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henry schilitzar

I wish I could have that much revenue.


What this means to you: Even longer wait times for new release's as they pick up more subscribers.


You think with this extra income they can spread the wealth and lower prices for those who are struggling?



If people are struggling, maybe renting movies would be the least of their concerns. I know if I were "struggling" first things to go would be cell phone, cable, internet, and netflix. Essentially all non-necessity items.


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A little bit of good news has come by way of Netflix, well good news for Netflix anyway—it seems they have added 1 million new subscribers in Q4 2009.

And in addition they are now touting a total of 12.3 million subscribers with revenue up and the churn rate down. In short it seems that Netflix is seeing a fair amount of success at the moment.

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myth. Lots of big city mayors also racked up great crime-fighting numbers at the same time. It was a direct

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