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Well I guess Microsoft can kiss my Gold subscription goodbye...


way to go, netflix.


Sounds good. I have an SDtv in my room.

I still think if they work at it they can get the Wii to output 720p.

Well see.....480P isn't so bad.


Maybe one of these days I'll be able to get 720p on my computer.

haha, what am I saying?


LOL! Yeah.....Or how about Linux support?


Thank you...


Reserve your copy now...



I'm a PS3 user who recently added a Wii to the mix for the kids. Since my PS3 is my main media server box, I haven't tinkered too much with the Wii. However, from what I've seen so far, it is very limited as a media server. While it's definitely not HD, I'm not sure if it even meets the same SD quality my PS3 can put out. Either way, I wish Nintendo the best of luck with it.

Also, "HD" streaming that I know of (e.g. Roku, or PSN) is only at about 5 Mbps, so still far below Blu-ray quality. We will all need to get fiber-optic cables to our homes before we ever see that kind of streaming.


Isn't 480p ED not SD? I have a 52" 1080p tv and the difference on the Wii between it's standard (SD) and component (ED) cables is very noticeable.



The article says, "The Wii is the only major game system that does not support HD video (Nintendo has denied an upcoming Wii HD), so the video will be displayed at SD resolution (480i/p)."

ED means "enhanced definition." SD, standard definition means up to 480p, or up to DVD quality. HD, high definition, starts at 720. ED is somewhere between 480 and 720, then, although some people might call 480p "ED".

The thing is that the Wii only puts out a maximum resolution of 480p. It's SD, not HD, no matter what your TV is like.

I can't figure out what you mean by "standard" or "component" cables. But in any event, no matter what cable you use, you won't do any better than 480p on the Wii.




Most netflix movies aren't HD, so how is this a problem for the Wii?


Very exciting! Wonder if the disc can be ripped to work with USB loaders.

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