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My poor W7MC has been crying that $80 boxes get HD when it does not. I'm so happy to hear this!


First I build an HD capable HTPC then Netflix abandoned, I thought, that platform so I bought a Roku to get HD. It would be nice if the content providers provided some continuity. I expected since streaming started with the PC it would be first to get HD. Now it looks like my Roku was just a wasted $100 interim gimmick. Not everyone has the bucks to keep up as they bounce around from platform to platform.


oh ok that explains it. Because I was watching netflix HD shows on Xbox360 and PS3 and there were HD stuff and I was wondering why pc was always like crap.


All this time I thought it was product differentiation for netflix and amazon to not provide HD streaming on the desktop.

I can't believe the studio licensing deals are to blame. Amazing.


"Now it looks like my Roku was just a wasted $100 interim gimmick."

Well, it's only March, so the "wasted $100 interim gimmick" could be useful for many months of HD viewing before "some HD streaming" is available on PC.


Can't come soon enough. Goddamn but old media and cattle baron mindsets are hard to break.




Unlike Richard I got my Roku a year or so ago. If NetFlix abandoned it today I would have gotten my money's worth. We are going through a period of extreme technology change. Buying decisions are tough.

I bought a Panasonic Blu-ray player for $150 a couple months ago. Most of the movies I rent from NetFlix are Blu-ray. I consider it to be a $150 interim gimmick.

We all know that DVD sales crashed in South Korea when they installed a high speed IP network. The evidence to date is that given the choice people don't want to have to deal with physical disks. Blu-ray looks very interim.

The only feature that Blu-ray will have in the next year or so that is attractive to me is 3D. Sony has announced a 3D Blu-ray player. It looks like my Panasonic player will be interim if Blu-ray survives and interim if it fails.

I don't understand why people want to stream movies to their PC. I have a new 23" flat screen TV monitor that sits on a big desk in front of an expensive desk chair. I have watched exactly one movie on this setup in the last year - Flying Down to Rio, last week. I normally watch movies projected onto a 110" (four and a half by eight feet) screen. I watch from a Laz-y-Boy recliner. Trust me, this is much more comfortable than sitting up at a desk.

I can watch cable TV on my PC and I can watch the Web on my HT screen but I don't. I don't see the point.



You don't get it, do you? You really don't. Time and again you prove - with snobbish glee - that you have a complete lack of understanding outside of the world of your living room.

In case you don't know, which you fucking obviously don't, it's easy as pie to run DVI/HDMI/VGA cable from a laptop or home PC to a television and watch streaming media that way. A $10 cable from monoprice is far, far cheaper and more convenient than a $100 Roku device adding yet another black box to the entertainment center.

Thanks for posting. Try again please.


BP, dont be so angry, whats the problem


PatB must of never heard of a Media PC. I have a Small Silverstone HTPC case next to my 62 inch Samsung DLP TV. Inside this box runs both Sage TV and Boxxe. I control this box with both a Snapstream Media Firefly remote and a NmediaPC Keyboard with attached mouseball. I pay for only basic cable and receive HD programming free OTA. Why would I want to have yet another box in this setup with yet ANOTHER remote?


This is good news, now how about linux support? Those of us with linux already are big on HTPCs, see mythtv and similar. Netflix is the only one holding out on us


Everyone has their preference on devices. A roku, or WDTVLIVE or ASUS or Popcorn is not just "another box with another remote." People have universal remotes, and more importantly these players do a LOT more than just play Netflix.

On our main TV we have a 360 and a WDTVLIVE which is hooked to a 12TB server in the basement with 6TB of SD rips, 2TB of BD, and it runs PlayOn and a torrent client.

Right now we run the 360 for Netflix HD, but dedicated boxes like the WD, which we have in three locations with playon beat the heck out of using an HTPC or or Media PC and playon.

I am looking forward to HDN etlfix through browser since all the small media boxes use browsers.



Wow! That's impressive. Are those SD rips full DVD copies or divx/avi encoded rips? Is it a 12TB server with 6TB of rips because you're running a RAID setup? Do you have physical copies as backups? And to fully geek out, is this a rack server or a tower and what OS are you running?

Sorry for the questions - that's just a fairly awesome setup. I fully believe home media servers are a significant part of the wave of the tech/media future.

poor little dinosaur

I have a 125" Rec709 calibrated projection setup running a media server with 10TB storage I just recently purchased a PS3 to stream NetflixHD everything eles streams from my PC I dont even have cable i dont see the point every thing I watch is streamed thru a the networks themselves it seems archaic to pay a cable company for something you can get through the internet unless you just have to see whats on the scrapbook channel, for local news ect. I have an Antenna and get about 25 channels most in HD and the rest are spanish. I picked up the ps3 for 200 bucks partly to be 3dready. However my wife and I have been losing hours to games..... thought I grew out of it. For the record the previous poster is not a snob he is a dinosaur. Not to mention the compression of HD Cable sucks. In the end the last piece of the puzzle will be a new 3d ready with DLP link Projector but there is plenty of time until there are enough movies in 3d to justify the cost. ohh ps I am use my projector right now you stupid dinosaur. hmm 125" leather sofa, with my feet up vs 23" and an office chair...duh thats a no brainer


No the other 4 TB is music, pictures, and finally, pr0n


Above is someone cloning my name.

No, it is a WHS (Windows Home Server) so most of the remaining is automatic backups of my PCs.

It is a box I made out of $200 in parts excluding drives. WHS operating system is $110, but comes free as part of technet which you can get for $250 (I already had technet becasue it gave me 4 Win 7 installs and 4 Office 10 installs for that price).

The WHS box runs "playon" so I get neflix and HULU and all the networks, anywhere in the hosue. But playon uses the WHS browser so it is SD for netflix. I don't use playon to serve stored files as stored files can be served in full HD, just netflis, hulu and abc, cbs, nbc.

You don't keep pr0n on servers you keep it on your local attached drives!

And the rips are full SD rips of features only saved as .iso I never ever compresss SD (normal) dvd's since they average 4 to 4.5 GB uncompressed for movie only and that is $0.25 to $0.30 to store and serve at $0.07 a GB. I use handbrake or ripbot264 for BD to bring them down to 5 to 8GB or so at 720.

It is not too geeked out or too expensive. I got rid of my $2000 a year cable bill! My monthly expenses are BB for $20 from which I get about 20 DVD per month including no extra cost BD, and $9/month for netflix.

Costs of getting rid of cable were:
- $50 roof antenna (my OTA HD looks much better than cable looked!)
- $200 server
- $600 disk drives
- $30 recuring for BB and netflix
- $300 Two WD TV LIVE and one Asus Oplay units

new balance

There is no royal road to science ,and only those who do not dread the fatiguing climb of gaining its numinous summits .

keylogger Mac

Can't come soon enough. Goddamn but old media and cattle baron mindsets are hard to break。

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