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Luna Saisho

Honestly, I'm happiest streaming through my Xbox... Especially since getting a Harmony remote, which makes the whole experience a lot nicer. ^_^


I wish Netflix supported streaming video on Firefox. Currently they support streaming on a PC only via Silverlight on Internet Explorer.


Because I run Linux as my primary operating system, and right now I am excluded from something I am already paying for. I am guessing that's the reason for all signers, too.


I have to boot into windows to watch Netflix movies. They play well through Firefox on WinXP. But I'd rather be able to stay in my linux boot and work on my projects while watching a movie.


I'm thinking 3,600 out of 12 million doesn't equal a very big percentage.


I use my xbox 360, but I'd prefer to be able to use my iphone

Rob Hood

In answer to Phelps. I stream Netflixon Firefox/ It works perfectly well for me!


I voted for Windows, OS X, and Linux. I currently only use the first two in that listed, but I have used Linux as my primary OS in the past. I think it's important to build a culture in which we expect products to be somewhat agnostic of the OS they work with.

With that said, I don't want Netflix to
sacrifice the experience of the majority simply to satisfy a small minority of their customers. Specifically, if supporting Linux meant to switch to an inferior streaming video platform (like Flash) then I am very much against such a change. If they can find a way to include more platforms while providing better or unchanged performance then I think it's worth it.

Last I checked Watch Instantly didn't work in Google Chrome on any platform or Safari on Windows. They would probably be better served to fix those issues first. I think the real problem here is with their platform partner, Microsoft, who is notoriously anti-competitive when it comes to support for other vendors' products.


Hackingnetflix's streaming allegation about Mac compatability is horribly wrong.

Hundreds of thousands of Macs *CANNOT* access via starlight, since starlight forbids all non-Intel based processors.

Darned intellectual property ghouls strike again.

The twan

I use my roku more the my pc...

name is required

i primarily stream through my samsung blu ray player but i've been thinking about building a mythtv machine again and being able to stream netflix on it as well would be pretty great.


While steaming on a Linux desktop PC is a small market, I think the ability to stream on Linux would lead to an even larger explosion in devices and applications. MythTV, Boxee, and XMBC are just the tip of the iceberg.


i stream through my Vista PC with google chrome perfectly, PS3, and soon Wii


What Phillip said. My Windows crashed in October, and the machine would no longer run unless I switched to Linux, and then I was excluded from running a service I pay for. Kind of ridiculous, really.

Mr Nethead

Well I'm excluded from using watch instantly because they don't support captions yet. :/

I don't really look at it as something I pay for though. Since Netflix never raised their rates after giving us the ability to watch instantly, it's really more of a free bonus. :)


I had to get a Roku to watch since I am on Linux; my hardware is too old to actually run Windows. I have tried using WINE without success. Love the Roku tho.

William Patrick Wend

I would love to watch in Netflix, but until then I use my PS3. Before that I had to boot into Windows to watch via "Watch Now." I am very glad I don't have to anymore.


You don't have a box for:

None of The Above

I gave up trying to get Netflix working satisfactorily on a computer years ago. Rokus and PS3s are on all my TVs...

Hunter McDaniel

I voted for Linux - it would be nice to have WatchNow integrated into my MythTV setup.

Chances of this actually happening are slim to none though, IMHO.

No big deal, my Roku works fine.


A Linux version would be nice just because while Windows generally only runs on PCs, you can install a Linux distro on all sorts of crazy hardware, including lots of stuff that can function as a set-top box for a lot cheaper than a dedicated HTPC.

It doesn't make a huge difference to me since I have an Xbox 360, and pretty soon it will make even less difference because who DOESN'T have a Wii by this point? (And Lord knows we need a reason to actually use those things again.) But it would still be nice.

Sock Puppet

*Ducks and Covers*

...there are more than 3,600 signatures on a petition requesting Linux support for Netflix streaming...

Sure, but how many of those are the same person signing multiple times with different names?

Even if we assume 3600 unique actual subscribers to the Mail DVD Rental Service (that is still all most of us are paying for.) That would be.... (Drumroll Please...)

.03% (3 hundreths of 1%) of the current subscriber base, which leaves 99.97% who either did not sign it, or who dont care.

*Covers and Ducks*

...right now I am excluded from something I am already paying for...

No you are not, you are paying for an at home DVD rental service, that offers in addition and free of charge, the ability to stream some movies on "devices capable" of streaming Netflix content.

Its not Netflix fault that you do not have a device that is capable of streaming instant watch, and they dont charge extra for it anyway, so you are not out any money.


Netflix Streaming should be viewable on any and all platforms, the fewer barriers to entry the better. I'm planning on building a home theater PC with Boxee using Ubuntu, I'd love to be able to play Neflix on that system.

Mr. Kevin

Like CJay said, it would be great to be able to use the feature on my non-Intel Mac.

Christian R. Ford

Netflix with Boxee all the way on Windows 7.

Although the native Windows Media Center application isn't bad I perfer Boxee's control (www.boxee.tv).

Lastly I recieved the Netflix disk for my Wii recently and I do like that alot now, the fast forward - rewind pause etc are by far better, but NO interface really has a great browsing feature like the orginal website. Also if you are a Wii user, it's nice to load the disk to a USB device so you can just browse and hit play rather then having to put the disk in. (http://gwht.wikidot.com/usb-loader) <-- how to

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