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It works, but it needs a better filter for the kiddies. No reason they should have access to gay/Lesbian selections.


I would be more worried about the violent films than gay/lesbian movies...


Wii Streaming Disc is an instant hit for the entire family. My three kids have taken turns all weekend watching instant classics! Thanks Netflix!


My disk has arrived and it works perfectly!
Thanks Netflix for allowing my Wii to be good for something other than just games!


HDTV people annoy me. They act like the whole world revolves around there HDTV. As if SDTV was somehow impossible to watch. Hell people crap on youtube on there ipods all the time and that looks alot worst then anything on SDTV. If you can see the screen is the only thing that matters. All the people complaining about the wii not being HDTV need to get a life. Really.

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