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Yesterday, I saw a commercial for this. I told my wife, "I want to see that." I meant "go see that in theaters." I can only assume it's about to be out of theaters and on DVD very soon. If so, here's the takeaway for Warner, et al: I'll just wait until it's available on NetFlix. Probably more likely, I'll just wait until it's on NetFlix streaming. If you want to make money off of my views, get it to Netflix streaming as fast as possible.


As part of this deal, wasn't Warner supposed to release more TV and movies for streaming access? When is this supposed to kick in?

Fred Fredrickson

Yeah, more info on the streaming. Netflix's new releases in the instant section are really getting worse lately. I need something to do with this darn roku box!

Bob Emmerich

"I need something to do with this darn roku box!"

Trade it in for a Wii?

Oh wait, a Wii is only 2 Gamecubes duct taped together, nevermind.


I noticed this with Whiteout. I already saw Invention of Lying in theaters, unfortunately. I wonder when the expanded streaming selection will show up.


I wonder if this will just drive people to Blockbuster until they strike a similar deal (if ever).


Awesome .. FU Netflix .. Good thing i still keep my BB account alive


I, too want to know when the streaming will start. I would like Netflix to upgrade their website, so finding a title would be easier.


I realize that this new policy is a big deal to some. As far as I'm concerned it is a non-issue.

All of the movies in my queue are there because I want to see them, and they number around 700 (Including Instant). If I can't cull enough quality material from my own queue to keep me satisfied for 28 days, why the heck do I have Netflix?


"why the heck do I have Netflix? "

I dunno? Cancel it then.

some people....


"some people...." ....can't read.


I think the uptick in streaming has already started. The majority of StreamingSoon "streaming now" content is Warner Home Video. It jumped up a lot the last few weeks.


"All of the movies in my queue are there because I want to see them, and they number around 700 (Including Instant). If I can't cull enough quality material from my own queue to keep me satisfied for 28 days, why the heck do I have Netflix? "

Well I have already watched every new release so your 700 thing is crazy .. i can barely find 3 movies i haven't seen that i have any intrest in


@Jon i can barely find 3 movies i haven't seen that i have any intrest in

Then you need to expand your interests.


I think it would be in Netflix's best interest to release a list of newer WB movies that are coming to streaming. They don't have to be the newest of the new, but maybe released on DVD in the last year. This would give us some good will towards knowing we are getting something good from this WB deal. Otherwise it feels like we're just getting new releases later than Blockbuster does. This doesn't upset me, but it is a ding against Netflix, all be it a minor one.


Awesome. Now I get to wait four weeks before getting to see the words "very long wait" for the new movies I want to see someday.

Sock Puppet

BlockBuster will end up losing money even faster if they let you rent these titles (by mail) on the original day of release. Their contract with the studios says that they agree to pay a sum (x$) for each time the movie is rented, for (x#) of days.

It was setup that way so that BB could rent the new titles from their brick and mortar stores.

Again however, this is really a non issue for true movie lovers, if you can wait for it to run at the theater, you can wait for it to run through a few extra sales dates.



If my memory serves me, Warner didn't say anything about streaming "newer movies" (Unless we count "direct to video titles").

From the press release regarding this agreement:

"...adding to the selection of direct to video titles and Catalog movies available to be streamed instantly to TVs and computers."

Out of curiosity I went to www.instantwatcher.com to see if there was a category for Warner Home Video. There is!
Instantwatcher Warner List

A similar list is available at netflix.com
IW Warner Titles @ Netflix


@ Kam

sorry...I was making a dumb joke and had poor execution, I wasn't mocking you. : )


@ things

It's all good. I'm a bit under the weather, and sinus headaches make my trigger finger extra itchy.

Looking back at your post with an open mind, it reads kind of like an "If you love Netflix so much, why don't you marry it?" kind of joke. Am I on the right track? :)


@ Kam

pretty much....I just type too darn fast most of the time. Post first... review later.



Just curious..Will these WB releases show up on the All DVDs Releasing This Week page 28 days from now?


@ Bob Emmerich

"Oh wait, a Wii is only 2 Gamecubes duct taped together, nevermind."

What does that even mean? If your suggesting that the Wii is similar to older Nintendo consoles, just beefier in hardware, it would seem the PS3 or XBox 360 fit that description better.


AMAZON Videos on Demand already has some sort of delay in place. I received a $5 coupon for Amazon VOD (because I have a NetFlix streaming device - Roku), so I went to get PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, but it is only available to buy - it cannot be rented for a couple more weeks. The same goes for any big film. First comes buy then rent down the road. This will take getting used to, but no big deal. We used to wait a lot longer for movies to come to video, memba that?



I guess the assumption is that the deal would include newer content. If it doesn't, then why did Netflix make the deal? All they are really doing is giving Blockbuster a month up on them. I understand that they will have more in stock at Netflix than before, but I don't think that is worth waiting a month. Video rental is all about new releases. A one month restriction on new releases for Netflix seems a very bad deal unless they got a great streaming deal.

We'll see. I wasn't thinking they'd release ALL the new releases for streaming, but maybe a few, or at least some popular movies (Dark Knight, Harry Potter movies, etc.).



Here's my take. Keep in mind that it's mostly conjecture. :)

The studios have taken a number of steps to try and boost sagging sales. A few stories that come to mind had the studios excluding extra features from rental discs, and I vaguely remember a story about Redbox buying New Release DVDs from Wal-Mart, presumably because that was the cheapest/only way to get them.

Now for the conjecture: If the studios are going to continue ramping up pressure on rental companies to accept wait times, said wait times could be an inevitabilty (through legal action or otherwise).

Perhaps Netflix wanted to make a deal while they could still get compensation (increased streaming titles, discounted rates).

With the exception of indies, limited theatrical releases, and straight to DVD titles and the like, I don't thnk the studios have any interest in giving us streaming access to new "popular" movies. Why would they?

SO, Netflix continue to grow it's industry leading catalog of "free" streaming features, gets a price break on disc purchases, and temporarily appeases a cave full of under-evolved studio execs in one fell swoop.

I'm not going to review this before posting, so please forgive me if it's not perfect. :)

Edward R Murrow

Are people really viewing Watch Instantly content? Do people really watch New Releases for Watch Instantly such as Confessions of a Shopaholic, Step Brothers and Mall Cop?

Because that's the trade that Netlix is making with the studios - longer wait time for New Releases on DVD such as The Hurt Locker, District 9 and Moon for more Watch Instantly tripe.

When a release is a month old, Netflix will have to rename their 'New Releases' web page to 'Old Releases'.

Thank goodness I held onto my BBO account so I can get New Release DVD's when they're actually still a new release!


How long will BB & Hollywood Video be able to get Warner new releases on the day they come out and avoid the 28 days later policy?

Isn't RedBox having a tough time?

As for 28 days later. I can wait. Looking forward to the increase in streaming titles soon.

Which BTW seems to be happening if you look at www.streamingsoon.com they better get a ton of flicks from Warner / NewLine.


I would use streaming more if the site told you what's in HD and what isn't. They also need to tell you what aspect ratio something is in. Several times I've found things in the wrong ratio, like movies that are supposed to be 2.39:1 are cropped down to 1.85:1.


1 of the things i would like 2 c on watch instantly is older WB tv shows that have never come 2 dvd(at least in season sets)....Alice, Step by Step, Family Matters, Mama's Family(season 2-6)....etc....


Netflix is doing us a favor by delaying their release of Whiteout and Invention of Lying. Two horrible flicks.

28 days? They should delay these for 28 years.


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Jeff Chambliss

- If you read the great interview with the Chief Content Officer, the idea is not to have more WB content available steaming, but more content from wherever they can purchase it.
- It would also be interesing to get feedback a week after Feb 16th to see if these 2 titles have a bad "Long Wait" versus other titles released by Netflix that same week...to see if there really are more copies available.
- Do keep in mind this is BUSINESS. If you don't think you are getting your money's worth with your Netflix account, cancel it.

Amy Allen

If this means more titles to watch instantly, then I'm for it. Plus these new releases with the delay will also be streamed much quicker as well


Honestly, if you're the type of person who only ever watches new releases, then you deserve to have to wait... Because there's about 100 years' worth of movies in this world, and there's no way in hell you've seen them all.

I used to get those kinds of people when I managed a video store. They wanted the newest movies, and if the movies weren't on the new release wall, then they weren't worth looking at. And forget watching anything in black & white! So many people won't watch a movie that was made before they were born, and that's just limiting and stupid.

It's too bad people like this exist, but then, I guess that's why new releases are getting dumber and dumber... The audience isn't exactly a discriminating crowd anymore.

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