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Bob Emmerich

I always pause my videos when they first start while I'm watching on Hulu and unpause when the 4 or 5 buffer bars fill up. I think Hulu may have increased their buffer size as I used to have to also have to do this about halfway thru a 1 hour show but lately it just works.

And this is slightly more relevant than the above post which made no sense to me. I don't think I've ever had a problem w/ buffering on my PS3 though I also haven't been able to get anything HD to work in HD. Guess I have some middle speed which is great for SD but no so HD?


Bob Netflix site says you need 5MBPS speed to watch instantly in HD so you must have a speed under that



I used to watch HD @ 3.0Mbps, now I am on 6.0Mbps. HD is actually 2.6Mbps & 3.8Mbps streams, they probably say 5Mbps to cover themselves.

My PS3 plays HD on the first video, then if I watch another right after, it scales down to 480p, my Roku does not have that problem.


Is this article implying there is a way to remove the avatar and theater frame while watching in Party mode? I would watch more movies in Party mode if not for the condensed theater screen.



I'm not in front of my Xbox so I'm doing this from the top of my head, but I believe if you hit the A button on your controller a menu will pop up. One of the options is to change the screen (fullscreen, native, party, etc.)

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This article may be a must-read.. but what IS NetFix? Am I missing something important? :)

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