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La Viro

Mostly via my HTPC (Vista Media Center), which had stopped streaming for a while but a recent re-install fixed it.


This poll left me dissatisfied. I stream Netflix on my computer that is connected to my TV (i.e. a HTPC). I feel that this is an important demographic that is very different than simply watching on your laptop or PC, because Netflix does not support HD streaming on the PC... which is a serious gap in HTPC setups.

Maybe a second poll is in order for users who stream on their computer and whether or not they stream to an HD source? :-)


I agree. I stream to a laptop, which is connected to a big screen TV. In addition, I can watch anything that is streamed on the TV without any additional special boxes, etc.


Well, the laptop is a special box...that costs more than most of the other special boxes.


i actually use Tivo which isn't included in the poll


Mostly I use my Tivo HD, which wasn't an option.


I stream to our Roku, which we then pipe to the rest of the house.

Bob Emmerich

Count me in with the "laptop hooked up to the tv" crowd. It's a couple of years old and lately on the road I've been making due with my netbook so it's sort of permanently connected but I do use it for other things as well - mostly DVD burning and Hulu.


My pc is hooked up to my tv. So I use Windows 7 media center to stream netflix on my TV.


Roku and TiVo HD


Add Tivo as an option please.


I stream on the PS3.

I had pretty much given up on streaming altogether after the quality of PC streaming took a dive when silverlight was introduced.

but now that i have my PS3, streaming is great & i won't have to ever vist the video store if i am without a disc for a weekend.


@zach People buy laptops for other reasons than to stream Netflix so for those that bought laptops for a variety of things, it is cheaper for them not to buy a set top box.

Paul S

Tivo, where is the option??


TiVo, if it displays properly. Sometimes it won’t do widescreen, though and then I switch to the 360. The PS3 is quieter, but I don;t feel like digging out the disc. And sometime using Plex on the bedroom media computer.


Now the PS3

Moved the Roku onto the spare TV, cut the cable box out of that room. Overall saving money.


tivo +1


I use a Windows XP HTPC connected directly to 62inch HDTV. It also runs SageTV so no need for a Tivo or monthly subscription. Please oh please Netflix give me some HD, Streaming is way to blocky on a my TV!

Dani in NC

I use Roku 99% of the time. Every once in a while I watching something at work on my desktop. I'm looking forward to getting Netflix streaming on my Wii, so that the kids can watch movies downstairs.


I watch on my laptop now but I can't wait to get a Insignia DVD player to stream to my TV.




90% tivohd, 9% xbox, 1% laptop


tivo +1


I have a LG 47lh50 TV
Streams straight to my TV.


I don't use the streaming because closed captioning is not available on it. I actually returned my netgear eva box because of this. will consider purchasing another when and if closed caption EVER works with it.

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