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If you have an iPod gen 5 or higher, you should be able to sync your itunes video purchase to it and attach the ipod to the TV with the right connector.

I used to watch BSG that way :)


I have a PC connected to my television and have had one there for a long time. It's been my Roku Box/Apple TV since before there was either. I've seen a lot of my friends do this over the last few years even though now its becoming less essential due to the fact that so many of these streaming options are being put on Blu-Ray Players and gaming consoles. Regardless it gives me the option to watch Netflix Instant, Hulu, Itunes movies, Amazon on Demand, Blockbuster, etc. all in one place. And it really only costs you about 300 bucks to build one for this purpose. Maybe juice it up to 400$ if you want to add a Blu Ray drive (which I did a few months back)

Sock Puppet

If Blockbuster manages to avoid the DVD rental window they'll have an exclusive on some major releases. Will this hurt Netflix?

*rolls eyes*

No I do not think this will hurt Netflix, for the various reasons we have all discussed on the other threads that have bought this up.

While it may be available from BB... Its at an additional cost. You have to subscribe to BB, and then pay $3.99 (+ tax) for each title. Get 4 in a month and that costs almost the the same as [email protected] a time plan, where you could "in theory" get 6 times the movies.

Plus if you have to watch it using Blockbuster's Mediapoint player? There is another expense to add. And IMO why would anyone buy a media player for BB when their stock (today 2/12) is only .38¢ a share?


My Samsung TV is web connected and I have access to Blockbuster OnDeman and Amazon Video on Demand. Sadly not Netflix. I have to stream it via PS3. Still Netflix is good enough for me. If is not available we can wait.

jim stevens

uverse(att) or fios-(verizon) have it on demand to rent so whay not?

jim stevens

i love blockbuster by mail, i hate to say it netflix fanboys,but there are doing very well by me. cohen bros new movie and another bd new release came in. my netflix has the usual long wait for them. i'm just sayin


If you have a Roku Player, you could be streaming it from Amazon On Demand right now in HD for 3.99. This has proven to be the best way for me and the wife to watch a new release whenever we get the urge (which is rare these days, considering our backlog of Netflix instant watch movies).

Edward R Murrow

Blockbuster just shipped me "The Time Traveler's Wife". I'll write a detailed review for all you Netflix customers so that you know what you're missing.


I think this will only be a concern for Netflix for a limited time. Movie studios are freaking about technology and how to make money from it, and in the short term they'll wind up making a deal with all the other rental places that they have made with Netflix. the difference is that Netflix now has good relations with WB and will with other studios, which means they will be more open to streaming and other concessions that the other rental places will miss out on.

Make no mistake that Netflix made this deal to be ahead of the game. The day will soon come when a rental window will be imposed by all the studios. In my opinion, better to embrace it early and get some perks than be fighting it when it happens.


what do i think?.....who the hell wants to watch the time travelers wife


There are other DVD rental kiosks besides Redbox. Try Moviecube: http://www.moviecube.com/dvd-movie-rentals
They are in many grocery stores in the Houston area. They have the Time Traveler's Wife.


I think the obvious solution of torrenting should at least be brought up. Anyone that does torrent movies won't have made it thought half that list before turning to TPB or such.


I put my 3 at a time netflix down to 1 at a time cause of the rental window.
I signed up for blockbuster cause of this also.
I got the time travelers wife from blockbuster this week.

raining in daytona

Comcast has it on demand for $4.99 SD or $5.99 HD. Not the cheapest option, but it's convenient.


Anyone who don't think this will hurt Netflix is a fool.

As I mentioned previously: Right now it's only ONE studio with a 30 day rental window, and so far only ONE movie. Once the list starts growing, and the consumer can personalize the impact. (IE: A movie that they are personally looking forward too) They WILL look elsewhere.

In my area: Redbox has the Time Travelers wife. I only know, because I was perusing the selections out of boredom while in the supermarket (Don't ask... ) My local Blockbuster store may or may not have it, but if I chose to watch it, and subscribed to their 3-Per Day Plan(Cheaper then Netflix) I'm relatively confident I could get it if not today, within the next 3-4 days. Not to mention that according to published reports, their mail-order service is slightly better with new releases then Netflix.

I haven't switched/canceled yet because so far, there hasn't been a movie I cared about that I was unable to receive via Netflix. Once that starts happening, and (Especially if it starts happening regularly) and other services that are cheaper have said movies available to me - I will. So will many other people. Netflix's streaming is a nice addon, but more often then not I find myself watching other free streaming services. (Hulu, Southparkstudios.com for my South Park fix, etc.. etc.)

It's a long-term subscription killer for Netflix, UNLESS Redbox and Blockbuster share the same release window.


honestly this delayed rental window doesn't bother me at all. I either want to buy a movie on bluray already, or I don't. Holding the titles back a few weeks in no way sways me to get in my car (or hop online) and actually buy a copy to own just because Netflix can't get it to me right now.

It's true there are unique situations such as this (holiday - holiday themed movie), but honestly, there's still enough for me to choose from that I just don't care.


I Think You need to do better than that on Valentine, and maybe take the wife to the Theater to watch a NEW release and a nice diner at the best stake house in town. Were you can romantically wine and dine Her.

Stop panicking about the 28 day window, and enjoy life.


I don't understand how this is an issue to anyone. I guess I don't get the idea that a DVD rental is time sensitive in some way. Like having to wait an additional 28 days to see a movie that came out last year is going to affect me in any way.

Hell, make it 60 days, 90 days - I don't care.

Before Netflix, I often waited for movies to hit the pay cable channels (HBO, SHO, etc) - I think it's downright laughable that some executive thinks watching a movie at a certain time is so important that people will buy disc instead of just waiting a nominal time. Hell, $4 or $5 for an on demand viewing is still too much compared to the 28 day wait.

I usually use Netflix info for movie release dates anyway, so if I didn't come here and read about these delays, I wouldn't even know it was happening.

I'll be receiving The Invention Of Lying from Netflix on Tuesday and I can't figure for the life of me how my enjoyment will be lessened in any way compared to those who saw it on its "official" release date.

And if that's somehow the case, was their enjoyment less than those who saw it before that - in the theaters and such?

I can't think of any situation where this matters.


Who do you think added more new customer last week?

Netflix or Blockbuster (in store & online together)

Yeah, thought so too.


I have over 400 movies in my queue. I like to think of rental windows as a chance to catch up...


I suggest you read the book instead. It's much better.


The people who say, "Oh, well, I don't really care -- I can wait four weeks." That's great for you, but companies like Blockbuster's have revenue sharing agreements where they pay a much higher percentage of revenues in the first month (in exchange for much lower prices for the discs so that they break even faster). Netflix is saving costs, not passing along these costs to their customers (instead trying to fatten their bottom line), and making their customers lives more inconvenient in the process (and personally I pay Netflix because I think their service makes my life easier -- this deal Netflix made with Warner Brothers makes my life more difficult).



smgpugfaw had said it best.

I add blu-rays or non-streaming DVD's to netflix queue and stream the rest. But because I fill the queue based on movie quality, it's rare that any given year would have more than 1-2 titles. New releases are usually mediocre. Out of >150 titles queued right now, only Yojimbo and Ran are not out already (but are available on DVD previously, so that's hardly a new release.

I use combination of IMDB top 250, personal preference and netflix's anticipated-rating system for movie suggestions. Being very picky about quality but not about the year of release (some are black and white streaming). For the same reason, typical week at the movie theatres has nothing to offer compared to Citizen Kane, Grapes of Wrath or Nights of Cabiria.

Time TR Wife is meh. Unlikely to even stream it over the next year...


@Ed Murrow,

You do that, but based on Rotten Tomatoes, I'm not missing that much....

Sock Puppet

You guys who swear by Blockbuster make me LOL so hard I wanna wet myself.

Look... If BB were doing so well, and picking up more subscribers then Netflix, and getting more people to rent from in their stores... Why is it that in the past three months their stock has gone from .71¢ per share to today's price of .38¢ per share?

Wanna know why they are still losing money? BECAUSE of their stupid plan to share revenue, they are not picking up new subscribers, but are renting out new titles to their current base and from their stores, but they are LOSING money in the process.

Its not brain surgery... Sooner or later they will have to admit defeat and go bankrupt, or they will have to follow a more logical plan then what they have now.

I suspect bankruptcy within 3-5 months.


I picked that movie up tuesday morning on way back home from not going in to work because of snow in Missouri at the Blockbuster kiosks. And they are cheaper to rent at than redbox!

Edward R Murrow

Time Traveler's Wife is a sci-fi chick flick that my girlfriend wants to watch. In other words, it's porno for chicks which means it's the perfect movie for tomorrow night.

And if I'm going to read a book, it's going to be written by Vince Flynn.


I'm tired of everyone crying when this subject comes up. First off Blockbuster wouldn't even rent movies by mail if it wasn't for the fact Netflix killed their business forcing them to make this move. Second off about the time wait 28 day who really cares? Most people who want movies just add it to their Que and wait for it. If you want to see the movie so bad don't be cheap go pay the 10 bucks person and go to the theater and veiw it as far as the time relase date if you want it that week it comes out once again don't be so cheap that 25 bucks you would have spent at the movies and buy it!! Problem solved. If not do what the rest of us do reguardless of the company we use we just que it up and wait for it or go to local store and pick up a copy.


sockpuppet, if you don't think that Netflix executives aren't thinking about how instituting the 28-day Warner Brothers window will make them more profitable and put even more pressure on Blockbuster (possibly pushing us closer to what Reed Hastings calls the tipping point). Netflix is looking to crush Blockbuster.

But a Blockbuster bankruptcy (which has a likelihood of somewhere between 20 and 80% IMHO -- I don't know enough or have the time to waste to delve into a stock that I don't want to invest in to give you anything more than a broad range) probably won't be a Chapter 7 (complete liquidation) because Blockbuster doesn't really have any assets as far as I can tell. Blockbuster would probably go through a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. They would probably get rid of some of their debt (the common stockholders would be wiped out, but the debtholders would probably get Blockbuster stock when they emerged from bankruptcy). The revenue-sharing agreements would probably be renegotiated to terms that are better to Blockbuster's liking. AFAIK, Blockbuster does have fairly good operations at this time, but they have been straddled with debt ever since Viacom spun the Blockbuster unit off (I believe Viacom spun Blockbuster off with approximately $1 Billion in debt).

I'm seriously considering getting the 1 DVD Out-at-a-time Limit 2 DVD's per month (and limit 2 hours Instant Watching per month) for my wife for $6 per month (I want Blu-Ray which is an additional dollar per month over the $5 per month fee). I'll probably do the 2 DVD's Out-at-a-time Unlimited at Blockbuster for $14 per month. I'll be able to get movies like Where the Wild Things Are and Ninja Assasin next month (March) instead of in April with Netflix. Sure there are some trade-offs, but I will pay a total of $20 per month versus $21 per month for a Netflix 3 DVD's Out-at-a-Time Unlimited DVD's and Instant Watching (which includes a $4 per month Blu-Ray fee). And in the Summer I'll probably downgrade to the $5 per month Blockbuster plan (which doesn't have a Blu-Ray fee). But I will get discounted DVD and video game rentals from Blockbuster. These are trade-offs I will take, and I prefer renting from Amazon Unbox (as opposed to Netflix Instant Watching's buggy performance -- it crashes my Series 3 TivoHD which is one of the reasons I got a XBox 360 -- and horrible selection).



sockpuppet, if you don't think that Netflix executives aren't thinking about how instituting the 28-day Warner Brothers window will make them more profitable and put even more pressure on Blockbuster (possibly pushing us closer to what Reed Hastings calls the tipping point), YOU'RE KIDDING YOURSELF. Netflix is looking to crush Blockbuster.


The 28-day window doesn't bother me in the least. I already have 200+ movies in my queue, I don't need that new release the moment it comes out, I can wait another 30 days, 60 days, whatever.

As others noted, if I'm that hot for it, I'll get it from Amazon On Demand and watch it on my Roku player. (And in my opinion, anything that increases use of the Roku player, increases use of Netflix too.)

And also as someone else noted, there are always torrents. Hell, if I'm that eager to see the movie, I won't even wait for it to come out on DVD, the torrent will be available while the movie is still in the theater. Suck on THAT, Warner Brothers.


*Yawn* More tempest in a teapot about getting a new release right away. The day I really, really, really need to see a movie the day it comes out is the day I am 3 days dead and buried. I have so much other important things to do with my life than demanding to see more Hollyweird garbage immediately.


Forget Blockbuster. Try your local independently-owned rental spot. That's where I go when I'm looking for a new release that I really want to see but is stuck as a "Very Long Wait" in my queue.


As far as I'm concerned, it's released when I get it from Netflix. With subtitles and no un-skippable crap, thank you.


They just don't get it. All they are going to do is cause more people to do out and download more movies and they wont get any money.

Did they not learn anything from the music industry.


Well Blockbuster will likely be in bankruptcy in a few months time, like several people on here have said. Sooner or later every studio will impose these restrictions on new releases, and like other people have said its better for Netflix to get ahead of the game.

And eventually, discs won't even be a apart of watching movies, it will be all streaming. Unless Redbox were to adopt some kind of streaming system, their business won't last more than 10-15 years either. I suspect that Netflix will be allowed to stream new releases right from the get-go since they will be on good terms with the studios.

If there's a movie I absolutely cannot wait to see, then I'd probably buy it, or just ondemand from Comcast ($5.99 HD vs $4.29 DVD at Blockbuster). Bottom line, I bet people will not have much of a problem waiting 28 days for new releases. The Box is the only one in my queue right now that I'll have to wait for, oh well.


You people on here make me giggle! Lets all bad mouth Blockbuster because it's trendy. I'm so technologically advanced I refuse to actually walk into a store to rent my movies! I use Blockbuster and Nexflix...shocking I know! They are both great services but the fact of the matter is over 75% of movie renters want new release movies, and they want them when they are released, Blockbuster will flourish with this deal, especially after more studios follow WHV's lead.

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