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NOT #1: Netflix is not a social networking site.


Blockbuster is making strategic movies?

Marshall K.

Blockbuster has lost it's way. It would have died year ago had there been brick and mortar competition. Luckily for them when they were still fairly good they drove the mom and pops out.

1- treat the customer right. Three class action lawsuits tell you something is wrong.
2- keep prices down. If you can rent two movies instead of one then you have a happier customer even if the profit on each is slightly less. In the end it pays off.
3- Ditch the hardware. People come to BB after they have hardware, they are wanting to rent a movie. Adding more overhead doesn't help a thing it just puts the company further in debt.


1- treat the customer right. Three class action lawsuits tell you something is wrong.

Poor argument man. Netflix was also slapped with a class action lawsuit for throttling.


hopes blockbuster can dig themselves out of the grave and grow again. while i generally use netflix, i prefer blockbuster for video games, ya cost more than gamefly, but gamefly sucks for getting the latest games. but if we lose blockbuter, nothings to stop netflix from raising prices. competition is a good thing.

Pat W

I have some bad news for all of you. You can wish bad things on BB all you want, but if it wasn't for BB, you would be paying $25 by now for 3 out at a time at Netflix. BB is the reason Netflix lowered the rates from $22 to $17 for 3 at time. It is called competiion. BB is doomed, they cannot compete with that Business Model, and they will be gone for sure. They are going Bankrupt. As soon as that happens, watch the fees at Neflix sky-rocket. It is Guaranteed !! I have been renting films from Netflix and BB for 6 years, and you have no idea what you are in for.


Competition or not, the 'Buster lost my business by poor service and almost nothing else. This after they had earned my near life-long, in-the-face-of-all-pressure devotion when (and I swear I am not making this up) sent my family on a free vacation to a San Diego resort! That is entirely correct--we won Blockbuster's sweepstakes and got to go on a family vacation we would never otherwise have taken within days of our older daughter's graduation from HS.

I thought we would never leave them.

Then they closed our local store. That mattered. Being able to take disks into the store and have them immediately count as returned was incredible. My friends with Netflix were envious! 'Buster said, it's just a few stores. Maybe they didn't know there were parts of the world where the next nearest store was 40 miles away???

Then the queue failed. After no movies for two weeks, I called in. "Put at least 30 in the queue." I'd always had 40. "Put available movies in the queue." I always had available movies there. "There's this block of 'Very Long Wait' movies in your queue." A block, 'Buster? It's been in the queue for two years. I should give up on it now? "Then go to your local store." And so on.

I swear I ought to write this up for Harvard Business School--a case study in losing your most devoted customer. At every step of the way, it was as if the company deliberately did not want my business any more.

So, Pat W., you are (sadly) probably right. Competition will drive the Santa Fe RR out of business and Union Pacific will then raise their rates --um, I mean 'Buster and 'Flix. Of course, a Trans World Airlines might come along with a completely different technology and change the whole field. Or not. But whatever business and model step in, they will have a dedicated customer in me if they will let me do one thing:

Spit on Blockbuster's grave and dance thereon.


Still waiting for disc to show and it's 3 days and counting. Netflix or USPS are to blame, the problem is i cancel my account and need to return the disc. What should i do.


Blockbuster ignored the Internet and streaming for years and now it is paying the price. It came after decades of disdain for movie lovers, prioritizing pan & scan over letterbox even into the DVD era, among other move. Indie movies were never to be found.

The company put its business model on autopilot years ago. No one should be surprised when the company crashes.

Separately, Netflix still has competition, and it's from the low end with Redbox. As such, I don't see massive price increases in Netflix' future. Morever, there are so many entertainment alternatives that jacking up prices wouldn't be an option even if Redbox didn't exist.

Walt D in LV

Here in Las Vegas, Blockbuster has reinstated its late fees. You can rent a movie for $5 for five days. On the sixth day, they start charging a $1 a day late fee, for ten days. After the tenth day (you've had the movie now for 16 days) they charge you the cost of the movie, less the $10 late fees). If you bring the movie back in five days after THAT, you can get the purchase price back LESS any late fees ($1 a day, starting on the sixth day).

A bit complicated, but the bottom line is:
$1 a day late fees are back at Blockbuster.

For the past couple years or so, Blockbuster had NO late fees. If you had a movie out longer than ten days after the due date, they'd charge you the cost of the movie, but you would get it back, less $1.25 handling charge, if you brought the movie back within a month of first renting it. So, you could have a movie out for almost a month, with just $1.25 "late fee".

The new strategy will help Blockbuster's bottom line, help stores keep in stock on popular titles, and the stores may not have to order as many copies of a title.

Blockbuster has an in-store program for $21.99 a month, you can have one movie out at a time, with no late fees, or $29.99 two-at-a-time out. This applies for movies AND video games (they call it a combo plan).

I still prefer Netflix, with no trips to the store, but Blockbuster is hangin' in there.

Walt D in LV


I have the one movie out at a time with blockbuster. I actually like it cause I could also go to the store and do in-store exchanges for free. But unfortunately BB sent me an email back in January that this will expire in March. So now I think I might be switching to Netflix. If BB would have kept the same policy I had when I enrolled last december I would be keeping them but now not sure. Nothing beats going to the store and being able to pick up new blu-ray releases and BB had it going for not chargin extra for Blu-Ray. The online netflix doesn't have new releases and their quality isn't yet 1080P.


I also agree that competition is the only thing that keeps prices down.


damn this sucks blockbuster holds so many of my childhood memorys all those high late fees from not returning the movies on their due date lol.

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