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Yes...it would be a perfect fit. I thought it was coming earlier but the PS3 got it first. Hurry up NF!!!


Couldn't it be a Wii Channel (Or WiiWare App) instead of needing a disc? Would make it a lot easier for users and cheaper for netflix (no disc production costs)


Netflix has an exclusive deal with Microsofts X360 for the use of a Netflix streaming app so therefore PS3 and Wii have to use a disc for the time being. The exclusive deal ends sometime this year I believe.


Yes please! Please!


Yes I've been waiting.... Why not? Won't be that hard to do.

I still might get another Roku box depending on what channels are coming, but I could always use the Wii streamming on something. So yeah bring it on.


Well Netflix stopped working on my Vista Media Center (no idea why, no answer from Netflix, and it appears to be a non-isolated issue, but not a common issue).
So, I am tempted to buy a Roku, but $10 for a Wii upgrade would be even better.


Well I didn't get the survey... :(

I did call Netflix to let them know that I have not gotten either of the 3 surveys on this subject and that I greatly support having Netflix on the Wii.

I even let them know that I just purchased my Wii (less then 30 days ago) with the hope that Netflix streaming would be available soon.
- My family had their reasons for it... But pushing me over the fence was the rumor/news regarding the Wii and Netflix... Did you hear that Nintendo???

I encourage those who have not received the above survey to give Netflix a call and let them get a clearer picture of the demand. *(866-716-0414)

I know 1,062 of us have signed the following petition... If you have not, please consider doing so...


If you managed to find a more complete petition, please link it...

Edward R Murrow

PlayOn works great for Wii: http://www.playon.tv/playon

Then you can go to hulu, cbs.com, etc. for all the free content you want.


The Wii is the surprise console success of this generation -- why on Earth wouldn't Netflix want to tap into that? Seems like a No-Brainer, even if the lack of HD compatibility is a turnoff for some.



The point of a scientific survey is that you randomly pick the participants, not let them volunteer for the survey. That would be a pretty lame survey.

Happy Seasons, and Merry Lunar New Year!


I have a friend that is waiting to use his Wii to Watch Instantly. Why would you do it for the other two and not for the Wii?


Not having HD isn't so bad. Plus how hard would be be to have the Wii output to 720p? I know it might slow down games....However on video?

The PS2 could do 720p & 1080p.

So who knows.


Hope Netflix is listening...alot of nintendo Wii users are ready for Watch Now on there systems.


Absolutely, where is my Wii support, I've been waiting. I'm still running a SD Roku for my netflix streaming, but Wii streaming on the other TV set would be awesome. Saw some recent article (NY Times maybe) about cramming fitness into the day with Netflix videos - seems like that is getting some uptake and all the Wii fitness users would be the perfect audience. Then I could ditch homebrew on my Wii.


My Wii is collecting dust.


I am definetely waiting for the IW on Wii to be available.

Add me to those interested


I am a former Netflix subscriber. I would likely become a current subscriber again if Netflix WatchNow was available as a Wii channel.

However, the idea of loading physical media to watch on-line content is ridiculous, make it a Wii channel.


Absolutely, I'd be interested! I bought a blu-ray player that streams Netflix for Christmas and it seems to do a good job, but if it can have better quality or more options, I'd be down with Wii Netflix streaming.


No problem with 480p resolution as that is what your typical DVD is!

In fact, if the bit rate is fixed, I'd rather have a less compressed 480p and than a more compressed 720p. Compression leads to blockiness in dark scenes.

Most of us have the bandwidth for 480p but not for 720p.


I think my survey is broken

It asked my what consoles I had (i have a wii)

It asked by if I want a streaming disc (vary likely)

Then is asks, what don't you want a disc?????


I sure hope this happens. I've tried PlayOn, and I absolutely detested it. Watch Instantly on my computer is terrific; I'd really love to use it on my TV. Let's go, Netflix!


A big yes to Netflix+Wii!

I don't care about needing to use a free disc.. that's a silly thing to complain about.. I just hope the movies will be fullscreen.

If the toolbar you see at the bottom while browsing the net is still there.. that's kind of a dealbreaker


I for one can not wait for this. Why haven't they done it already? Come on Netflix!!!


i'd love love love it if netflix finally came to the wii, we got our wii last christmas and we JUST now got into using it with wii fit plus. and we recently got our netflix again,...so they go hand in hand,...plus i'm too darn poor to afford a new ps3 or xbox...

Taylor Thompson

Yes, Netflix is to Wii as Milk is to Oreo Cookies. Lets hope the powers that be can follow the logic.

Eric Hwang

First of all, if you have a Blu-ray player with Netflix, you're getting about the same resolution for your Netflix movies as a DVD player. Switching from the Blu-ray player to streaming content switches the resolution from 1080p to 480i. Second, the Wii doesn't get any better resolution than a DVD player provided you're using the correct connecting cable, so why switch from Blu-ray to a Wii. That just doesn't make sense. Finally, in order to get the better resolution and better color fidelity, you need to use the component video cable for the Wii. If you're using the composite cable, you might as well be watching old analog television. The fact of the matter is that the Wii just hasn't caught up with HD TV yet while the XBox 360 and many Blu-ray players support higher resolutions already. I have both a Wii and a Blu-ray player, both hooked up to the same TV so I don't really have a need for Netflix on the Wii, but I could see a market for it.


Netflix streaming on Wii? Yes, please!

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