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Hi Spammer


Does Mr. Spam Man enjoy Netflix and it's service?

why don't the links work?

why don't the links work?


With the new ones coming out tomorrow, I now have 20 movies with 'waiting' status.
And that's because in the past couple of weeks I rented 3 new movies from redbox otherwise I would have 23 movies on waiting list.
I don't really mind. I just find this a bit funny. I am wondering how big the waiting list of other people is? Maybe this could be a poll to put on the website.



I have a ton in short wait, long wait and very long wait status. Seems to be a recent phenomenon and is getting annoying. I have been waiting for Inglorious Basterds for awhile and Whip It is another that I am not expecting anytime soon.


Anyone know why the movie Pontypool isn't available? It appears to have been released today, but it is still down in the saved section of my queue, with no release date populated.

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