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Sock Puppet

I suspect they are simply disentangling the whole friend/community feature from their site.

As they say... "Out of Site... Out of Mind..."

Many of the community features haven't been working/working right for weeks/months...


Many of the community features haven't been working/working right for weeks/months...

This is true. The least labor-intensive part of the site (since the users are doing all the work), rarely ever works. Every time I go to even look at my own "Outward" lists or reviews, I am told that Friends is currently out of order. It has to be embarrassing for them.

But shuffling it to the bottom of a page is a lame way of dealing with it. It's kind of like how they installed those sliders everywhere, thinking users would automatically love them. Yeah, that worked out great.


I haven't used the "Friends" functionality in years. Surprised that they didn't get rid of it completely.


I wish they'd acknowledge it if it doesn't work anymore. I always left a note on every movie/show I watched for my friends and I know a lot of them appreciated it. I didn't want to take the time to write a review, just a few sentences. I wonder if they think the Facebook functionality will replace it?


Yes, I'm pretty sure they are moving towards letting the social sites handle the social (friends) part of their site.


It's still at the top for my secondary profile. It shows under the Browse DVDs tab. It at the bottom on the primary profile no matter which tab I'm on.


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