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This is good for my family because since we bought a Roku we watch about 10 streaming choices for every disc we get, so more streaming content is great. But this sucks for people without a streaming device in their home.


The release dates i will go by will be Netflixs and not the regular ones from now on. Overall smart move for Netflix as disc media is dead and streaming/downloads is the future, smart move to get more content for my favorite part of the service Instant Watch.


In theory, I think Netflix waiting 28 days to offer new releases would increase sales: there are a lot of consumers out there who are impulse buyers. But if all the other rental outlets don't follow suit, I'm not sure if people wouldn't just rent the movie from someone else.

Personally, I'm happy with the deal. My movie viewing isn't so time-sensitive that I can't wait an extra month to watch a movie. And getting new streaming titles is always a good thing.


since i am a netflix customer from 1997 still paying under the original $14.99/4 dvd package, i wont complain much.


I believe the responses in this forum are fairly telling in how completely useless this new agreement is going to be for Warner Bros DVD sales. I don't think most people care anymore about a 4-week waiting period for rentals - there's too many other things to watch (streaming content, the internet, recorded DVR programming). This type of business model is ridiculously obsolete and it's almost sad watching these studios scramble to hold on to it.

The parallels to what happened in in the music industry are starkly obvious. Greedy corporate entity guarding its content till its last breath, without any forward-thinking strategy to take advantage of technological advances, until they become almost irrelevant. I would imagine it's just a matter of time before the same thing happens to the movie industry.

I can't really blame Netflix for this, and I rent whatever happens to be available so I couldn't care less when the DVDs show up on the site.

A Movie A Day (AMAD)

Hey, if there's a movie you really, really REALLY, want to see, chances are that you will make that purchase of that title, and with the price of some Blu's cheaper than the standard DVD counterpart (The price for
Half Blood Prince, STAR TREK, and Night At The Museum 2 on Blu are, at least at Wal-Mart are cheaper than the 2 disc standard DVD version, and has the same material to boot), and coupons available for Disney titles can, in some to most cases, can drop the price to around ten dollars.

I think the Warner deal is good, if it allows Netflix to take a chance on more
titles that are more niche driven and that
some of us love to watch. If the old cost to get one DVD now allows the opportunity to get two, so that they can get one copy of a different title, then how can that be so bad, stereotypical naysayers?????


3 strikes, Netflix you are out of here. Throttling, then the $1 increase for each Blu-ray movie, now this. Their streaming garbage is not enough to warrant that abuse.

Blockbuster + torrent


While the deal is BS, lately it's been taking me weeks to get pretty much any new release on Netflix so if they can guarantee availability of new releases 28 days after the initial release then it would be a win. And that's not counting the increased availability of streaming titles. The question remains: do the movie studios have enough suckers to buy DVDs the first few weeks they come out to sustain such a business model?

angry consumer

it doesnt mean u have to wait 28 days for a new release, it means u have to wait 28 days and then u will still have a very long wait for another month after that when netflix releases. if netflix can guarantee us that we will not see very long waits anymore than im not as angry about it with more streaming available, but if i have to wait 28 days and then im on a very long wait for another month that sucks.


I saw that they're doing similar deals with other studios and thats the end. I loved netflix for a very long time, but this is just too much. I cancelled my subscription and started one with Blockbuster (my nemesis from past experiences).

If it was 1 week, fine. But a whole month? That's absurd. I encourage everyone to cancel. Maybe they'll get the message.


"then the $1 increase for each Blu-ray movie"

Were they really charging you $1 extra for EACH Blu-ray?


Boycott Warner? Oh, yes, indeed. That's the way they want to play. Fine. For that matter, if this keeps up, goodbye Netflix. You've already screwed me with the BluRay tax! Now this! HA! Good luck continuing on this way.

Quiet Desperation

I'm still trying to decipher that pile of MBA-speak.


Looks like I'll be going back down to one at a time and renewing my BB moviepass. I want my new releases the day they are released, not a month later. This is very disappointing. WB, you suck!


For those of you saying, "I already wait a month or so for new releases, so this won't change anything for me." Thing again. Now everyone else will be waiting to get that new release on the 28th day. So you'll wait two months to see the new releases instead of one.

There is a huge market of consumers who prefer to just "watch" movies rather than "own" movies. Renting is nothing new. The video rental business has been around for decades. Netflix was used to push studios films and now that Netflix has become so successful, it's time to put on the restraints and drag it down until the next startup comes along. Netflix, I loved you while you lasted. The end is near.


'Win-Win-Loss' the losers being us.


This is a good thing for sure. Supports the ecosystem.

Joe H

Sounds like just another money grab to me. Good for Netflix, good for Warner and bad for the consumer. If I'm waiting another month for first run movies, why not wait until they show up on cable. The same deal expected with other companies ?? We've just stepped onto the slippery slope.


This really makes no difference to me. If I was dying to see a movie, I'd see it in the theater. There's already a delay between time in theater and release on DVD. It's all irrelevant to me; I'll get the DVD when I get the DVD.

I don't follow release dates at all. I'll save a title that I'm interested in and eventually it will be added to my queue. If it's a new release, it's a crapshoot as to when I'll get it anyways. When the 28 day delay is implemented, I wont even notice a difference.


Here's a few stories on it:




Seth and Tim above are correct. As I read the press release/ corporate-speak it does NOT state they will be getting more of the new releases, just more Warner discs at a cut rate. This is what was reported in today's Los Angeles Times.

So your wait begins at day 28, you don't get the new release at day 28. You will be waiting two months or more instead of one or more.

For those who enjoy new releases on NF this indeed does suck and is a downgrade in the service- there is no concomitant reduction in monthly cost. I could care less about streaming, it does not interest me. Whether that makes me a luddite is irrelevant; I prefer a disc with all the special features that can be easily paused, watched on different DVD players, taken to friends' houses, etc.

I am saddened to see this happen and hope other studios do not follow suit. Netflix may have been up against the wall but if they really did not want to go thru with this kind of a high-pressure deal they could have complained to some of their cronies in Sac and DC.

I may watch only 20 new releases per year but enjoy receiving them the week of release.


How is this going to make me buy a Blu ray ?? if anything i will watch other stuff .. thanks netflix !


Time to dust off the Hollywood Video membership card...

booger man

I will just watch it online for free instead of waiting and now no one will get my money. This is ridiculous. Like giving the music studios the right to sell CD's before anyone else does. They look at Technology as going backwards instead of forwards. Netflix should have just bought DVD at the retail level and not agreed to it. A big win for the studios, but not the consumer. So due to the wait window, I will now pay for a monthly subscription or pay to rent a movie that is already on cable. No thanks, I will keep my money and find the pirates streaming new releases for free.


This is good news for Watch Instantly. Once Warner Brothers realises that they're barking up the wrong tree, this deal will fall through though.

Netflix customers aren't exactly the target demographic for people who want to build a DVD collection.

Ben Blackford

I am not crazy enough to try and get new releases out of Netflix, so sacrificing a month to get them is fine by me. Still, I can't help but wonder how long it will be before they ask for another month, and another, and another...

Edward R Murrow

If one starts with the assumption that competition is good for the consumer, then I'm really hoping that Blockbuster doesn't sign the same agreement.

It would be nice if Blockbuster had this one attribute of differentiation from Netflix to draw additional customers.

Monopoly economics isn't good for consumers.

Brandon Barkley

I think Netflix is a big enough consumer that they could have stuck up against this. That said, I understand why from a business decision. Most people probably won't notice and they are probably getting some sweet discounts.

I rarely get new releases and when I do, it is only because I saw them jump into the bottom of my queue from the saved section. I will not notice if this happens a month later. If I could go without seeing it in theaters, I can wait one more month.


I am not crazy about this, but the additional online content is good. Would of course be best if Netflix worked it so we could watch those New Releases online on the 28th day, but it probably won't be the big movies anyway.

If the big releases are on a significant wait after the 28th day, that will stink. Might wait a week or 2 now, if the 4 week wait really means a 6-7 week wait, that will suck.

Also, if Netflix gets into my PS3 XMB without the disc, then I will be happy regardless.


Does WB have a deal with Blockbuster? Season 2 of Chuck was released this past Tuesday yet it is listed as "unavailable" at Blockbuster online.

BB does have a record of receiving some TV shows late. How Met Your Mother season 4 was not available for rent until 3 days after its release.

David M.

so basically I have to wait 28 days before my queue lists "extremely long wait" and I can hope to possible have it in my mailbox 2-3 months after it's released? Hopefully netflix will take advantage of the cheaper cost for disc and purchase more to keep the wait times down.


Yayyyy! First ever post here because I want Netflix to hear from a customer who's REALLY HAPPY about this deal. I use streaming for 90% of my use, and anything that increases the streaming catalog is great news. New major-studio releases? I am happy to wait (as another poster said, if the content is THAT compelling I will have gone to it in the theater, anyway). Brave, Netflix.


I think more streaming is a nice trade off for a 28 day wait that was probably going to happen any way. If I passed over something in the theater and waited for it to come to video, I don't think I will mind another 28 day.


i'll like this...if streaming comes to the wii ;-)


Come on? Who really cares? Are our lives this mundane where we need to freak out? You want to see the movie? Go to the theater. Oh you heard it was good and you want to see it? Put down the Dunkin Donuts coffee or Star bucks, and spend the money instead on the DVD. If not you have to wait! Oh lord no! Here is an idea, add others movies to, but if seeing a WB movie is a matter of life and death, go buy it! This has no effect on my at all. I swallowed the extra blu-ray cost, I don't believe they throttle me. I have an 8out plan, and I got new releases occasionally.

Nothing but complainers. I remember people complaining the X-Box was too loud to enjoy the movie, or people mad about the extra $1fee. I know we all hate big business, but if you're paying for NetFlix, you must have a job, and if you want to keep your job, it needs to make a profit. No Profit, no job, no money. Same with NetFlix, No profit, no service, and we all have to actually leave our houses into that dastardly sunlight and venture with other scary people and rent from a store.
What has this world come too!


I predict Netflix will sign a deal with Warner Bros. to wait 28 weeks after the BD 3D release to offer new BD 3D releases. In return Netflix will get yet another mass exodus of subscribers.


I called to cancel. Netflix just doesn't get it. I pay $21 for three movies out (and Blu-Ray), which is mostly just a convenience. Netflix made plenty of money off of my account, but it is really ridiculous that I should pay a premium fee for second-rate service.


What is so difficult to understand about this? "... improving service levels for our members by acquiring substantially more units than in the past...”

According to the press release, there will be a higher availability level for new releases than there was previously. So, if you're already waiting 4+ weeks to get a new release, it should now be much more likely that you'll get the movie even sooner than you did before. This is a win-win for customers as well... There must be a lot of Blockbuster employees that visit this site...


Netflix members are usually big renters and probably only buy a handful of DVD's a year because it's easier to just rent the movie again or Watch It Now. Adding 28 days won't affect us much. I mean, if we *really* want a movie we'll buy it regardless. I'd prefer paying say a $1.00 fee for early HD Watch it Now on top of my Netflix account. Don'y DENY us, give us an option and the $$ will go to Warner anyway. Still beats the $30 to go to the theater for ONE movie with the family.


"According to the press release, there will be a higher availability level for new releases than there was previously. So, if you're already waiting 4+ weeks to get a new release"

I don't wait 4+ weeks to get new releases. I rent approximately 5 movies a months, and I was a very profitable customer for Netflix. I've done the buy and resell thing with HD DVD's (i.e. I Am Legend) on EBay, and I have just discovered Goozex which so far is even easier than doing EBay.

I pay Netflix approximately $250 for the convenience of having them ship me the movie I want when it is available for rental. Netflix has made my life less convenient, and I am not prepared to pay them a convenience fee and deal with getting new releases on my own.

Netflix wants to pay less for their movies, make them available later, and not give their customers any type of break. This is a totally dick move, and I am speaking with their feet. Netflix forgot that I am their customer, not Warner Brothers. Netflix is Warner Brother's customer, and Warner Brothers is one of Netflix's vendors. You keep the customer happy, not the vendor.

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