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Not as low as $1. Isn't that Steve Job's salary?

Davis Freeberg

Worth every penny.


That isn't actually that low for a lot of large companies. His stock options, adding another $2 million, is a very important part of the package. $2.5 million per year is not bad at all.


"A $500k salary seems low for a CEO of a company worth almost $3 billion."

That's the corporate way. It's not the salary that's important, it's the bonuses and options that are worth millions of dollars each year. It's why CEOs on bailed out wallstreet firms are getting million dollar bonuses.


Netflix don't pay ANY bonuses.

String Theory

Wonder what that looks like after taxes?


Aside from leaving out the bonuses and stock options, it's still more than the salary for the President of the United States.

I think the better question is to ask is, "What exactly doe he do to earn that $500k as opposed to the efforts of others?"

Sock Puppet

I say who cares? If the business model can support that salary without increasing our monthly fees... Then more power to them.

Its not like Netflix (unlike Wall Street) almost bankrupted the entire world, caused all the business's to close and millions of people to lose their jobs...

Kurt Lane

No..we have the government to thank for bankrupting the country. Look, wall street may have been the forum, and sure, a lot of people out there are greedy and corrupt, I'm sure some on wall-street. But, their job is to make money for shareholders and themselves.

The rampant misuse of money in the government is why the country is tanking. Think they've learned THEIR lesson? NOPE, look at all the $$ they are trying to spend now...

Frankly the 500k salary is plenty and just because they're "worth" 3 billion a year, there's too much we don't know to know how much they're actually "worth." (Remember Enron, they were supposedly worth a lot too...except they weren't) I'm sure he manages just fine on his salary.

Oh, and I don't think the president currently earned even his 400k, but I guess he gives himself an A so he thinks he did...


All executive salaries are low compared to their year-end performance incentives. Companies can't deduct salaries in excess of 1,000,000 for tax purposes. That's why if you look at most CEO's salaries, it'll say $999,999 salary and $10 Billion option.


The IRS designed it that way.


Easily deserves it. Saved the public more than $2mil a year on late fees and gas alone driving to Blockbuster.

One of the few companies that is ran exceptionally well.

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