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This is great news for us consumers. The 800lb gorilla known as Walmart has committed itself to streaming over the internet. Thats a heavy hitter in the Apple/TV, Amazon, Netflix camp against the evil cable monopoly.


i think they are gonna compete with Amazon, not netflix... i dont know how they can compare their biz model with netflix's "all-you-can-eat" style...

lets see... rent one movie in SD for $3 or stream it 100 times in a row on netflix...

regular DVDs are still not going anywhere for a while...


I am with Andy on this one. Thats a problem for Amazon and Apple.


This is less Walmart commiting itself to streaming over the internet than it is a kneejerk reaction to declining and wanting to grab a piece of the Digital Pie (and not get left behind). I think Vudu will eventually get sold by Wal*Mart. The service is supposed to be great, but other than a bunch of techno geeks hardly anyone has even heard of Vudu AFAIK. Amazon Unbox is largely unknown to the general public, though. Several mainstream have heard of Netflix WatchNow, but iTunes is truly the most mainstream (well them and Hulu). YouTube has brand recognition, too, and they want to get into the movie digital distribution business. And don't bet against Google (who owns YouTube). Google has basicly taken the steal ebooks or tv shows/movies (or allow your users to do it), then pay a measly fee (in the millions of dollars for copyrighted literary works which sounds like a lot but is probably like $5 per book).


I also see this as competition for Amazon and Apple and less for Netflix. Its a huge pie that has huge potential for growth for all the players in the short medium term as long as big cable is not allowed to install metered service. The current battle is content aggregators(netflix, amazon, ect) versus channel aggregators (Comcast Time Warner Cable ect.)

I don't need 500 cable channels, According to Nielson I only watch 17. So I only need 17 good channels and all other programming comes on demand. Channels cost money to run, money better spent on pure content.


Looks like the AVN channel got removed as predicted.


The only way this service can truly compete with Netflix is if they offer their customers a monthly streaming subscription plan. If you have to pay to stream on a per movie basis, then it's not really that competitive.

I would go to Amazon Video On Demand, Jaman, Hulu, YouTube etc.. to stream a movie--or have the movie shipped from Netflix if it's not available instantly-- before I would go to Walmart. Yuck.

Also, their streaming player better be good. Netflix's Silverlight player used to suck, but it's come a long way. Silverlight as it stands today is one of the best streaming players on the web.


If you want to rent or buy Tiger's Got Wood, you better do it fast because Wal*Mart has already announced that they are diligently working to cleanse Vudu of all of its pornographic material pronto.

English is hard

it is more of a compliment to Netflix streaming

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T. Ward

What happens to all those people who bought VuDu BX100, XL's will they still be able to Download 1080p movie's??????

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