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Sock Puppet

Pfft! Amazon will acquire Netflix when a certain hot spot grows icicles!

The last time Netflix stock jumped there was also someone somewhere whispering that Amazon was going to acquire it. It didn't happen then and wont likely happen now.

Its just a Red Herring!


I really enjoy Netflix and am very approving of their current business model and even the decision to delay releases for an additional month. I would be fine with the addition of optional new, monthly fee-based services, if you cared to stream live events or network channels.

I don't think Amazon will buy Netflix (I do not recall seeing what Netflix's stance is on if they are looking to sell their business or not). Let's say it did happen. I can most likely assume that the pay per view system that Amazon cares for, due in large part to its friendly relationship with the MPAA, that it would seek to transform the current business model into something with additional fee services. I can easily see an early move to appease the MPAA such as making new releases have, say, a $1 a movie fee for the first few months of its release. I wouldn't continue my patronage with those changes to my previous service and I assume a great many would follow. Another organization will pop up, or an existing business will make changes to fill the void and work to pick up those displaced consumers. Then we can all gripe about how stupid the buyout was, how MPAA still does not understand or respect technology nor the will of the people it depends on, and how great Netflix used to be.

Bob Emmerich

customers who streamed at least 15 minutes of video

15 MINUTES? What the heck kind of metric is that. I know it said "at least" but I would think 90 minutes per month (4 1/2 hour episodes or 1 feature length film) would be a better measure of "usage".

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