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Wikipedia says that "its software is mostly open source, running on linux."

Hopefully more linux support is on the way.


That thing looks pretty sweet for a penny under $200. I already need a new alarm clock, but this would do so much more. I could see this being really handy pulling up recipes in the kitchen, too.


Too bad it only works when plugged into a wall outlet.


It runs on the Chumby OS which has hundreds of apps.

It seems like a really sweet device but it only works when plugged in???? Ouch.


My lady would adore this little box. I detest little screens, but that doesn't have anything to do with my initial point.


7" isn't that small.


For example, it's perfectly adequate for portable DVD players...

Jason Shanker

I played with this at CES and was pretty excited until they got to the plugged in part. I thought the Sony guy was joking at first. The device would be perfect for taking from your nightstand tot he breakfast table and checking some news/email/etc. I can't imagine why they didn't slap a little battery onto it.

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