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Will Dearborn

Great of Netflix to stand up for net neutrality.

Edward R Murrow

Then perhaps Netflix should invest in their own pipes instead of piggybacking on broadband providers like a parasite on a host.

Why should AT&T (for example) take all the risk by building out their physical network and Netflix freeload off AT&T's investment?


You make it sound like they do it for free. I can't imagine selecting an ISP with tiered services. I don't like the idea of paying my ISP extra for the plan that includes access to netflix.com.


Oh Pud, you've become so bitter since your startup went all fuckedcompany.com on itself.


Like a parasite?

- Netflix pays for bandwidth just like anyone else... they should not have to pay more simply because they produce a product a certain ISPs compete with.

What if your ISP said you cant use google/bing etc unless you pay a premium to access them? I'm sure ISPs would love all the ad revenue they could get from searches from their crappy portal page, or to simply charge you to not provide that service...

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@Edward R Murrow:

"Then perhaps Netflix should invest in their own pipes instead of piggybacking on broadband providers like a parasite on a host."

I'll say only one thing. What the hell are you talking about?

Pro Net Neutrality

@ Edward

Netflix is not an ISP. They are not going to build their own lines. You may as well be saying this for any service that provides some sort of streaming content.


Guys, Edward R Murrow is actually Pud, who used to run fuckedcompany.com. He's had it out for Netflix for years. Just ignore him. He's been embittered ever since he became that which he once lampooned.


"Edward R Murrow is actually Pud"

wow, now that's pathetic.


@ EdwardRMurrow

Yeah, I totally agree. I've always felt the exact same way about Amazon.com. They have been leeching off of ISPs for well over a decade now. It's disgusting. If Amazon wants to sell things to people in the manner that they do, they should start laying the physical framework for an Amazon.com network. LEECHES!

...you moron.



If you really are Pud, and I have no reason to doubt it, you are a complete loser. GET A F'N LIFE."


Well, we all know Pud is a idiot...

But he did highlight the need for net neutrality... There is a reason its needed and although his example may be extreme lets not forget how the telephone networks began... many separate networks that did not talk to each other...

The need for true network neutrality is needed, hopefully final legislation does not bend to content providers and make a ISP a network cop (also gives backdoor to make it all pointless)

I hope this post brings to light to people who don't know... the internet is indeed changing and not for the better... If you wish for the internet to remain neutral of imposed speed/content regulation by ISPs... learn more and speak up...



And for all those people who spoke about torrents and the such... you might want to help the EFF continue to try to protect you...


Edward R Murrow

Uh, not Pud but Pud is my role model and hero!

I just called the electric company, had my power turned off and ran an extension cord from Josh's house to my house. Josh, thanks so much for providing the 'pipes' for my electricity without me having to pay. I am an electric parasite. Do any of you Sheeple get the analogy?

BTW, is Netflix management so afraid of competing in the marketplace that they engage lawyers and whine like little bitches about TV Everywhere? The free market is very efficient so can we *PLEASE* let the marketplace work? I want my TV Everywhere now!


The sad thing is YOU don't get the analogy.

Maybe you'll understand your own analogy some day, when you have to buy an electricity line to power your TV & PC, an electricity line to power your lights, and an electricity line to power your heating/cooling.


@Edward R. Murrow,

Why should AT&T (for example) take all the risk by building out their physical network
Because that's what AT&T does. ANd they charge for it.


@ EdwardRMurrow:

I'll say what everybody else here wants to say:

You're an effing toolbag.


The cable and wireless companies just want to make more money and they think they can get it from you by making you pay extra for the popular web services.


@ EdwardRMurrow:

So the next time you log into a social networking site, don't be a leech and use your local ISP's pipes to connect to your friends. You need to buy millions of feet of ethernet cable and connect directly to them yourself. And yes, your are an effing toolbag...go watch more Jersey Shore in your mom's basement.


It doesn't cost a lot at all to provide internet service for the cable companies. For what they charge and how much it costs them, they make a huge profit. They also make money with ondemand movies ($5.99 for HD movie). So with Netflix providing free with subscription streaming, there's no reason for cable subscribers to pay $6 to watch a movie. That is why Netflix is concerned.


Edward R Murrow = Blippy

pathetic. loser.

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