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Will Dearborn

Yeah getting tons of Long Waits and Very Long Waits lately. With the $4 fee for Blu-ray and having to wait 30 days for Warner titles, I'm starting to get very annoyed with Netflix, something that hasn't happened ever before.


I have 42 movies in my queue, all currently marked available "Now". However, none of them are new releases, so I'm not sure how much my data point matters.

Pear Head

You've never been to a video store that was out of a particular new release?


I have 242 in my Queue, 15 which show a 'wait' status...which is about 6%.

By the way, I have 250 in my Instant Watch Queue...no waiting, just instant gratification :-)


We currently have about 20 movies on "long wait" and "very long wait." It has been getting worse of late, however, I have plenty of other movies in the list that I can watch in the interim. Nonetheless hopefully they increase their dvd/bluray quantity such that we can all get new releases in a decent time.


I have 500 movies in my queue.
Normally I have zero waits (or waits so far down that they're no longer waits by the time they bubble up).
Recently, I got the 1st 8 titles in a "Wait" state. All of a sudden, 2-3 of those movies started to ship.

Not all of my waits are new movies. Many are out-of-print titles that Netflix has and then I assume break (lost or cracked discs).
In addition to streaming I wish Netflix would make a deal where they could print their own copies of DVDs.

Corso Family

I have been waiting for several movies for close to 2 months now. When I called Netflix the rep told me their forte wasn't didtributing new releases since if they bought too many copies. then what would they do with them afterwards.

This is my third time I became a member of NetFlix, and I'm about to quit for the same reason...unreasonably long waits for new releases.

Corso Family

When I asked the NetFlix rep why they didn't have a place on their own website to complain about long wits, she referred me to "hacking NetFlix". She indicated that NetFlix watches this website closely.

Absurd...if they really cared about the customer they should creat a comments section on their website, and not depend on "watching" another site


14 out of 38, pretty much a third.


i have 78 movies in my queue. 20 of which are waited. thats nearly 25%! it is quite frustrating.


Yeah.....Right.......If that was the case, the Netflix site would be better....

We'd have Instant Queues on additional profiles, parental controls for parents.....ETC, ETC.

Closely my butt.

Eddie Huo

ORDER MORE DVD and sell your used dvd like you use to!


For just bluray

53 total
4 - VLW
10 - LW
4 - SW

Overall wait percentage - 34%


Overall, 8%.

Blu-ray, 31%

Kenny Johnson

2 of 172 items have a short wait. All else are either not yet released or available Now.


Netflix needs to offer a 'no disc/streaming only' account. I bet a lot of people get a disc and never return it because they stream a lot.

Sock Puppet

I think the better question is...

"How many of the movies in your queue are new releases?"

Followed by...

"Exactly when did Netflix promise you new releases when they are first released?"

Ending with...

"If you joined Netflix only for New Releases then it would be a good idea to quit and go to Redbox. Because then the rest of use would no longer have to listen to it."


No, Sock Puppet, I don't think Netflix ever did promise me new releases when they are first released but they didn't tell me I'd have to wait 2 or more months for some "new" releases either (The Children passed the 4 month mark for me two days ago and it's still a Long Wait).


I have 2 disks in my queue that have been on very long wait since end of September. 4 months is getting a little abusive of the customer. I always get the brush off by the customer service reps.


I think NetFlix needs to end the policy of keeping discs as long as you want. If you've had something over month and haven't watched it you never really wanted to see it in the first place and you're being inconsiderate to other members who actually want to view it. I'm all for penalty charges for kidnapping discs.

Matt Jaroneski

I have 25 on wait out of 418. only two are newer releases./ hangover and paranormal. the rest are mostly either concerts or documentaries. And whenever something has a wait, it means i get an extra dvd because the odd one comes from a different center.


1 movie out of 70 in my queue is on short wait.


53 movies in DVD queue, all are available Now. All 104 in my instant queue are also available immediately, oddly enough. ;-)


I definitely saw a dramatic increase in the number of discs that have either a short or long wait on my queue when I enabled blu-ray a few months back. Perhaps they underestimated how many subscribers would want blu-ray versions of new titles.


I have 76 in my queue with 5 in wait status. That's about 6.5%.


I have 343 movies in my queue. Only 7 are "Short Wait" and the rest are available. That is just about 2% of my queue in a "wait" status. 6 of those 7 films are Lupin the 3rd DVDs and the other one is miscellaneous anime.

I have subscribed, at various intervals, to the 5 and 8 at a time plans. I have had up to five separate profiles - one for TV, one for foreign, one for classic, one for recent, etc - all with 500 movie queues. Very, very, very rarely have I ever had more than a handful of movies on "short wait" - even less with a longer wait. The queue with the largest amount of waits is always the new release queue and, depending on which movies were in "wait" status, I would simply have Netflix send me a film from another queue.

This is simple. This is easy. The concept of HAVING to watch a new release THE MOMENT it is released is a simple one: artificial demand. That's why Blockbuster charged more for them and gave you less days to watch them. THAT'S WHY PEOPLE WENT TO NETFLIX TO BEGIN WITH - TO AVOID LATE FEES AND TO AVOID HAVING AN ARBITRARY RETURN DATE.

You people who complain about this and that are spoiled fucking brats and you're going to ruin a good thing. Thank God Netflix executives - AND NOT YOU THICKOS - are in charge of the multi-billion dollar corporation that has some of the highest employee and customer satisfaction numbers OF ANY COMPANY IN THE WORLD.

Don't ruin the best, largest and easiest to access (ie not regional like Facets in Chicago, who only recently began to do mailorder) catalog of classic, cult, foreign and out of print films simply because you fucktards can't get "Couples Retreat" or "This Is It" TODAY NOW NOW NOW.

Go to redbox for that crap, be thankful Netflix rents out the Criterion Collection and for the love of fucking God, STFU.

Also, @Daniel

End the policy of holding discs for as long as you want - and thus go against everything Netflix has ever advertised itself as?

Maybe there's a good reason Netflix doesn't listen to a lot of the numpties that post on this site.


82 in queue, 2 with a wait. It's a 2-disc special interest series released in September.


Asking what percentage of your queue is a silly way to ask this question. The percentage is totally dependent on the number of discs in your queue. I would be better to simply ask for a number- HOW MANY are on wait?

If I had 500 discs in my queue and 10 were on wait vs 40 discs in my queue with 10 on wait, the % are totally different but there are still 10 discs on wait status.

It appears that Warner Bros discs are the major culprit- you can wait until kingdom come for those. I am also on very long wait status for some foreign releases-- I guess NF has a small number and as they scratch, get broken they are not replaced so the inventory decreases.

The easiest solution if you are totally frustrated is to cancel your account then set up a new account a few days later using a different credit card and e-mail address and have the discs sent to work. You will be treated like a "new" customer and get discs without being throttled or thrown into the algorithm hell they use to prioritize shipments; remember, those that rent the fewest discs get dibs on their first choices.


The wait times seem reasonable to me.

However, regarding my suggestion that Mike ran as a story recently, I still think Netflix should add an option of "Ship First Available" for Blu-ray customers who don't care whether or not they get Blu-ray or regular DVD.

There was a commenter in that story who sounded like he worked at Netflix who kept insisting the wait times for Blu-ray and DVD were running the same. However, I have noticed recently this is no longer the case.


115 in queue; 1 on short wait.


Very Long Wait 2
Long Wait 5
Short Wait 11

And my queue is 392


Out of 221 discs in my queue, two are "long wait" and two are "short wait."


Hmm, I have 263 in my queue and other than 2 that are releasing in the next week or two, the others all say "Now". I have a real mix of new releases, old movies, some TV shows, foreign movies, weird stuff etc.

I have noticed some on wait or long wait over the years, but not too many. Maybe it matters which distribution center is shipping to you? I live in the same town as World Headquarters (Los Gatos, California).


I have 32 movies in my queue, 37 have some sort od "wait." Only two are new releases. My patience has just about evaporated, especially after yesterday they sent out the movie that had been #38 and skipped over two different series that they had started to send and then just started skipping, even though they are still listed as "available now" Customer service has become a bigger joke than Comcast; almost as if Netflix is trying to thin the membership rolls by chasing customers away.


Sorry, my previous comment should have said 32 in queue, 27 with a wait...


just curious....

how many copies of let's say THE HANGOVER do people here think Netflix bought to rent out?


I've got 272 in the queue. There are 7 Short Waits and 3 Long Waits. None of these are new releases (we generally go see those in the theater if they're any good). I've found that if there's a "Short Wait" at the top of the queue, this usually means that it's at a distant center (New Jersey instead of North Carolina), and Netflix will send it with a one-day delay PLUS sending an additional disk to make up for the inconvenience. My rating of Netflix is A+++ for service!

Corso Family

How many titles you have in your queue really has nothing to do with the wait status. There are several movies in my queue that I have been waiting for for over 2 months. How many I have in my queue does not change that fact.

In my experience, new NetFlix members are given preferential treatment as to how soon they receive new releases. I can substantiate this by the fact that I have personally witnessed this since I have joined and then quit 3 times. This is not the way old customers should be treated.


16 out of 356, or about 4%

Corso Family

This refers to BP's comments.

It almost sounds like your the NetFlix Nazis. You seem to rant & rave about anyone who complains about the NetFlix service.

Also, your choice of foul language is totally out of place. Can't you make a simple point with using expletives? Perhaps if you referred to a dictionary, your vocabulary would increase, helping you avoid the necessity for the foul language in your posts. However, my guess is that you'll just wind up replying to me using your same old "colorful" choice of words.

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