Hollywood Video for DVDs and video games. I'm enjoying their slow and painful death.


Only 6 will be left here in RI after Feb 14th. I recently found out one was closing in North Providence, and promptly bought up a bunch of their movie inventory for my personal collection. The woman explained Blockbuster will only be keeping 6 stores in the state open.
They will be doomed to fail, take it from this Rhode Islander. Any drive over ten minutes in this state is long. Those 6 locations are spread out. It looks like the end here.

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