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Would wait if there was less of those "LONG WAIT" or "VERY LONG WAIT" tags next to the movies.


I cancelled Netflix over the WB deal...not necessarily because I care about getting new releases day-and-date, but because I hated the precedent they set by bending over.

Terry Myers

Agree with Kevin. I took the same action. Blockbuster sucks, but at they didn't sign a deal with the devil!


I don't really understand this angry reaction to the 28-day window. If a movie interested me so much that I wanted to see it immediately I would probably have seen it in the theater. And having seen it in the theater and loving it, sure I'd be excited to get it on DVD and see the extras (if the Netflix-delivered disc happens to come with them) but can't I wait an extra month? Or if I loved it that much, wouldn't I want to buy it and watch all of the extras?

And if it's a movie that I missed in the theater (for whatever reason) that I really want to see, what's the big deal about waiting an extra month? After being in production for years, in the theaters for at least a month (sometimes more), then out of availability for some months, what's another few weeks? Just pretend it hasn't been released on DVD yet. Just because it's available for purchase and other people are seeing it at home doesn't really mean much to me. If I'm that excited about a movie I'd buy it (again, I probably saw it in the theater and loved it and can't wait to watch the extras).

I just don't understand the scenario where waiting an extra month is that big of a deal.


I don't really care about release dates that much as I have plenty of stuff in my queue to watch anyway. The problem here is WB's thinking that if people can't rent it on release day, they'll just go ahead and buy it instead. Who does that? Just knowing that they are trying to manipulate you in that way should be enough to discourage purchasing their stuff.


George Luca taught me how to wait for a movie. When Star Wars Episode I was released he would not allow those of us who had coupons to see his movie for 2 weeks. I waited for 2 weeks, heard the bad reviews and ended up waiting another 3 years until it came out on video. So, yes, after waiting for over 4 or 5 months, I can wait a whole 28 days extra standing on my head.

It is called delayed gratification and works in other areas as well like waiting for an HDTV to get to the $1200 level, I end up having the cash saved up and get a much better TV than if I had bought a $2,500 TV 3 years ago with those 0down/pay in 3 years offers. the end


"...So there is not a high expectation of any perfect day when it is supposed to be out."

Actually, there is an expectation when a new release DVD is out, because a lot of the big DVD releases are being advertised in the various media. When I walk into the grocery store, there's a Redbox with the New Releases. And, when I walk through a big box store, there's going to be a cardboard display and/or endcaps with copies as well as possibly posters.

I may not know how many days between theater release and DVD release, but the helpful folks at the studios will assist me by advertising the heck out of their cash cow DVDs.

And, I expect that soon the ads will even say "Get it on DVD / BR (Not yet available for rent / Netflix)". This is when Netflix customers who do think that seeing New Releases is important will swing by their Redbox and consider lowering their # out plan or canceling.


Release dates mean nothing to me.

I watch movies I'm interested in on my schedule. I'm interested in more movies than the newest releases. (If I haven't seen it, it's new to me)

I think it's laughable that WB thinks this will boost their sales. Make the delay 6 months, a year, two years - whatever. I'll see it when I see it.

Who would possibly care enough to buy the DVD to see a movie a couple of weeks earlier?

I don't understand the correlation between a movie and when you see it. This isn't timely material or serial offerings that are time sensitive. I still occasionally watch movies from the 40's that I've never seen.

That's a 70 year wait! :)


I have already been waiting 28 (or more) days for Netflix to ship New Releases. So, from now on will that be 56+ day waits?

I don't want to hear about streaming. The quality just doesn't compare to BluRay when it comes to action. It's fine for things like Helvetica, but not much more.


There needs to be another option: "I can wait, but don't want to." I wait patiently for DVD release dates and I don't want to wait for another unnecessary delay period.

And, I too, agree with Kevin about the precedent. Other studios will probably follow. Then, if 28 days is okay, why not 56 or 365. My outrage comes from the foot in the door.


Personally, I am fine with waiting. For me, Netflix is really about value. I don't have cable in large part because netflix is more than enough to supply most all of my TV watching experience through DVD's and Blu-Ray's and streaming.

If I was the sort to be impatient about watching movies NOW, I would probably spend a lot more by going to see movies in the theaters, watching TV shows live instead of waiting, and going to Blockbuster to see the newest releases.

That said, there is a part of me that is disappointed. Even though Netflix is still the best value for me, I still want them to improve their quality. I suspect that contrary to the CEO's comments it will take me another four weeks beyond the several weeks I already wait to get new WB releases. I wish they would have figured a way to get me new releases faster, not improve their bottom line.


I can CERTAINLY wait 28 more days for a NR since I've already waited months after the theatrical date anyway.

Besides, I'm still waiting for these "new releases"

All About Steve
Four Christmases
Terminator: Salvation
Bride Wars
Together: The Hendrick Story
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
Public Enemies
Inglorious Basterds

Some have been on my list way before Christmas.

So what's the fuss anyway. And to all those folks that have quit over this, GOOD. Maybe I'll stand a better chance to get some of these NRs!!!

Kenny Johnson

Who cares if there is a "purchase window?" Really? People care that much? The theatrical to DVD windows used to be much longer than it is now. It keeps getting shorter.

Do I care that much that movie is available for purchase before it's available for rental? Not at all.

And while Blu-ray is nice, streaming is 90% of my "rental" activity on NF.


Who cares! I never get new release on the first 28 days anyway...

Hooah for my soldiers overseas!

Hey if you guys who can't wait want to leave, that's great by me, less waits for the ones who are not bothered by the delay and want to stay.

Larry Dallas

I get 8 at a time and never miss a new release the week it comes out. I'll not be hurting for new releases each week to the point of even noticing I'm not getting what I could go buy (if I wanted too)


While I'm not thrilled about Netflix agreeing to the window I'm not going to leave since it won't affect me.

I want to add, however, that I feel Warner is full of crap to do it. I purchase many DVD and Blu-Ray discs but from the point when I heard about the BS that Warner pulled I stopped renting or buying anything put out by them. What I will be doing is downloading any Warner title I want to see. I have never before done anything like this for any reason but since the execs at Warner don't care about me they can collectively KISS MY ASS!


28 days is nothing, really, and WB won't see any substantial increase in purchases as a result. However, I worry that once the other studios jump on board with this they will push the window further back until we are waiting a year or more for all new releases.

You might say that waiting a year is no different than waiting 28 days as there are more than enough movies already available to watch...just watch something else. However, I have several friends that are big movie buffs that would probably go ahead and buy the movies rather than wait that long. They also have a bad habit of telling me all about the movies they've recently seen. After that there is not much reason for me to watch them...I already know what happens. So this would be a real drag.


@Kevin I cancelled Netflix over the WB deal...not necessarily because I care about getting new releases day-and-date, but because I hated the precedent they set by bending over.

D'oh! How's that working for ya'. That'll show 'em!


That said, there is a part of me that is disappointed. Even though Netflix is still the best value for me, I still want them to improve their quality. I suspect that contrary to the CEO's comments it will take me another four weeks beyond the several weeks I already wait to get new WB releases. I wish they would have figured a way to get me new releases faster, not improve their bottom line.

How do you expect Netflix to contine to offer you the best value if they are not going to watch their bottom line?


As long as there more streaming content by these Companies I do not mind the wait. Then again I do not rent any new releases.



Probably pretty well for him if he switched to Blockbuster Online.

I haven't canceled netflix, because the unavailability of new releases hasn't affected me "yet" - When there does happen to be some major new movie that I truly want to see, and it's available on two of of the other three major services (Blockbuster or Redbox) then I will also probably cancel and switch. I imagine most customers to be in that same boat. Once it affects them personally, they will start to look at other options.

Sock Puppet

I think this whole debate is a joke! Bottom line, if seeing a title means that much to you, you would have seen it in the theater. If it does not mean quite that much, you could always buy a copy. If like millions of others like myself it means nothing at all to you? Then what are another 28 days?

On the plus side (and so many of the complainers conveniently forget this) by agreeing to the extra 28 days Netflix will spend less per copy on the new releases, which means they can 1.) Buy more copies for the same price (lowering wait times) and/or 2.) Have $$ to invest in more streaming content WITHOUT having to raise fees.

Also, by giving a little to WB, not only do they get lower per copy prices (These terms are locked in by the contract, so if WB finds they are losing money? They cannot make Netflix pay more...), but they also TRIPLE (that's 3 to 1) the titles offered from the streaming catalog.

All at no cost increase to we the members!

i love to get new releases the day they're available!

sounds like netflix customers have been properly trained. with blockbuster, i got Four Christmases, District 9, Inglorious Basterds, 9, Moon, Public Enemies, Terminator: Salvation and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past the day that they were released. all of you please stay with netflix so i can continue to get new releases from blockbuster as soon as the studios release them on dvd.


Most new movies are terrible. There are about three movies from 2009 that, had I not seen them, I would desperately want to see. But ya know, if I can't get it on Netflix and I know it's out, I'll Redbox those three movies. Redbox seems to be more about what's hot right now whereas Netflix has the variety and the deep catalog. Netflix is still a great service.

As for the Long Wait stuff - 99% of the time, if I send a movie back on Saturday, Monday I get a note that a new release is coming to me. Maybe that's a strategy. It seems to work for me.


Release date isn't 100% important but when a film has been out for over a month and it is still VERY LONG WAIT then something is wrong and netflix needs to get more copies. I was fine waiting before the blu-ray price jack up but now that everyone and their mother got a blu-ray player for Christmas the waits have been astronomical.


Probably pretty well for him if he switched to Blockbuster Online.

I guess you haven't heard. BB Online wait times for new releases are 2x worse than Netflix.


New releases on long waits is just they way it has to be. Netflix can not get a dvd for each of us on release date. What bothers me is Long Waits on old stuff like Crash, The Notebook, Gone Baby Gone. However, my DVD Queue is 200+ titles so a few waits is not going to make me drop the service.


Studios know that Netflix is popular and they want to make more money from them (us actually) screw 'em I have enough TV, music and old movies in my Queue that it takes a few monthes for new movies to make it to the top of the list.


They've conveniently mucked up the "new release page" so much that I can believe that a lot of their customers have no idea what just came out. Is that a good thing?


I have had nf for almost 4 years now and I love but this is not cool at all. I pay $20.00 bucks per month and I expect nf to be the only place I need to go thru for rentals. So I will likely cancel and just buy or rent at a chain to see the new movies. This will only get worse as time passes. I am not happy. Nf was perfect in my opinion but this is very bad move.

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