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i LOVE my roku.

i find that i am much more willing to add any old crap movie to my player too - because i don't have to wait for a dvd to be mailed out and find i don't like the movie.

plus i use it a lot now to play pandora radio.


Fun fact. When playing a movie it uses 5 watts of power. When not playing a movie. It uses 2 watts.

So it saves you on energy.


I do love mine, and all the new channels are really cool. However, I do wish I could turn it off. I've had to send it back because the power supply crapped out. This happened like a week before the new channels came out, and the box that broke I ordered the day they were announced.


I love mine too. I want a bigger selection from Netflix, and network streaming though.

Wm Cushing

Love it!


I love mine too.

I just wish that it did not have to rebuffer the whole stream if you rewind a couple of seconds. (Some DVD players have a quick rewind button that goes back 5-10 seconds if you just missed something. I wish the Roku could handle that without having a spaz.)


Yeah - it's been pretty much a perfect device.

I wish you could search through your cue a little easier and add movies through the Roku.

And I REALLY wish the premium cable channels would add channels to the Roku - though that's a pretty big wish, I know.

But in terms of watching movies, it's been amazing. I think the picture quality and sound quality would surprise most people who haven't seen it.


I think it's a very good value. We dropped our satellite service and got this instead. Except for sports, I'd say this substitutes pretty well for cable/satellite! It still feels like we have those services because the experience is not all that different from a DVR.


Love my Roku. Use it in my bedroom instead of having another cable box. Use it mostly for Netflix 90% of the time. Will rent of Amazon from time to time and one 2 movies and a few tv episodes for 5% of my viewing. Use Pandora to fall asleep sometimes for 3%. Use Mediafly to catch some news podcasts but they never seem to play all the way for 1% of viewing. Have all the other channels but almost never use them. I wish mediafly worked better at streaming.

The device is a great deal my only issue is Netflix mostly. They are getting more content but it's still lacking. Since I have it in my bedroom I watch 1 hour television dramas mostly. I've now seen every available Law & Order SVU and CI at least 3 times. Same with Doctor Who and Torchwood. I really enjoyed last year when CBS has current episodes a day or two later. Wish that was still an option. Even a week or two later would be nice. Would like maybe more sampling of television. But that is pretty much a content issue. The player is perfect thinking of buying another for the other room.


Put me on the "I love it" list. My Roku wish list is short.

1. Add a Hulu channel
2. Have an off switch so it does not use power when I am not using it.


Love my roku. Wish they'd add youtube and Hulu. Mark me as one not worried about turning it off. 2 watts doesn't make a difference.


I loved my first one so much, I bought a second one for upstairs. Pandora is a nice side benefit, but not reason enough for me to buy the device. Amazon is used sparingly. Revision3 and TwitTV are nice diversions.

Things that'd I'd change, that I could see happening? Searching/adding to netflix queue from the Roku. Streaming of local content apparently is being looked at for a future firmware update.

Things that I'd like but probably won't ever happen: Hulu Channel. Hulu's fight with Boxee pretty much indicates that Roku Channel won't be coming, no matter how cool it would be.

Awesome little box.


I'm really enjoying my Roku video player as well. I've had a long "watch instantly" queue ever since a Mac-compatible version was released. But now that I can easily watch on my TV, I'm finding I'm going through the queue much more quickly. I love that Netflix allows me to switch between watching on the Roku and my computer without losing my place in the movie.

My next step is to buy another power supply, so moving the box from one TV to another is just a matter of unplugging two cables from the back, carrying it upstairs, then re-plugging two cables.

Regarding the power consumption: Roku's own specs are 6 watts peak, 4 watts standby. Reviewers have found, however, that there isn't much economy in standby, getting results like 7 watts when streaming and 6 when inactive. Not a power hog by any means, but it seems they could do better considering my HDTV draws 0.6 watts in standby.

I'm not getting my hopes up about additional channels. I'm seeing a lot of frustration and impatience on the forums regarding new content, but the way I see it, the Roku box does everything they told me it would when I bought it -- anything else is icing.


Love it.

The ONE station that would completely rid me of my cable box is NBA League Pass. I know they have MLB, and the NBA has LP Broadband, so I know they can stream it.

Also, Hulu, of course, would be very cool.



I've got 2


I love my ROKU.

We don't have cable or satelite, so it is just about all we watch. I enjoy Pandora on Roku, but none of the other channels appeal to me.


Folders, so I can search through the items faster (I have over 250 on my instant watch que. An interface like the one on Xbox would be great!

The ability to add movies from the ROKU.
Off switch.



BTW…if you ever lose your Roku remote you can get a iphone app to replace it. There are several of them…free to $2.99.

I do wish the Roku had more content but without question this is the replacement for the cable box at some point. If I could see the NFL and MMA on my Roku cable would be gone.


I like the idea that it's pretty cheap, apparently easy to use, etc, but it seems so one-dimensional / single-use. That's what's kept me from buying it. I don't want just Netflix on my TV, I want to stream content from elsewhere (video files I have on my computer, as well as youtube, Hulu, etc). So I guess Roku isn't really for me at all, is it? :)


I love my Roku! The only things I want them to add is NHL GameCenter Live, and the networks streams (not necessarily Hulu, but work out deals with some networks even on a pay per channel basis). I have the Roku in my living room with our big TV, and we have an LG Blu-ray player with Netflix streaming in the bedroom.


@ snark_nerd

I wouldn’t call it one dimensional use. Perhaps it was at first but its ever expanding and they keep adding channels to it. Its changed so much in the 10 months I’ve had it. Probably the most useful channels right now are Netflix, amazon.com (streaming movies) and Pandora.


It's great, I bought mine when they first came out. I also have a PS3 and XBox. Out of the three we use the Roku the most. The PS3 works good too, but you have to use a disk. The XBox requires Live Gold, $$$ for Microsoft for a service included with your Netflix account and is free on all other streaming devices.

Kenny Johnson

Love it.

Record Store Geek

My wife and I really enjoy our Roku. I like the price and feature set and she simply like how easy it is to use.

My only wishlist items are:
* Fix the power supply issue. I like many had mine stop working in less than a year's time.
* Allow me to browse my Netflix queue by genre and/or in alphabetical order. It would make the list much easier to navigate.
* Add more channels - keep up with Boxee.


I love my Roku. Thanks to Roku and Netflix, I've canceled cable and have access to more movies and TV programs than I did with cable, for < 1/3rd the price.


I love it. Would love it more if they added Hulu


I have a Roku HD and a Roku HDxr. Both have worked wonderfully. I consistently get the highest quality streams.

It always feels good to move titles from my DVD queue over to my Instant Watch queue as they become available, and I have been surprised at how often I get to do this. There is a wealth of Documentary, Indie, and Foreign content that helps keep my IW queue over 400 titles.

My gripe is the absence of sort/filter options in the interface. With such a large queue, I would LOVE a feature like this.

One more thing. The contributors to the Roku forum are fantastic. I visit regularly and often learn something new about this great little device. I am quite positive that if one of my boxes acts up, I will get thorough and educated consideration from that great community.


I got a Roku for my parents for Christmas, they love it, but I found my only complaint to be the lack of search for Netflix. I stream through my X-Box and I can search the Netflix streaming Library, but I cannot do that on the Roku. It's a small complaint that I hope they improve. Other than that it works great.


I love mine as well. I use it for Netflix and Pandora. Improvements--I too would like Hulu and ability to turn it off


Love mine, own two, the second one purchased when they announced the improved device, and the "older" one which still received the awesome firmware update, moved to the living room, for guest use.

Wishlist? More channels/content, but only if they can stream the good quality. Initially Revision3 was web-quality, then within a week or two almost all their offerings were HD quality shows.

Hulu would be awesome, but I do find that the quality between providers vary widely, and I'm willing to wait until it's consistent, and just watch it via my HTPC.

Robert Marks

Love my ROKU
Only two things need to happen:
2. Be able to turn the thing off!


We like it, but not in love with it. Mostly use Netflix. I wish they would improve the Netflix interface, including separate queues (like kids vs. parents), parental controls, search and other features.

More importantly, I wish they would improve the pause, rewind and FF buffering.

Our "boxes" include the Roku (1) and Tivo (2).

So far, the new channels have little interest for us. Pandora is an interesting addition and look forward to testing SmugMug. But blech for all of the podcast, Internet TV wannabees.

Please add a local server.


Love, love, LOVE our Roku!

Would like to see...
1) an "off" function
2) more channels (streams for BBC News and FoxNews ideally)
3) browse by category function for Netflix

Rob Hood

I love it! It's easy to use! I hope they add channels for You tube and Hulu!

Jan Studebaker

I love my Roku Player, and generally watch it rather than the 200 or so DirecTV channels that I also have; I generally stream Netflix on my Roku rather than watch the other channels that are currently available vis Roku. Amazon Video is a great channel, but I already have Pay-for-View through DirecTV and don't use it due to the cost; I do use Amazon on occasion however. The feature that I like the most is the ability to turn the program on or off whenever I like (like a DVD). The feature that I find most distressing is the generally poor audio sound (distorted mid-frequencies), coupled with the lack of encryption uniformity in general; the video encryption varies from excellent to poor depending on the program being watched. I would love to have Hulu added to the channel line-up, assuming that they keep some of their better programs in the free category (they are starting to charge for content). I am also hoping for an option to allow streaming directly from my computer; they have been working on that for some time. Overall, Roku is incredible, and I recommend it to all my friends who have 3Mbs/sec Internet access or faster.

Jan Studebaker

I power down virtually all of my electronics when I go to sleep or leave my home, because I live in a high lightning area in the mountains. I use X-10 relays and controllers on my electronics (and lights and small heaters) to cut down on lightning damage; it saves electricity as well as equipment, but requires some items to reboot and reconnect to the Internet. I also use uninterpretable power supplies on my computers with the X-10 switches also installed. I haven't lost any devices, accept for 2 floor heaters and a number of X-10 switches, since the installation many years ago; before that, I lost almost every piece of electronics twice. I also use surge protectors on everything, but they are not enough when used alone.


I love my Roku, in fact the whole family loves the Roku. I also add a lot of movies to my instant queue that I would never get in the mail. Pandora music has beena big hit and I like motionbox to view home videos on the big screen. The picture quality is excellent as well.


The Netflix UI on Roku is outdated.


It is simple and it works.


I love my Roku, got it for Christmas this year. I do wish I could browse and add movies from the Netflix catalog from the actual catalog.


Put me in the "LOVE IT!" column.
Netflix, Pandora, and Amazon OD are great!! TwitTV, Mediafly, Amazon OD, is definitley just more greatness.
Of course adding YouTube and Hulu would be mind blowing, a vast improvement would be to have OTA improvements to the UI w/ better search capabilities in all channels (450 on Netflix) and the ability to add movies to my queue would just be outstanding. Bought it w/ expectations of only Netflix and it just keeps getting better.
Oh, NHL and UFL (yeah I said UFL) additions would be fabulous also.

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