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Colin F

It never will be. If I can't purchase a subscription to HBOGo.com without having pay for a cable subscription the site is pointless same with EpixHD.com. If they untether the cable subscriptions then we can talk about it being a Netflix killer.


I agree Colin. In addition, I can get all but the current seasons of HBO programming from Netflix. I'm currently using a Free 1-Month, 3-out promo trial with Blockbuster to watch The Wire.

It's quite simple. No one gives me more for my entertainment dollar than Netflix. Until that changes, no one will be able to seriously hurt Netflix, let alone kill it. (Barring Netflix itself does something to screw the whole thing.)


Not that long ago I took a poll with Netflix that asked me if I was interested in paying an additional fee to watch HBO shows, my immediate response was no. Fast forward to this week and HBO Go is launched. HBO Go by itself makes no sense. It is a lot of work for very little return. HBO has no real billing department and nothing set up to collect individual fees from individual users. They produce and distribute content through a middle man. In the current model that is satellite and cable tv. Using economies of scale it’s much cheaper for most content producers to collect money from a central aggregator who is in the business of collecting money; Comcast, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, ect.
Where I am going with this is that I believe HBO Go will be offered by Netflix at an additional cost comparable to what someone currently pays to the cable companies. Netflix with their 12 million subscribers will be the billing agent for HBO. If things are allowed to play out without interference from big cable, Netflix will be one of a group of new companies that take the place of the current cable company. Channels currently aggregate content, cable currently aggregates channels. Netflix aggregates the content thereby eliminating the need for channels.
The future I see is free of the current cable channel model and consists mostly of OTA TV and on demand either through point of purchase(Amazon) or subscription(Netflix). The OTA TV is FAR more valuable in the future than it is today since airwave bandwidth is limited. There is a lot of money out there trying to make sure this doesn’t happen.


Didn't Reed Hastings say that he wanted to work with premium cable channels to offer their services on netflix, similar to starz, not compete with them?

Edward R Murrow

What if HBO goes the route of Warners? But rather than imposing a window on DVD's, HBO imposes a window for streaming? HBO could limit their content to HBO Go for streaming for the 1st 30 days that the content is available. This could potentially allow HBO to capture a higher portion of the revenue stream generated by their content.

I'm not saying it's a good or bad idea - it's a possibility based on the precedence that Warners has set.


How does this help HBO? If only people who subscribe to the TV service can watch the online service I don't see how it matters if it is delayed or simultaneously broadcast. The only way HBO go has any value is to market it outside of the current pay TV model to customers that currently don't have HBO. If they offer it directly to customers they are competing against their cable partners which is bad business. If they can market it to another aggregator like Netflix, they migrate their current business model a new delivery system.


Just went to their web site to access it for the first time... and it's currently available (at least for free) to subscribers only through Comcast or Fios. Since I'm on Time Warner it won't be competing with Netflix any time soon.


Racket, this helps HBO because they are competing against EpixHD. EpixHD, which just came out a few months ago (and is basically a Pay Movie Channel like Encore or The Movie Channel), I believe, allows you to watch their content on a computer.

Personally I am glad that this is available now because I have Episodes 3 through 6 of Season 3 sitting on my TivoHD. I watched the Season Premier but missed the second Episode because it got deleted (32 hours of High-Definition programming is not quite enough for me -- especially since I worked somewhere between 200 and 300 hours in January). Now I will catch Episode 2 of Season 3 on my laptop (or stream it through my XBox 360 with the PlayOn software I purchased when it was on sale for less than it's current asking price of $40 -- I believe it was either $20 or $30, and it did go down another $10 from the price point I purchased it, I believe, which was a little frustrating since I hadn't used it once it went on its "Super Sale" as opposed to "Slightly Sless Super Sale" Price I bought it for).


Oh, yeah, and I forgot to mention that I don't have Video On Demand because the TivoHD has Cable Cards. I'm not even sure if Tru2Way worked it would actually help me because I'm on FiOS, and Verizon's Video On Demand is delivered by IP.


netflix needs to remove some streaming titles for good. we are in 2010 we wants some good titles. one remove 40's 50's and 60s movies off and also gay movies and other titles that no one will click or watch go with the review

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