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Europe isn't a country.


either is texas but its like it. i think of europe with lots of little texas's




Europe's not a country? Don't tell Sarah Palin!

da oracle

Newfies FTW


Please come to Canada! Streaming only sounds good to me.


USA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm honestly surprised Mr. Hastings is hinting at Europe. Canada seems like the next logical step to me, but then again, I'm not the CEO.

Bob Emmerich

Hastings talking about "streaming only service" sounds remarkably like Steve Jobs talking about video on the iPod - "nobody wants to watch video on that tiny screen" - until Jobs told them to watch it. There will be a streaming only option EVERYWHERE at some point.


can't say i'm real excited for europe to be first BUT an only streaming subscription would be brilliant.

so many of my friends who stream - have a disk at home because they have to - and they've had it forever!! and chances are - that's a movie that i've had in my queue that is a long wait.


Yes, streaming only subscription would be great. But if Netflix went to it, how many people would be laid off and how many facilities would be closed? Then people would be upset over that. So, what is the answer?


If Netflix had streaming-only right now in the U.S., I wouldn't be a subscriber. 80% of my queue isn't available through streaming. Assuming an international service will have a similar selection, that's a huge handicap.


I saw an add in Walmart and at a different mall in Canada.It made me wonder why Netflix would pay for adds in a country that can't subscribe to that service.I'm hoping its a good sign that it will be here soon.

Sock Puppet
In india the mail service is so unreliable they use couriers to pick up and deliver the DVDs.

So inquiring minds want to know...

Does that statement mean that Netflix tried to deliver in India?

I mean otherwise why mention that?


In india the mail service is so unreliable they use couriers to pick up and deliver the DVDs.

So inquiring minds want to know...

Does that statement mean that Netflix tried to deliver in India?

I mean otherwise why mention that?

India is not even in Europe - it's an Asian country... this whole post makes no sense. Not the kind of reporting I've found common in Hacking Netflix posts.


@Keith "Europe isn't a country" ...

Hey Keith, according to Palin, Africa is a country! (too!) .... ;)


Ha! You guys are funny!
1. Europe is not a country (I know - I live there)
2. Most companies don't treat the European countries as a group, but as individual countries. If Netflix would start up in Europe they would most likely choose to start in the UK, Germany and France and continue on to more countries if it works. I live in Sweden and we almost never get the good stuff at the initial launch (like the iPhone) but when the companies choose to expand further within Europe.
3. For us streaming would be great. Our 3G net is extensive here in Sweden with 3.6 Mbps in most places and 7.2 Mbps in the big cities, and their now building the 4G network, so Netflix on the iPad + streaming over 3G would rock! We'll just have to see when we get the iPad :-P


I live in Estonia (in Europe) and streaming VOD would be great. My 100/20 Mbps internet connection is perfect for that. But unfortunately our market is so small for you guys in the US that services like Netflix will never-ever even bother to consider the possibility of expanding here.


Hi, I live in Asia, and Asia is not a country too.:)


common netflix.. expand in Europe...


I really don't understand the point in getting DVDs sent to your mailbox, when you can stream the movies instead.

Living in Europe, and not in the stoneage, most houses have broad DSL-lines. No need for the discs. If I want to see one, I'll go to the museum.


I was just in the UK for a while and then Hong Kong, you just need a legit High-speed VPN provider like OverPlay and you can stream videos that are restricted to whatever your home country is, Netflix included. They let you pick between more than 20 countries and it definitely wasn't laggy.

So if you have a netflix account and you are going abroad for a little bit, or if you have a relative in the US who can sign up and give you their info for streaming then you are good to go anywhere in the world basically.


Well that never happend. Instead just unblock Netflix with this guide: http://vpnfreedom.com/netflix/how-to-unblock-netflix/


Ups and here with a real link How to unblock Netflix in Europe


Europe is NOT a country


Ah ha WOW,!!! Europe a country? The capital is Sydney and they all speak european there, like most Americans knows that in Mexico, specifically in the Capital region of Buenos Aires, they speak a traditional Mexican there....i mean who cares right ? Everybody in South America ( another country BTW) speak mexican there and they all have Taco bells in every town too.....God bless the US of A...land of the brave , home the free and the idiot douche bags that dont know shit about the rest of the world.... Why ? Because Its hard to see outside Hollywood netflix when u have your head up so deep in your ass at all times like the average tax paying American citizens. Go USA Go !!! Best nation in the world...fo sho !!!

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