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From the Right

I received Hurt Locker with no wait and I'm a fairly old 3fer customer. Now I just might wait a while to watch it. ;-)

Larry Dallas

Given that everyone that uses said site is from all over the country and there is no way to no how many copies each hub has and the viewing/return rate of that area....this seems useless.


I agree with LD. I would imagine this data most likely reflects the availability at each subscribers distribution center.


I'm new to NetFlix and in first month I got all the new ones very fast usually no wait. Now in third month and have had all new dvd's languishing in que with "very long wait" including Hurt Locker. Is there any place to complain?


Welcome to Netflix Throttling!

Jeff Chambliss

To me, "throttling" is when they would delay sending you ANY movie. I have not seen that happen, maybe it did before the class action lawsuite was settled. I think most slow-downs are with the postal service.
Now, having different wait times for different customers may happen in relation to how fast your churn rate is. And they do state in their policies that they can decide who gets a copy of a movie when more people have a movie first in their queue than there are copies on hand to send.


I have 4 movies at the top of my queue with various wait statuses. They have been there for maybe a month. I just checked, and 2 of the 4 are immediately available to nearly half or more Netflix customers! Why? I thought I was the type of customer they want - 1 out unlimited, and I watch about 1 per week. I use instant watch a lot, so they are definitely making money on me.

Sock Puppet

Welcome to Netflix Throttling!

Welcome to "Read the Terms of Use" that everyone who signs up for the Netflix Service agree to when they accept their first disk!

Specifically the section under "How our Service Works" called... Allocation, Delivery and Return of Rented DVDs.

If you don't like how Netflix does it, then you always have the option to quit your service. If you don't want to quit, then you agree to accept the terms.

Jeff Chambliss

I will mention this, just because a movie at the top of your queue is on Long Wait, you might get lucky and return a disk the same day more of that title comes in that there are others who have it #1, then you would get it. That happened for me 2 weeks ago with Inglorouse Basterds. I had a return arrive to Netflix on a Saturday and was suprised when Ing Bast came up as on its way.


"1-out-unlimited who uses instant watch a lot" is not their ideal customer. Though it sounds like they aren't spending a lot on your for postage, they are paying for bandwidth and whatever rights fees the instant watch movies cost. They aren't getting much from you in terms of fees when you're on the 1-out plan.

denial is not a river in egypt

if someone at marie calendar's tried to serve me that tiny little sliver of a pie tagged with "Available Now", i'd know i was getting ripped off.

Jeffery Mcdowell

This app was real interesting. It showed how much of NETFLIX im getting for my money.. Im paying $.15 per movie and im in the 1% of people using the instatnt streaming to its full advantage. Netflix averaged out that it cost's $.15 to stream a movie in HD. I have 500 in my instant queue. Its gonna be interesting to see how long the $8.99 unlimited streaming plan will last.. Even though NETFLIX just added a little over a million new customers in the last quarter of 09.


Netflix does throttle and they no longer hide that fact. As one person posted, read the terms of use. Based on your use they have every right to favor users who rent less than a heavy user.

I'm a heavy user because I have a 3hr bus ride to/from work so as you can imagine I can crank out DVD's like no tomorrow so Netflix doesn't like me.

I've been waiting for Scarface for weeks now and according to FeedFliks is has a good "available now" rate.


the Long Wait issue seems to be a new thing. I have never had to wait for a new release until recently. if their membership has increased then the number of copies they purchased should also be increasing along with their ability to distribute the discs. i am very frustrated by this but i can imagine blockbuster being any better. besides blockbuster, redbox and the local video store, what other options are out there?


Netflix is still making a profit. Just go to Feedflix and see the stats on plans and how long people keep dvd's at home. You'll see how they make their money. This forum is full of people that like movies and use Netflix to the max but i believe that is not the regular Netflix user. The 8.99 plan is a great value to me and I will like them to keep it as it is. You will not see me complaining or trying to figure out if I am profitable to them or not. That’s not my problem. If they are going to jack up the prices, it better be because they are offering something new.


I just got off the phone with Netflix customer service. He verified that priority is given to customers on the smaller plans. The logic is if you watch fewer movies then they want to make sure you get to see the movies that you want to watch. They feel validation of this policy in the fact that they gained 1 million customer and make no efforts to hide this policy. They don't go out of their way to explain it either. I was one of those million customers & only became aware of this policy today.

I had just starting to hit my tipping point of frustration about long waits for new releases. I though if I had a long wait everyone did, so I had not pursued it. After hearing this I'm pissed.

I can't be the only person that finds Netflix decision to give priority to it's lowest paying customers over it's higher paying customers troubling. Personally I'm averaging 1.45 per DVD for the year. That's 45% more than Red Box charges.

Maybe everyone with the higher plans should drop down to the lowest plan.


To Frustrated: that explains it! the long waits started about the time i upgraded the plan. well, enough of that. i will downgrade and get movies quicker. thanks for the info.


It gets even worse. Every movie released in the last 3 months that I had in my que says "very long wait" except 1 & its "long wait". I looked them up on FeedFlix and some are 60% available. In every case even when "Very Long wait" is the smallest group that is where I'm at. I went back & looked at my use for the past year & was amazed at how few new releases I've even received. I'm talking 5 for the whole year Most times I have given up & streamed it from Amazon. I never realize how often that happened until now.
I called customer service again & found out not only is priority given to smaller plans, but also to new customers. They claimed the don't have sufficent data for the algorythm to work, so the go to the head of the line.

Both people I talked agree I was not one a the big users, but said it would be unfair that I got 12 chances a month to get a new release for someone else only got six. As the person who only got six would never get a new release without them increasing the odds. What they can't get through their heads is they've created that situation for me and others like me in the same situation.
After the second call I cancelled my account. Any other options out there?

Crazy Uncle

There are people who like movies because they're good, and then there are people who like movies because they're new. These are like the people who go to a huge buffet and then complain about the one empty dish at the table. Instead of complaining, try something else! Try a classic! You might like it! It's not like movies have expiration dates.


I'll give you guys a little bit of inside info on how Netflix works. The lower your plan, the more of a priority you have over people with more dvd's at a time. When thousands of people all want the same movie at the same time, there has to be a system in place to pick who gets priority.
The people that don't use Netflix as often as others also get higher priority.
If you think about it, this does make sense and is in an attempt to be fair.

The buffet analogy is a good one.

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