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I hope they don't do that in my neck of the woods. I go to the library because the movies are free, and I can keep them a whole week. My library seems to get just about every new release though, so I can see how this would be a good idea in small communities with a limited library budget.


On the surface it seems like a good idea for the library's that have funding problems. I do think though the rentals handled through them should be different. Some of my suggestions would be:

The rental window should be 2 days for $1.00 with a week discounted to $3.00. If you keep it more than a week you automatically buy it for the full retail price and are not allowed to return it to get your money back. This would help keep people from abusing the system. Since you must use your credit or debit card Redbox can put a hold on your card for the full retail cost of the rental at the time you first get the disc.

The percentage that Redbox give to the library should be better than what they give to retail locations.


I still go to my local library for nothing but books and research materials. Going to a library to rent hot new movies seems a little silly to me.


I'm a librarian in a small community, and I contacted Redbox ages ago and heard nothing back from them.

There are no rental shops in town, but a lot of the library users are commuters, so that's a moot point because they can pick up stuff in other towns. Many of the regulars use Netflix in addition to the library.

I think this could be a great idea, because small libraries like mine often do not have funds to buy new audio/video materials (we can buy almost two hardcover books for the cost of one full-price video).

The majority of our stuff is donated, so having a service like Redbox would allow us to get people to the library for new videos, then keep them coming back for everything else we have.

Unfortunately I think Redbox will only target libraries in large cities and wouldn't bother with a small town like mine. It would be a great service to the community, but probably not enough profit to make it interesting for them.

Bob Palmieri

How can a private company -Redbox- place their machines on public property?


Redbox can place their machines on public property by having a contract with the agency that operates the library. In most cases, that would be a city or county government, but some libraries operate under different structures.

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