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Red Cliffs! Hell yes, a romanticized Chinese drama directed by John Woo? Sign me up!

Larry Dallas

Today's a great example of why it's awesome to have 8 out at a time. Getting 6 new movies sent to me and now get to kick back and watch people complain about what they didn't get for weeks upon end.

Larry Dallas

Also of note Justice League is a WB title that's out for the first time for Netflix this week.



Finally, The African Queen is released to DVD.


Larry, those last two in your list of 8 make you lose all credibility and my respect for anything you have to say.

(kidding - but seriously, wtf?)

I have a couple of these in my queue. Sadly I'm on the other side of the country for a week for work. So it wouldn't matter if I got them or not. :(


Guess I will be getting the blind side through alternative means much like I did The informant 28 days ago. Tomorrow I will have the informant in my mailbox, just so I can return it (so technically I did rent it).

Why does WB/Netflix make us to through so much work just to watch a movie?


Brothers and the man who stares at goat on the way


The new release I have coming is "FOUR CHRISTMASES"! Yes, a NR from November is finally shipped to me!!!

At this rate, I'll get to see these released this week, maybe by the fall!

Larry Dallas

@ ack154


It's the price one pays when the girlfriend wants to finally see them and you can't think of one excuse when you have 8 at a time. Thankfully she didn't like them and she's sticking to just True Blood now.

Larry Dallas

@ Nalez,
You really couldn't wait 28 days to see Informant? I didn't even know it was a 28 day cycle title.

If there is a movie I want to see sooooo bad I'll go see it the weekend it comes out in the theater.


I'm happy to be getting Fantastic Mr. Fox AND The Informant despite my mail carrier not picking up my Saturday mail.

Mail on Monday, top 2 NRs in my queue ship on Tuesday. This is highly unusual. I'm scared.

Mike Ogden

I have used NF for a few years, but for some reason in the last 6 months or so they have decided I shouldn't get the top 3 in my queue.
I have waited 11+ weeks for the first 2 19+ weeks for #3 and no I have not moved them around in queue. So it is obvious NF has decided that the real priority is the new users. Apparently unlimited means unlimited 2star movies nobody else wants to watch & I should be happy if they manage to throw me a bone now & then [I don't think so.] So I guess I will just bump down to the 8.99 level and use the little red vending machines at the grocery store until NF gets some competition and decides not to treat loyal customers like garbage.

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