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I just reserved my disc. Now all we need is a DVD channel on Wii.
"Ninty" just doesn't get it. They say we don't want another dvd player. Well, you know what? I want a dvd channel, so I can have one LESS box taking up space in my media center.


Just reserved it-Thanks for the heads up!


This may be off topic - or maybe not. Yesterday I got an email from NetFlix with a questionaire about my viewing habits and my equipment. It was about Wii.

It said that if chosen for their focus group on Wii that I would get six months of NetFlix service for free. Alas I was not chosen. I think it was because I stream through a simple Roku box rather than a PS3 or some such. But I don't really know.

John Dover

Does anyone with a PS3 recall the time interval between sign ups and delivery of the first batch of discs?


It was about a month as I recall for the PS3. The early word hit in October that it would be available in November, and the first week of November I got my disc.

Going by that I expect this to be the first week or so of March. They are saying spring after all. There must be a reason to say "spring" and not "soon" or "next month".


Requested... Thanks HackingNetflix


Requested, even though I have a 360 and gold through 2k10. I'll hand it over to my fiancee though so we don't have to move the xbox quiet yet to the new digs.


Just a note, the page does not work right if you are not logged in. It just prompts you to get an e-mail when the Wii disc is available. Even if you enter your account e-mail, it won't recognize that and connect the dots. You have to go to another page and log in first.


it doesnt show anything anymore, i dont see any options to sign up for the disc, i got my ps3 disc in the first wave, but i dont see the wii one


Reserved mine the day it was announced. So excited!


I just tried and it works for me. Don't have ps3 or xbox yet but. But I have a wii. Just reserved the disc and it worked great. Must be logged in first however like above guy said.

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