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Kenny Johnson

Will HBO make their service available on devices?

If not, then in my mind, it's not competitive. I watch Netflix on my Roku. Unless I could do the same with HBO, I'd have zero interest.

Also, can I subscribe to HBO without having a cable/sat/fios subscription?

If not, then I have zero interest.


Sounds god for existing HBO costumers.

For me to get HBO Ill have to pay over $100 to Comcast monthly plus another $40 for broadband to be able to stream HBO GO to a computer. So ill be spending over $150 a month. Today I pay $40 for broadband another $23 for cable and $11.77 for Netflix. A total of 85 dollars and still have money left over to get a Roku box for my bedroom. Netflix is still least expensive and I get to stream to my TV not a computer. In addition, who knows how good the streaming for HBO will be. I do not mind watching an old title on SD but I do like watching the new stuff on Blu-Ray that’s why Redbox was not an option for me.


800 total hours of programming isn't very much.


Probably not really a big deal unless someone is solely relying on Netflix for their entertainment.

With Comcast and Verizon as the leading people for home internet and cable, there really is nothing to gain from HBO, unless it offers its service on devices (though would you really want to watch a movie on a phone?)


If HBO is only offering the service "to HBO's...subscribers" then it's not very competitive with Netflix for people who aren't already HBO subscribers. Adding HBO to a cable package is more expensive than adding a greater-content basic Netflix subscription. And if you don't currently subscribe to cable, it's WAY more expensive than Netflix. The only place it can cut into Netflix is with existing HBO subscribers, and then only if they get their content way, way up. 800 hours is theoretically about 500 movies... and it will be far less, because HBO original series will probably make up a lot of the hours. I mean, the Sopranos is close to 100 hours right there, right? The service sounds like a nice little perk for HBO subscribers, but it doesn't sound competitive with Netflix in the least.


Apples and oranges.

You can get a Netflix sub for $8.99 per month that includes unlimited streaming and one disc at home.

How much does HBO Go cost? It has to be whatever minimum your cable or sat provider charges to get HBO. And since no one sells HBO à la carte, you're talking about at least $40/month to get HBO with your package. At the minimum.

This will only impact people with HBO and Netflix. And for those subscribers, I don't think the added value of HBO Go is going to change their mind about wanting Netflix and HBO.

Netflix isn't going to lose any customers over this.


Their analysis also assume that Netflix won't grow and won't be able to spend even more money on licensing as it gets bigger. If Netflix had 40 million subscribers, they could do something similar to what HBO does too.

Sock Puppet

Who cares what HBO does? I am not a subscriber and have never been, nor do I desire to become one.

People will do what works best for them, I like Netflix, its much cheaper, and I can deal with the limited streaming because I also get discs...


800 Hours only?

Netflix has currently over 8,000 TITLES available for streaming (according to instantwatcher.com)


Isn't Netflix already taking subscribers from HBO? I know I justified the cost of getting a Netflix subscription plan by dropping HBO. Have to be patient, but it seems Netflix offers just about everything, including HBO original programming, eventually, and for a lot less per month. How can HBO subscriptions, on line or via cable/sat tv or both, compete with that?


Cool, I can finally get HBO Go (I couldn't get it just a week or two ago). Now I can watch Episode 2 of Big Love Season 4 (since I've got Episode 3-6 sitting on my Tivo HD taking up space right now). At least I did see the Season Premiere (Ep. 1).

If I could figure out how to stream to my XBox 360, I guess that would be even cooler right now.


The title of this article should be changed to "Can HBO Compete with Netflix" it is a better value and has more to offer.


There are still millions of us who can't stream video due to lack of broadband. Besides much of HBO's exclusive content is not that valuable to me.


HBO is owned by Time Warner, HBO Go is only available to FIOS and Comcast customers at this time. WTF TW, as a subscriber to your cable service, you could at least toss a bone our way!


I am willing to bet that within a year "HBO Go" is offered for an additional ~$10 to Netflix subscribers. Its not a competition its a symbiosis.

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