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Sock Puppet

If all the players in this game would adopt the same DVD release window, and stop trying to come up with ways around it, then it would affect Redbox's revenue 0% over what it used to be.


Because everyone would be waiting the extra 28 days to rent the new releases.

As it stands they cannot maintain this buy at full retail and rent for $1 business model for very long.


Sock Puppet, Redbox is owned by Coinstar, and Coinstar is very profitable. But I guess you know more about how Redbox can't maintain their business model even though they have spread out rather rapidly (and are one of the reasons -- Netflix being the other reason -- that Blockbuster is struggling so much). And it's not like Redbox is a small part of Coinstar. Redbox accounts for approximately 75% of Coinstar's revenue. Do you think that soda and candy vending machines are unprofitable, too?

Coinstar Rakes In Green With Redbox DVD Machines



doubt the 35% figure. 10-15% seems more reasonable but perhaps even that is too high.

If redbox doesnt have the movie you want, you dont go to walmart and BUY it, you rent something else. Or try a BB kiosk.

Or get it at netflix (as many users use both)

These new release windows are much ado about nothing for most viewers.

a 4 week delay just means its "new" 4 weeks later. Once the pipeline is full, its a non-event.

Lets face it, if you have to see a movie THAT bad you see it at the theater, you dont want for its DVD release or rental release.

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