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I have read comments on sites where people have knocked NF for the Warner deal and other moves. You have to admit...the moves they make have worked out. Streaming was a take it or leave it mentality when it first came out (granted the titles stunk) but now it's growing. I like this line....

"Warner has given us a huge number of copies up to 29th day at a very attractive price so we are able to fulfill all of the consumer demand" Sounds good to me.

Bob Emmerich

I'm glad to see he's aware that most of the streaming stuff stinks and he's not just throwing stuff on there to inflate the numbers. I'm sure there are plenty of PR people who would just rave about how great everything was and how many views they received and avoid the quality topic altogether.


What is Epics?


Wish the transcribers were more familiar with entertainment lingo. That'd be Blu-ray and Epix.

John Dover

Any clues on how to parse the Wii statement? Doesn't make grammatical or logical sense as it was said/transcribed.

Nonny de la Pena

Very confused by the lack of support for iphone, ipod & ipad. What a fantastic potential market - the deal is I can hook up my iphone and ipod (don't know about ipad) to my television with cables provided by Apple ($50.00 for cable to connect to an analogue TV) and if Netflix were smart, i'd be able to watch my movies that way.

So much simpler than a set top box, etc. As it, my family views Netflix 90 percent of the time thru my laptop. It would also mean, I can move easily to any television in our house.


@Nonny - Its about reading between the lines with Hastings comments regarding Apple.

I'm sure Netflix would love to stream on Apple hardware, but Apple is very controlling of their environment.

No way Apple lets Netflix streaming take away sales from their movie rental service. Its not just Netflix being shutout, but Flash, Hulu, and Google Voice.

Its not worth focusing resources on a question mark when so many other vendors need Netflix to see their hardware.

Its like taking the SATs. Answer all the easy questions first, then go back to the harder ones when and if you have time. Smart strategy.

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