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Kenny Johnson

Right now, 1 DVD unlimited -- because most of my Netflix use is instant Watch.

If I cancel cable, I may raise it up to 3.

Roku owner

Until ROKU box will actually work for those of us in rural areas with satellite ISPs it is frustrating as all get out.

Not sure what is going one since I can download huge data files (300 MB) at 300-400 kbs and up load at 250-350 kbs but streaming movies stop after 10 minutes or so.

Davis Freeberg

This probably isn't a perfect sample either, but Feedflix also tracks this information. According to the current results it breaks down to 36% for 3 at a time, 23% for 2 at a time, 32% 1 at a time and the remaining spread out between 4 - 8 at a time.



I'm on the 3-at-a-time plan, but thinking about going down to 2 discs. Having a toddler means lots of streaming for her and not much time for mom and dad to watch movies. Plus we just got Roku HD.

The thing that keeps me from changing is that it seems like the 3-disc plan is a sweet spot. Dropping to 2 only saves $3/mo. -- barely enough to pay for one Amazon movie per month. (Adding a disc would cost $7/mo.)


I've been on the 3 out plan for almost 5 years, but I dropped back to the 1 out unlimited plan this month. There is just too much content available to watch instantly now to warrant paying for more discs.


@Davis Freeberg Yeah, I was going to post a FF link as well, but I'm guessing they skew towards 3-At-A, because their opted-in users are more dedicated to Netflix, and/or seek out programs that make Netflix more useful for them. They aren't casual users.

Toffer Peak

"Not sure what is going one since I can download huge data files (300 MB) at 300-400 kbs and up load at 250-350 kbs but streaming movies stop after 10 minutes or so."

Well that's easy, the lowest bitrate that Netflix uses on Watch Instantly is 375 or 500 kbps depending on whether it is 1st or 2nd generation video.

Quite frankly 300 kbps is really slow for broadband. Just one of the costs of living in a rural area.


Luna Saisho

I would love to see a poll of how many people would be happy with a streaming only account, if you haven't done it already. :)


We split a 3-out plan between my husband and me. He mostly watching streaming and takes out music/concert/instructional DVDs and I take one TV disc (currently Bones) and one movie I want to see that he wouldn't necessarily care for. We recently watching the entire backlog of LOST together.


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I started with 1, went up to 3, and back down to 1 last year once I got my ROKU player and dumped cable.


Netflix Call Center employees view this website all the time, often getting information here before they do anywhere else... anywho, they all get 8 at a time for free... and so that is probably where most of the 30 is coming from


1 DVD unlimited; I just don't watch that many movies, and I am very selective on what I watch which keeps my queue low. :) I'd love to cancel cable & just do Netflix, Amazon (for a quick fix), and my MediaFly podcasts. But the only thing holding me back is live sports.

If Xbox strikes a deal with ESPN as alleged I may look into getting an OTA HD indoor antenna for local stuff and calling it a day!


"I would love to see a poll of how many people would be happy with a streaming only account, if you haven't done it already. :)"

I'd def be interested in this, no more than $5/month though.


There was no option for "none of the above." I've been traveling a bunch and have little time for watching so I put my account on hold. But I'm still keeping tabs on new releases and adding things to my queue now and then. I'm not sure which plan I'll go back on... probably 3... but it will also depend on my schedule at the time and how much is in my queue.


Two at a time unlimited has worked for some time now. It's the plan the fits me best. Tried 3-at a time awhle back.

John Dover

The pricing structure really does bolster the 3-at-a-time. They have it setup in a very non-linear manner. I am kinda surprised that they no longer limit the number of hours of WI that 1-at-a-time users get though or lack a streaming only option.

String Theory

I used to have the 3 out but now I'm on the 1 out/unlimited. I watch a lot of streaming content at Netflix now and so the discs had become supplements. I dropped the subscription down to 1 out and in my mind I'm paying for streaming and the DVD is a bonus. Funny how that used to be in reverse. :)


I have the 2 at a time plan. I don't really watch enough to need 3 at a time, and 1 at a time means there will be dead time when I don't have a disc.


We were on a 3 at a time plan for a very long time. We just got rid of cable and upgraded to a 5 DVD plan. For $30/month, 5 DVDs at a time and unlimited streaming is quite a bargain for us.


I am actually on the 4-out plan, but I pay the 3-out price. When I joined in the summer of 2000, the standard plan was 4-out. They changed it a few months later to 3-out, but grandfathered me in at that standard price. However, if I ever change my plan at all, I cannot go back to the 4-out at the 3-out price.

Dani in NC

When I started our NetFlix account, I think the standard was 3-out. That is what we have always had. I agree with Dennis that it seems to be a sweet spot, as there is not much of a price incentive to drop down to a lower plan. Also, once they started offering the split queue, that pretty much sealed it for us. We have a list for my husband, a list for me, and a list for the kids.


I used to be on the old 2 at a time, limited plan (4 max per month), which was perfect for me, because I'm not a heavy/frequent user. They got rid of that plan a long time ago, but I stayed grandfathered into it for quite a while. I finally switched to 3 at a time unlimited when they introduced the xbox streaming, because you needed an unlimited account to use it. I would have gone for 2 at a time, but as others have mentioned, there is very little price incentive to do so, since it is almost as much as the 3 at a time plan.


Currently 5 out at a time but I changed my plan probably 10 or 12 times since 2003. I've had as little as 2 at a time and as many as 8 at a time.


I've changed my plan dozens and dozens of times. I manipulate the pricing structure by bumping up right before my billing date (say, going from 2 out to 8 out, pro-rated for just the last 3 days of my billing cycle...I'll get 6 dics for something like 3 bucks. Then immediately take the plan back to 2 or 3 out before my billing date.)


I'm on the 8-at-a-time plan, but I kinda fear skewing the stats here -- I wonder how many of the people who reported 8-at-a-time (86 right now) are Netflix employees like me and get our plan for ... well, about as much as you'd expect :)


I am on a 3 out plan. We just got a Roku HD for Christmas, and are using that quite a bit. I've gone the last week without getting a disk. My queue is full of long or very long waits. I can't seem to get a new release now for at least 2-3 months. Even something as obscure as Orphan, which came out at the end of October is currently "long wait". The wait on Warner video will now complicate that further, but more streaming would be nice. Frankly, I've even found the live streaming to be lacking.

I would drop down to 2 disk plan, but for $3.00 savings it seems kind of silly. Honestly, if it weren't for the Roku player, I would probably drop Netflix. The throttling of the customers who use the service that they provide the most is the most ridiculous concept in business today.


Over the summer i usually bump it up to 8. But what I've always wondered is, why is 8 the maximum allowed? I'm sure some people out there would rent even 10 at a time if they had the opportunity.


4 at a time right now, but that's mainly because my internet isn't fast enough to support streaming. I'm sure they consider me a high volume user since I receive 4-6 Disc a week.


8 months of the year it's the 3 plan. 4 months (May-Aug)of the years it's the 4 plan.


eight at a time...but i'll probably be switching to the two-out soon. i love the amount of movies i get, but fifty bucks is a little expensive for me.

John Dover

@patchoulifan: I added Orphan to my queue (and then deleted it) it was listed as available Now. Out of my 80 disc queue, I usually have 1-2 listed as short wait. It has been months since it was the disc at the top of my queue. BTW I am in PA. Maybe you live in an area where everyone wants to watch exactly the same movies?

Dave Hook

2 at a time (Unlimited per month) has worked well for us.

I think it would also be interesting to see how many have signed up for Blu-Ray.


John, thanks for the reply. Perhaps that is part of the problem. I understand that there will be waits for new movies. I watch a lot of obscure and old movies, so I don't use Netflix just for new ones. The problem is that I often find myself settling for older stuff (I just watched the first discs of Mission Impossible, the TV series) BECAUSE I can't get anything new.

If I don't get a popular new movie (like Inglourious Basterds or Paranormal Activity) on the release day, I'll wait forever for them. It's crazy that I have to go to our video store for the movies I want to see the most, isn't it?

By the way, as I write this, Orphan is still "very long wait".


I spent most of my time on 3 out. But after raising prices on blu-ray, I dropped to 1 out unlimited. I'd actually consider dropping to a streaming only if they offered one with everything. Not just Starz.


I dropped yesterday from the 3 out plan, which I have had since the late 90s to the 1 unlimited plan. This was due to the Warner deal and not having any movies/TV shows in my queue that aren't on a wait. I don't really stream movies much, because I find that when I do the movies in my queue move from available now to short/long wait. I considered canceling completely or putting my account on hold. I may still do it if I can't find anything to watch on streaming.


none of the above, I have a 2 dvds per month, not unlimited. costs $7 I think. why isn't this on the list? i answered your vote, and put "1 unlimited" for lack of a more precise choice.

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I'm choosing a plan right now.. Seems that 1 DVD Unlimited and 3 DVD Unlimited have the most votes.. So which is actually better?

resume writing

I'm choosing a plan right now.. Seems that 1 DVD Unlimited and 3 DVD Unlimited have the most votes.. So which is actually better?

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