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Thanks for the good info!


Why would any DVD renter care about rental patterns per zip code or region?


@CJ: Part of it is probably folks who like to see what their friends and neighbors are likely to have seen so they can converse about movies with people. The other thing is that sometimes these sort of engines can point out movies that people might want to see anyhow, because their tastes may be in line with their area's tastes, or because they have checked out an area that they have a lot of things in common with (i.e. Someone interested in politics might check and see what's rented in Washington, DC., or someone who is culturally southern might check and see what's rented in Alabama).

There's also just a curiosity factor. It's sort of interesting to see the regional patterns, and what it says about the cultural diversity we have from city and city or state to state. Sociologists could probably make a pretty good case study based on some of this information.

By the way, for the non-map inclined, there is a screen within Netflix itself where you can find these lists by typing in a city or a zip code, and add movies you find you like to your queue the usual way.

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