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Add me to the "I love it" category. Big factor - small and lightweight.

Especially love portability. I take it when we vacation in the US/by car. It's great to hook up to "visiting" televisions. Except when packing - you must remember the remote or you are out of luck.

This almost happened once and after freaking out - I remembered that I could just download an iPhone app.

Colin Gebhart

Love it. Remote and interface is a work of genius.

Would like to browse movies by alpha and genre too. Only other thing that would take it over the top is a UPnP channel so I could watch my MythTV recordings on it.


Love it. I watch more on the Roku than I do discs. The one thing I wish they would do is allow me to see more choices on the screen. It takes a long time to scroll through 500 choices. If I could see twenty smaller movie icons on the screen, perhaps?


I had a Roku --

When I discovered it didn't do closed captioning, I gave it away as a Christmas present. But in fairness, neither does Amazon or Blockbuster.

I later closed the Netflix account, since the instant watch is useless without captioning for us deaf/hard-of-hearing folks.


John Berry

I love my roku. I have basic internet speed which means nothing to roku, because I get top quality picture and sound from netflix to my roku player. I love roku so much I have 3. The channel option to view other channels what roku has to offer was a great idea. It would be awesome if roku had youtube or hulu for their next channel, but right now its all awesome. Thanks Roku :)


Love it, but just had to send it back because the power supply crapped out. I'm going through withdrawal!

The Pandora channel is wonderful since we have our TV hooked up to our home stereo already. Also love being able to rent videos from Amazon right from the couch!


It's okay.

Wish it had LOLOMO. =(

Miss Information

Love it - but power supply finally died after 1.5 years. I replaced with a 3rd party power supply - hopefully new power supply will last longer.

Would love to have the PS3/XBOX Browse Movies GUI on the Roku so I wouldn't have to always go to another computer and mess with my movie queue!

Rebuffers a pain. Why can't it work like PS3? PS3 never seems to rebuffer! (But I like Roku better - no disc!)


The only knocks I can have on it is that navigating the queue could be easier and that they need a lot more channels. And functionality to easily stream media from my PC.

Then it would be perfect.


It is by far one of the best devices i have ever owned. Value, ease of use and picture quality are top notch. All that entertainment from such a small box..simply amazing! Kudos Roku!


Enjoy it very much.

1. Lack of off switch not a huge deal w/me, but I have to re-boot it everytime I turn off my TV. If I turn the TV back on, all I get is a green screen for the Roku box. If I unplug and replug the HDMI cable it re-boots Maybe I've connected it incorrectly? Samsung LCD w/HDMI cable.
2. My wife would love sub-titles. She is mostly deaf.


My Roku's wifi crapped out, so I've had to reshuffle things so that the Roku is at the TV near the router. Given the number of people that have had this same problem, I'm not sure it's worth a purchase given the number of other devices that have Netflix built-in.


Love it. Also had to replace a power supply though. Netflix content improves all the time. Pandora is great. I don't use Amazon as I still get Netflix Blu-rays in the mail and use AppleTV for spur of the moment rentals as they have full 5.1 surround on most releases.

Final taxi

Roku has been a blessing in my house.
My daughter is terminally ill and bed-ridden. She watches the Roku 90% of the day because she can not sleep due to pain.
Because she has always been a movie person she loves the player. She can choose any movie she wants to watch and if her taste chance she can stop and watch another.
If she falls asleep due to the drugs she takes she can go back and watch what she missed.

She even puts things on her list that we own a DVD of because she does not have to go find it and put it in the player.

Roku has made the last days of my daughter's life a little brighter.

Thank you Netflix and Roku.


I love love love my roku. Love amazon, pandora, twit... Of course the netflix has the lion's share of the love. I'd love to see youtube or hulu. Maybe even access to cartoonnetwork's streams.


I have had Roku since 7/09 and really liked it for the first two months then I realized how limited it is. I wish I could stream music and other websites to/through this box. The same people who make the Soundbridge (a music streamer) makes the Roku and why they didn't incorporate the other streaming capability is confusing. I was going to buy another Roku but now there are other machines out that will let you stream any website like O!Play by Asus and of course Western Digital makes some units. I am waiting for more to hit the market at reasonable price with better reviews. Roku has added some other sites to their line up for more monthly dues or they are pretty fringe/limited sites that many including myself have no interest in. Too little too late. Roku has positioned itself as a mini cable company with little content to provide and the irony here is that so many folks left the over priced cable tv to come to Netflix and the last thing they wanted to do is hook up with is another cable company want to be like Roku. I have a new top of the line HP desktop and still I am not able to stream as well as the Roku. I am wondering if there is a program that will allow me to stream like Roku from my computer.


I love the Roku Box as well. We use the streaming Netflix and Pandora. The other channels are pretty wack, buffering for 10 seconds to watch a 30 second clip.

Biggest suggestion?

Allow us to set up folders for Netflix Instant view so I can put all the children's shows in one, documentaries in another etc.

Mark from CA

1.5 years of use it is a Awesome machine...Netflix, Revision 3, Twit,Amazon, Pandora, mediafly, flickr, and Facebook channels plus others being added I am saving 80 a month by canceling cable. I have almost 200 watchnow movies/shows/documentaries/cartoons queued up right now.

Roku works flawlessly for me, I have two.

Ed Greenberg

We love our Roku. Unfortunately, we're cancelling Netflix as we are full time RVers and won't have (a) frequent enough mail service and (b) broadband.


I absolutely LOVE my Roku box!
We don't have cable, or any "tv" channels... we ONLY watch DVDs and streaming Netflix. No more commercials for us, no more commercials influencing my kids to beg me for something. :)

I think the "rewind" and "forward" feature is great, much better than online, bc you can get a visual of the scene so it's easier to choose where to stop.

The only thing I don't like is the instant queue setup.
With so many members in our family with different tastes, we can easily have 150+ movies on our instant queue. If my favorite is around the 80 mark and my kids just watched something in the top 10, I have to scroll through some 70 shows to get to where I want it. If they could improve that feature, that would be AWESOME! (like maybe showing a grid with 3-4 rows so you can scroll both down and across).

I agree that adding Youtube would be a definite plus.

But I suppose it would be wishful thinking to be able to stream ABC, NBC, CBS videos (shows that are available on their websites).

Lastly, it would be a big help if the streaming videos could somehow be used with the ClearPlay system (where you can filter out language, nudity etc on the ClearPlay DVD player)


It has been a great purchase. Now that my PS3 can stream movies I find that I watch movies on it more often than I do the Roku because I will notice stuttering in the video (or dropped frames) that I don't see on the PS3. Too bad because I like the Roku so much. Roku works well for HD or animation, but the PS3 will do a better job with TV shows and movies in SD.

Dr. T

I have ROKU box (HD) and Sony Bravia with internet features (and Netflix). The Sony TV has Youtube and some other channels that are NOT in the ROKU channel list. I'd like at least to have Youtube (and saved searches like on my SONY TV).

Hope Roku adds Youtube at least, and Hulu (not on Roku or Sony just yet).


We bought a Roku player in the fall and loved it so much we canceled our cable service in January.

I assume there's more to come, but it'd be nice if they added HULU and streamed movies with closed-captioning.


In my opinion, the Roku is the best home entertainment device since the DVD player. Simply an outstanding piece of hardware. I also canceled cable and have a Roku attached every TV in my house. I would love to see Hulu and more sports packages, but I really can't complain that much.


I just want an internet browser on my Roku. From there, I'd be able to access any network's website to watch their new shows, Hulu, and of course, Netflix for adding new content to my queue.


I purchased 2 Rokus for both our hi def LCD tvs. My husband wasn't sure they were that special till I got him the subscription to MLB. Now he is in love with them! I do wish they could add an on/off switch, Hulu, Fancast, and the ability to search and add queues. The searching would also come in handy when you want to watch one title without scrolling through your whole queue. I realize I could just do this from my laptop prior to watching though. Streaming 1080p will be awesome whenever that happens although I think many titles look great right now.


I love my roku player but had a problem with it for the first week that I had it. I found that it was crashing my wireless router. I had a linksys wireless G router and everytime I used my Roku, the router would stop working and I would have to unplug the router and my cable modem. Needless to say, I had to go out and buy a wireless N router. Not too big a deal, because the router was old and I needed a new one anyway, but according to the roku website, my wireless G router was SUPPOSED to be compatible. Oh well, the thing is working great now and I use it all the time.


Really like it and would love if they added hulu & HBO Go.


i want them to have parental control for kids and maybe a icon of movies, shows, drama , comedy, kids and family just like how ps3 did but for ruko is easy and fast and safe for anyone to watch. maybe new design for movies. making movies going up then left and right or right to left. new free channels. hd youtube


We love our Roku. Wish list is as follows:

1. On/Off switch
2. A way to stream to other tv sets in the house.
3. Hulu, You Tube, etc.
4. Make it programmable (like a VCR).
5. Better remote functions.
6. Better NetFlix organizing
7. More archived news programs on NewsCaster.
8. More instant selection on NetFlix.

Love RadioTime!

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